Preparation: The War Through an Arendellian’s Eyes

By Alan Nadeau III

The Russo-Arendellian War has left a mark on Arendellians from all walks of life. For those in Anna’s inner circle, the impact has been felt especially hard. The burden of the kingdom’s leadership is to shoulder the losses and casualties inflicted by a foreign power. Alan Nadeau III, one of Anna’s most trusted knights and a member of her chivalric order of the Wheat Stalk, has found himself at the heart of Anna’s battles with Russia’s Grand Dukes. As he reflects on his moments of glory as well as shocking defeat, he ponders on how far Arendelle has come, and how much danger lies ahead.


I was back home in Arendelle, following my joining Honeymaren and Amira in battle against Nykras. I’d suffered a couple of minor injuries but nothing severe, although my sword had shattered yet again, dealing a blow to my pride as well. But I had bigger concerns.

I’d gone downstairs to the drawing room see Queen Anna, Michael, and the others. Recently, the love of my life, Queen Emerita and Fifth Spirit Elsa, had headed up to the Dark Sea’s shores to stop the Grand Duke’s advance to Ahtohallan. I’d been worried sick and in an earlier phase of my battle alongside Maren, I remembered seeing that damn lich send three of the other four spirits into what he called a “nether realm.” It was like something out of some fantastic storybook, and it angered me to no end. Why are such beings of power so often horrible, awful individuals? I wanted to give chase, to fight him, but Maren and Amira talked me out of it. Good thing they did. I needed to get back to the homeland and prepare for Sora and Katina’s arrival. Everyone would be needed.

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Anna’s Column: How can I stay the same monarch?

“Snowstorm,” by PURY (@puryartist)

EXCLUSIVE: Elsa hovers between life and death as Katina declares final stage of her invasion

By Evangeline, Senior Staff Writer for The Arendelle Guardian

After a fortnight’s worth of careful logistical arrangements, the nearly broken body of the Snow Queen, Arendelle’s former monarch, was delivered grimly to the palace and instantly attended to by Anna and her friends. Elsa nearly fell in battle against the undead lich Nykras, who was dispatched in an ingenious maneuver by the Fifth Spirit.

The Battle of Northuldra has concluded with a major victory for Northuldra’s people and the elemental guardians. It’s come at a high price, however: a badly wounded Yelena is being attended to by Ryder and Amira, while a grief-stricken Honeymaren has had to personally accompany Elsa to receive treatment alongside Commander Hilde, who’s still recovering from her battle with Yaraslaf. While Elsa is projected to recover more quickly than Hilde, she won’t be in full strength for the final battle, which will be led by the Romanovs’ guardian angel Sora.

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What a Year! A Special Musing on Anna’s First Year as Queen

Contribution by Trade Minister Michael

It’s been quite the year in our fair kingdom of Arendelle and the land of Northuldra! I remember the date so clearly: 22 November was when the spirits unleashed their wrath on Arendelle, and our favorite sister-queens with Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven ventured into the mysterious, enchanted northern woods to find out why. House Arendelle discovered that the land of Northuldra was shrouded under a mysterious mist that let no one in until Elsa and Anna showed up. They went in and experienced a life changing adventure that gave answers to unresolved questions, such as why Queen Elsa had magical ice powers, why the spirits came to her that night after the fall festival, and why the North Wind’s voice was calling her.

Seeker is writing a great biography on the adventures that led to our sister-queens (my beloved nieces) to mature into who they are today!

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WHERE IS ANNA? Concern grows among journalists at queen’s week-long silence

ARENDELLE – With her sociable personality, love of company, and keen political savvy, Anna is the most press-friendly monarch Arendelle has ever had.

In one year she has granted more interviews and done more press events with the Big Three newspapers (The Arendelle Guardian, the Fjord Times, and the Snow Herald) than her predecessors put together.

Naturally, after a week of silence from the palace, Arendelle’s reporters are growing restless and impatient, with editors scratching their heads in puzzlement.

Journalists from the Big Three that are tasked with covering the queen and royal household are known as royal correspondents. They often double as political journalists due to the queen’s executive involvement in the Great Assembly. With quotes drying up and coverage material dwindling, newswomen and men on this prestigious beat are starting to panic, resorting to gossip about who Queen Anna last saw before shutting herself away in Arendelle Castle.

One senior reporter from the Fjord Times made a smarmy joke about Anna’s absence causing Arendellian stocks to fall. Others have interviewed figures in the palace, trying to understand what happened. While Kristoff and Elsa have admitted that Anna is indeed still in Arendelle Castle, they’ve struggled to give a reason for her silence.

She was last seen in public on her daily walk with a beautiful foreign woman, near Vera’s Berg Sweetshop.

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Elsa’s Column: What does it mean to be Queen?

Featured image art from:

By Elsa, Queen Emerita of Arendelle

I’m a bridge between the spirits and humanity and a bridge between Arendelle and Northuldra. So is Anna, and in many ways her burden is much heavier because her task is much more complicated. Politics, governance, and statecraft are things that I’ve passed on to her, because I needed to be free and she needed a grander purpose beyond even Kristoff and me. Now our bond, which is stronger than ever, must be put to use in service of Northuldra and Arendelle.

As you may know, dear reader of this column, I visit the palace much more often, sometimes sleeping over for well over several days, perhaps a week. Anna is betting on unleashing me against what seems to be a gallery of increasingly dangerous foes, especially those that wield supernatural powers like me: the Russian Grand Dukes come to mind. I’m more than happy to be her “weapon.” I never shied away from my powers again after we booted Hans out of Arendelle. I’m not about to go reticent, either.

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Anna’s Column: Be Fearless and Ready

Featured image art by PURY (@puryartist)

By HM Queen Anna

I know this is a lot to take in, everyone. As of my penning this column and submitting it to The Arendelle Guardian’s editor, the kingdom is alight with fearful talk. From the local bakery and pub all the way to the government and my inner court, there’s a name whispered with fear and loathing: “Katina Romanov.”

Katina Romanov – princess of the Russian Empire, the true power manipulating her daddy, the tsar, behind the throne. Member of the Exalted. Commander of the Grand Dukes of Russia, three mighty generals that she’s tasked with the full-scale invasion of our kingdom.

As your servant-queen, I’ve sworn an oath to always be truthful and honest to my people. So this is the truth: Russia is mobilizing against us, but we have no way of knowing when. Katina will come to me when she’d ready. Therefore, I appeal to everyone in Arendelle not to fear, and to live life like we always do. However, I accept that these won’t be normal times, and to that end, I’ll be working extremely closely with Elsa, General Mattias, and Commander Hilde to prepare for that fateful day when Russia declares war on Arendelle.

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Anna’s Column: We Move Forward Together

By HM Queen Anna

Thanks to everyone’s help, Arendelle has never been in a stronger position, geopolitically and economically. But that means the stakes are higher than ever. Given the volatile global environment, our kingdom needs to take stock of the fronts requiring our attention. It’s part and parcel of the joy and burden of being your queen, your First Servant.

Without further ado:

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Editorial: The Scandal of the Northuldra Children Protection Act

By The Arendelle Guardian’s editorial board

The entire kingdom owes its gratitude to Honeymaren and many others after the other night’s assault on Arendelle Castle by the Grey Ghost, Amira the hunter. The fact that no one was severely hurt (or worse) is encouragement enough for the government to look further ahead, to not just stop Amira but also investigate her motivations.

After Amira retreated from the palace, the queen and Maren set about engaging with the clue left behind by the hunter. When interrogated, the hunter alluded to the Northuldra Children Protection Act, which even Anna was caught off-guard by. No one present was aware of this initiative, which Amira accuses King Runeard of starting. Despite it never having been sent to the parliament during Runeard’s reign, the initiative apparently gained currency among influential circles in Arendelle.

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EXCLUSIVE: ROYAL MESS as Autumn Cloud Arsonist sets Fire to Anna’s Plans

By Gottfried, Political Reporter for The Arendelle Guardian

After her first birthday as queen on 21 June, things were supposed to go smoothly for Her Majesty. She’d just appointed the kingdom’s very first prime minister, an influential aristocrat in her own right: Countess Viola. In doing so, she’d evaded a confrontation with the Great Qing Empire and her most powerful ally, the prince regent Yixin. And despite gathering storm clouds in the form of much larger states that hunger for proxy control over our kingdom (thanks to our strategic position in Northern Europe), Anna had wracked up significant victories and is even looking to reconcile with the Southern Isles. Observers of Arendellian politics agree that she’s our boldest monarch in a long time.

The Great Assembly had rallied behind her. Things were looking up.

Then came the Autumn Cloud incident.

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Michael’s Musings: Our New Prime Minister

Story art by Arute (@ast05water)

By Michael, Trade Minister of Arendelle

From the first day when she ascended to her lofty position as the new head of the Mundilfari clan to now has been a wild ride to say the least. Yet what is more amazing is the miracle resulting from what happened during the Battle of the Fjord, when Queen Anna’s love for Elsa compelled her to lay down her life again before Viola’s sword, to save Elsa from the Countess’ plans for conquering Northuldra and ending Elsa’s life.

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