Elsa’s Homecoming, Part Five: The Elements Awaken

By Seeker, Royal Biographer

The walk to the Northuldra encampment was quiet but calm. They were a nomadic people whose knowledge of the forest ran deep in their blood and bones. There wasn’t a single patch of the forest that they didn’t know and love intimately, living in perfect balance and reciprocity with the land. When they arrived at the village, the Northuldra had lit a large fire in the center of an open patch of grass, where tents for individual families had been pitched. As night fell, Anna and Elsa could see for themselves how welcoming and relaxed the Northuldra were, despite having been isolated from the outside world for decades. Song, dance, and warm conversation surrounded the royal sisters, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven. Elsa looked around at all the men and women that had been trapped in the forest for years and could feel the hope they had in her. She promised herself that she would free them from this curse, no matter what.

She began stroking the head of a baby reindeer when the young woman named Honeymaren walked up and sat next to her. They began talking amiably, and there was a notably degree of chemistry between the two young women – one, a questing queen, the other, a hardy tribeswoman.

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Elsa’s Homecoming, Part Four: The Ties that Bind

By Seeker, Royal Biographer

“Fire spirit!” a Northuldran screamed.

“Head for the river!” Mattias barked. A small dot of blue and pink flame raced across the ground and crawled up into the trees, leaving roaring flames behind it. In a matter of minutes the entire forest would have gone up in flames, if not for Elsa. She quickly fought back against the flames with blasts of her magic as she tried to snuff out the source. It was too fast though and it quickly took everything Elsa had to not be engulfed by the flames all around her.

“Anna!” Kristoff shouted. Elsa looked to where Kristoff was shouting and saw Anna on her knees about to be engulfed by the flames. At the last minute she shot a blast of magic toward the ground before she collapsed from exhaustion. Elsa barely managed to look up and saw Anna riding on Sven with Kristoff away from the danger.

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Michael’s Musings: A Special Thought

As I was writing a quick note to my Snow Queen niece, Elsa, the memory of what happened after Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and Elsa came back from Northuldra and Ahtohallan popped into my mind. It was the first time I laid my eyes on Elsa up close after her amazing transformation during their trip to find the truth about why the spirits had caused the chaos in Arendelle, as well as the source and reason for Elsa’s powers. 

After Elsa and the Nokk stopped the flood wave caused by Anna and the Earth Spirit’s destruction of King Runeard’s dam in Northuldra, we all had cheered Elsa and her new friend. Once they left, we all returned to our homes, while Kai, Gerda, Olina, and the guards and staff returned to Arendelle Castle. As I mentioned before, Elsa came with them. So here’s what I truly remember.

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Elsa’s Homecoming, Part Three: Meeting the Northuldra

By Seeker, Royal Biographer

“Threatening my people, Lieutenant?”

“Invading my dance space, Yelena?”

Lieutenant Mattias and Yelena glared daggers at each other while Anna stared at Mattias in confusion. “Why does that soldier look so familiar?” Anna asked herself, as she absentmindedly pointed her sword at Mattias.

“Lieutenant!” a soldier shouted.

“Get the sword!” Mattias ordered. Both groups charged toward Elsa and her family. She quickly froze the ground and her attackers slipped into each other in a big pile.

“That was magic,” Mattias said in disbelief. “Did you see that?”

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Elsa’s Homecoming, Part Two: The Adventure

By Seeker, Royal Biographer

Arendelle was in danger.

Once Elsa had answered the call of the voice, the wrath of all the spirits of the enchanted forest was unleashed on Arendelle. Wind howled through the streets, fire and water vanished without a trace, and the very ground people walked on pushed back in defiance. The entire city was safely evacuated, though that did not answer the more pressing question. What did the spirits want? Even Grand Pabbie could not provide any answers. All he knew was that Elsa and Anna would have to travel to the Enchanted Forest to find them.

The two agreed and, accompanied by Kristoff and Olaf, slowly made their way to the mystical Enchanted Forest.

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Elsa’s Homecoming, Part One: Restless Voice

By Seeker, Royal Biographer

The story of Elsa’s childhood and the Great Thaw are compelling, but they were merely the beginning. Fate had much more in mind for Elsa, as you will soon see.

Despite a rough start, Elsa quickly fell into her role as queen quite gracefully. She proved to be an intelligent, elegant, and compassionate ruler that Arendelle adored and the world respected. While one might think Elsa’s short three year reign would not be anything special there are a few events that happened that citizens of Arendelle still talk about to this day.

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The Reign of Anna: Qualities and Features

An excerpt from the newest edition of political historian Dvalinn’s Arendellian Monarchs, published in the morning edition of The AG

Each king or queen of Arendelle has been defined, as any monarch would be, by their character, temperament, and beliefs. Not just religious conviction, but their personal ideas about politics, what constitutes the good life, and their optimism – or pessimism – about human nature. It’s no surprise that each sovereign’s reign down the ages has been different, marked by a distinct atmosphere or flavour.

Despite how close and devoted the present queen and her predecessor are to each other, their reigns are also defined by divergent priorities and styles of governance. This isn’t to say that one is better than the other, but only that our people will experience different leaders as surely as leaders must follow and adapt to differing times.

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An Interview with the Royal Biographer

We at The Arendelle Guardian are privileged to interview Seeker, who is working on a biography of the Queen Emerita, Elsa, at Anna’s request. Our Lore and Archival Reporter, Mikael, had the pleasure of sitting down with this gentleman for a discussion. Many things were not as they seemed…

Mikael (M): The kingdom’s literati and intelligentsia have been abuzz with gossip about you. Elsa and Anna are beloved for their modesty, and have never commissioned any biography for their family – until now. Tell us what your background is, where you come from.

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The Authorised Royal Biography: The Act of Love

Elsa looked outside her office window and smiled. Hundreds of her citizens were slowly making their way into the castle courtyard. Elsa had promised them a surprise as a thank you gift for accepting her as their queen and an apology for the… unexpected winter. Elsa was excited of course, but she was also anxious. While she was comfortable with herself and her powers, she was uncertain if her subjects felt the same way. She would have to convince them that her powers could do more than cause harm and that there were benefits with having the Snow Queen as their sovereign.

As Elsa began to consider changing the surprise to something smaller, she heard a familiar knock at the door. A knock she could finally answer. “Come in, Anna,” Elsa said with a smile.

Anna opened the door with a flourish and beamed at her big sister. “How do you do, Your Majesty?” she said with a childishly serious voice. She dipped into a teasing curtsey. Elsa could barely contain the burst of giggles coursing through her body as she gazed upon her sister with a blank face. “I was in the middle of doing important paperwork until I was so rudely interrupted.”

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The Authorized Royal Biography: The Great Thaw

Elsa groaned as she groggily opened her eyes. Her vision slowly unclouded to reveal she was in a prison cell. She sat up and noticed a pale white light coming from the cell window. She quickly dashed to see the outside but something pulled her back. She looked down in disbelief at the manacles that covered her hands and chained her to the wall. Who created these? Could her father have? It did not matter now. Elsa gazed upon her kingdom in stunned silence.

“Oh no. What, what have I done?” she whispered.

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