EXCLUSIVE: Anna, Colisa, and Mari in new interview on politics, the world, and each other

By Kris Neumann, Senior Staff Writer for The Arendelle Guardian

In this exclusive interview, The Arendelle Guardian spoke to three sovereign leaders: Colisa the queen of Chatho, Princess Mari of Vesterland, and Her Majesty herself. In light of new developments concerning Russo-Arendellian relations and the expansion of Arendellian interests around the world, the Entente of Small Kingdoms is forming a coordinated front to protect each other’s interests. In this interview they gave a comprehensive picture of their alliance’s present situation, plans about their geopolitical strategy, and fond insights about how they see and relate to each other.

The Arendelle Guardian: Thank you, Your Majesties Anna and Colisa and Your Highness Mari, for sitting down with us in our printing press room by Arendelle’s beautiful dockside. Let’s start with the fallout from, if you’ll pardon the word, failure of Anna’s talks with Katina Romanov of Russia. What has been the response from Arendelle’s allies, and are there fears of tsarist aggression or reprisals?

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An Interview with the Royal Biographer

We at The Arendelle Guardian are privileged to interview Seeker, who is working on a biography of the Queen Emerita, Elsa, at Anna’s request. Our Lore and Archival Reporter, Mikael, had the pleasure of sitting down with this gentleman for a discussion. Many things were not as they seemed…

Mikael (M): The kingdom’s literati and intelligentsia have been abuzz with gossip about you. Elsa and Anna are beloved for their modesty, and have never commissioned any biography for their family – until now. Tell us what your background is, where you come from.

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The Arendelle Guardian exclusive: Interview with Anna and Maren

Gudrun, Senior Staff Writer for The Arendelle Guardian (AG): Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Plaza on this sunny and crisp-aired morning. Get comfortable and please come closer. The Arendelle Guardian has the pleasure of hosting the first open interview with Her Majesty and Lady Honeymaren, who will share their views with everyone gathered here today.

Anna (A): Hi! It’s so nice to try this new format.

Maren (M): It feels weird sitting here. I feel everyone’s eyes on us.

AG: I’ll ask my questions first, before putting forward to you a few questions submitted to us last night. Will that do?

A: Fire away, Gudrun.

AG: It’s been a truly momentous few months for Your Majesty as well as Lady Maren. You have both emerged as a kind of “tag-team” in the Arendellian parliament, and not only has Maren been pushing for a cultural exchange program between the children of Arendelle and Northuldra, but you’ve just introduced a proposal that could define your reign.

A: Correct.

AG: This proposal lays it all out: an eventual re-integration between Arendelle and Northuldra. This is extraordinarily ambitious. Do you think it will be passed?

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