Training for The Unknown

By Sir Alan

Before I begin, I want to congratulate Queen Anna for her persuading Countess Viola to join us and become Prime Minister Viola. This is something that I don’t think any of us expected, but at the same time, we now have Viola and Hilde with us rather than against us. I know that Prince Yixin from China, whom Anna is friends with and was recently visited by, as well as Prince Siegfried among others, would rather see Viola eradicated, but they don’t know the whole story. Those of us who were there for Viola’s decision are learning more and more of the Mundilfari past.

“The Damn War”, as I like to call it, is not over yet. It’s just heating up.

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The Reign of Anna: Qualities and Features

An excerpt from the newest edition of political historian Dvalinn’s Arendellian Monarchs, published in the morning edition of The AG

Each king or queen of Arendelle has been defined, as any monarch would be, by their character, temperament, and beliefs. Not just religious conviction, but their personal ideas about politics, what constitutes the good life, and their optimism – or pessimism – about human nature. It’s no surprise that each sovereign’s reign down the ages has been different, marked by a distinct atmosphere or flavour.

Despite how close and devoted the present queen and her predecessor are to each other, their reigns are also defined by divergent priorities and styles of governance. This isn’t to say that one is better than the other, but only that our people will experience different leaders as surely as leaders must follow and adapt to differing times.

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Storm Clouds and Market Panic: Letter to Kristoff’s Shareholders

To Kristoff, royal consort and managing director, directors, and fellow shareholders,

With the rapid consolidation of Queen Anna’s diplomatic relations and standing across the world, Bjorgman House has enjoyed another year of solid profit – eleven per cent, exactly – thanks to successful expansion.

One example is our branch office on Ice House Street, in the British colony of Hong Kong at the doorstep of the Great Qing. Fine ice is in great demand throughout the hot and humid port, and through Hong Kong, the Princely House has been able to export its fresh, glacier ice further into the Chinese mainland, Japan, Malaya, and the Spanish colony of The Philippines.

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Courting the Bear: The Consequences of Hilde’s Conquest of Agrabah

By Nahir al-Adil

As I write this letter, news of Agrabah’s fall has become known to anyone who has picked up a newspaper in the last two days. An alliance of French and Austrians have occupied Agrabah’s capital, led by, to Queen Anna’s horror, an Arendellian: Viola’s Commander Hilde.

Most Europeans think of Agrabah as a legendary place out of medieval tales – of little relevance to our modern world. And one may be forgiven for holding this opinion. Contemporary Agrabah was – I must remind myself to use the past tense – independent but also left behind by the times. A tributary and sometimes-vassal of the nearby Ottoman Empire, it was marked by its failure to create a unique economic and political identity in our nineteenth century. But does that justify its military subjugation?

Of course not.

Let’s first revisit the historical legacy that most of us think of when we hear the name ‘Agrabah’ – the reign of Sultan Ḥāmed II, whose daughter Jasmine married the orphaned former thief, Alā’-ud-Dīn, better known in the West as Aladdin, partly through the intervention of an unnamed jinnī.

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A New Enemy from an Old Rival

By Sir Alan (@Arendalan)

Recently, the leader of the Mundilfari Clan passed away, and then several other members died as well. Reports have now come out that after the clan leader died, Viola Mundilfari killed those ahead of her in line so that she could assume power as the new leader. Having met her myself, alongside others, when we went to bring Queen Anna back from Viola’s estate, I can say that Viola is our biggest challenge yet that we’ve had to face.

If you’re reading this, and you don’t know who the Mundilfari are, the previous article I wrote discusses them and my hatred for them. In short, these Viking savages want to destroy Northuldra, kill all Five Spirits, and take over Arendelle. It was King Runeard who let them in to our government in the first place, and Anna has worked tirelessly against them. Now we have the challenge of Viola trying to corrupt Queen Anna’s mind. This is something that cannot happen, and knowing Anna, she won’t let it.

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Letters to the Editor

Okay, what the f*** is the Mundilfaris’ problem? These guys are absolute jerks, Runeard loyalists to boot. They are stuck believing in an old regime, wake the **** up. Runeard is gone, Anna is the Queen, those old ideologies do not work anymore! And furthermore, the disrespect and toxicity coming from these idiots is immense! They want to destroy Northuldra, drive them out of their home. I hope the Mundilfaris ****ing realize pretty quickly that the spirits would destroy them if they messed with the forest. Also, Northuldra and Arendelle will forever be linked, you can’t break that bond, just like how you can’t break the bond between Elsa and Anna.

Which brings up another point, how dare the Mundilfaris disrespect the sisters!! Seriously, these idiots have called the sisters, and I quote, “Northuldran blood-caskets”, on multiple occasions. They once told King Agnarr to divorce Queen Iduna right in front of the sisters when they were younger. Are you ****ing ***ing me? You don’t ****ing do that!! My word, I mean, come on!

Seriously, the fact that the Snow Herald is still even alive and what not is ridiculous with what the Mundilfaris have done, and you wanna know something? I bet they have something to do with the recent short-selling of Bjorgman House bonds. These ***holes want to sabotage Arendelle itself and reestablish an old regime that does not ****ing work at all. Not in this day and age. So, with all that in mind, the Mundulfari can **** off. They are traitors, deviants, and an absolute disgrace to the sisters and the kingdom. – Sir Alan, member of the Order of the Wheat Stalk

Madam, I met the patriarch of the Mundilfari clan many years ago, at the evening ball of Queen Emerita Elsa’s coronation. I also wish to echo Sir Alan’s suspicion that the Mundilfaris might be at least one of the parties behind the run on Bjorgman House stock. Even their stockbrokers and servants acknowledge their… deep-rooted animus against anything to do with our royal family. I suggest that the government summon their patriarch to help investigate this corporate assault on the Princely House. – Gregory, vice-president of the Bank of Arendelle

Elsa and Anna are the lights of Arendelle. But as the old sages have always said, the darkness will always try to reach out and extinguish the light, especially when it shines stronger than ever. Beware the enemy within. Beware the standard-bearers of the Old Ways. – Yelena of Northuldra, tribal chieftain

From the Editor’s Desk: Watch These Women

As I share this editorial with you, I’m sure that you know we are on the verge of the grand state ball thrown by Her Majesty in honour of Queen Victoria, who at this very moment is being shown around the kingdom and will later travel to the North Mountain with Anna.

Dear reader, If you’re in Arendelle at the moment, I’d encourage you to stop by the docksides. Royal consort Kristoff is steering an impressive fête showcasing the best of Arendellian produce like salmon and herbs, as well as our country’s burgeoning heavy industry, like tracks and steel for our railroads. Victoria’s aides have tactfully chosen to showcase less of the East India Company’s wares, and more from purveyors of Anna’s favourite things: chocolate, candy, and other delectable delights sourced across the British Isles and across their vast empire.

I’m sure Anna is biting her tongue at times, given her anti-colonial instincts, but for now, Arendelle’s rise on to the world stage is being facilitated nicely by Victoria. I was one of the first to teach Anna that the road to power is a negotiated one, full of compromises and second choices. Continue reading “From the Editor’s Desk: Watch These Women”

A Rallying Cry for Arendelle’s Faithful

By Alan J. J. Nadeau III

Alan J. J. Nadeau III is one of Arendelle’s citizens and a loyal supporter to both Queen Anna and Fifth Spirit Elsa. His support is staunch and unwavering.

Recently I’ve been thinking about Queen Anna and Elsa, they are near and dear to my heart and I want nothing but the best for them.

Others seem to not want that; they want to tear the sisters down and tear them apart, destroy their relationship, the bond that they and Arendelle and Northuldra have.

This kind of Class A garbage cannot stand, and I feel like there needs to be a rallying cry for the faithful, the ones loyal to what Elsa and Anna have built. I’ve looked at different pieces of music, looking for what could be the perfect song to encapsulate the fighting spirit of those most loyal to Elsa and Anna, and their respective kingdoms.

And I think I might have found it.

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Anna’s Column: The United Kingdom is Coming to Our Own

By HM Queen Anna

Her Majesty’s personal column is published every day in The AG and is her largest platform for reaching citizens to share her perspectives, feelings, and plans.

You may have read the news in this morning’s edition of chief’s paper, but I have decided to host the British Queen in Arendelle next month.

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Elsa’s Guest Column: What I Miss About Arendelle

By Elsa

The Snow Queen’s column is published whenever she visits The AG’s newsroom. This piece was published in yesterday’s morning edition of the paper. 

“Do I really like living in the wild?”

“Can I get used to being outdoors all the time?

“Doesn’t it get boring, hanging around with animals and spirits?”

These are just some of the well-meaning, good-hearted questions I get when I visit Arendelle on the weekends. Anna says that many Arendellians miss me, and that is very kind of them if they do. If being the monarch of our kingdom was my true place in this world, I would have gladly stayed and taken on all its pressures. It wasn’t simply because I couldn’t take it. Plenty of sovereigns and leaders face backbreaking burdens. That wouldn’t be a sufficient reason to abdicate and pass on the throne to Anna.

Rather, the throne quite literally was not for me. My place as Snow Queen was elsewhere, up north with the tribes of Yelena, and with Bruni and Gale and the others.

So, to be as honest to the readers of this newspaper as possible: there isn’t much I miss about being ruler of Arendelle. What I do miss are certain… sights. Sounds. Smells.

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