NEW – “The Kindest of All” Hang out with Anna!

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Our second short interactive story, this time about Anna, is online!

At Kristoff’s request, you head to Arendelle Castle to watch over the queen as she finally manages to take a day off. Where will you take her for a relaxing time together? Perhaps you’ll get a better chance to know her and bring a smile to her face after her great conflict with Russia (see our Q1 2021 event, the Russo-Arendellian War)…

Start your hangout with Anna here!

Thanks so much for trying out your friendly editor’s new gamebooks! Depending on how ambitious my writing gets, I’ll think about developing and teasing the foundations of a new cycle of hangouts with Elsa and Hilde Von Altheim. If I’m going to make more, I’d like to incorporate increased choices, more complex consequences and endings, and interactivity like simple skill throwing with accessible everyday items like coins or dice.

For now, enjoy your hangout with Anna!

Check out our two published short gamebooks so far!

Emerald Dragon: Swingin’ Sisters

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“Make the Night Last” Swingin’ Sisters theme by Joel Evans & Friends (licensed for The Arendelle Guardian)

From Arendelle to Peking, from the Qilin Cabaret to Arendelle Castle… jam and party with Anna and Elsa late into the night, Shanghai jazz-style!

The air is thick with political intrigue, aching romance, musical groove and princely glamour as the sister-queens swing into the new world of modernity – to make Arendelle a global power.

Anna, the Emerald Dragon, has assembled her Exalted with which to locate the elixir of immortality. Her journey will take her family and friends around the world, encountering new friends, allies, and adversaries. But our queen had best beware – with her newfound power comes an expanded gallery of powerful foes, some with vendettas to pursue and others that believe in their causes as much as she does in her own.

From familiar faces like the opium tai-pan Will Harrison to new adversaries like the mysterious and immortal Moonborn, Anna and her Exalted will face external and internal conflicts like never before.

Anna’s Emerald Dragon arc continues with all the glamour, romance and intrigue of the early modern age.



The Arendelle Guardian Gamebooks

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// This is a project your friendly editor started on a whim! I hope you enjoy these short, choose-your-own-adventure stories with a rather elementary choice system (go easy on me, it’s my first time writing gamebooks; and it’s unlikely I can write a long story). Still, the stories hopefully go some way to immersing you in some personal time with the character.

Two short two choice-based gamebooks where your decisions and interactions will shape your ties with The Arendelle Guardian’s canon Anna and OC Viola. Have fun!

Watch out! There are happy endings and okay endings… but also bad endings as well!

The Night Beckons: Hang Out with Countess Vi

A choose-your-own-adventure style short story with the countess of Arendelle, Viola Mundilfari! As the kingdom’s prime minister and First Vampire, Vi prefers to relax at her Grand House in the late evening. Will you join the Mundilfari household and keep Vi company tonight?


COMING SOON: The Kindest of All: Hang Out with Anna

A choose-your-own-adventure style short story with the queen of Arendelle! Anna is busier than ever and she really needs someone to help her with her work. But perhaps what she really needs is a break. With Elsa away today, there’s no one to remind her… except you?

Editor’s Note: The Arendelle Guardian poll!

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Good morning, Arendelle!

Your friendly editor has a few updates to this project. Thanks so much for following the paper and we hope you’ll find the items below of some interest.

Firstly, The AG has set up a Discord account for the first time. Depending on the need, we thought it might be fun to set up a private server dedicated to reader participation and OC (original character) accounts. Several loyal readers have their own OC personas, which I always try to include into The AG’s plotline.

The AG’s current Discord account is: TheArendelleGuardian#4688.

I’ve made a quick poll below to gauge interest. Quick, easy, and private – please help shape how far this project can go!

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Welcome to Arendelle’s political newspaper!

Poster by PURY (@puryartist) for The Arendelle Guardian

Welcome to The Arendelle Guardian, a fanfiction newspaper about politics, power, and drama in the reign of Anna. Don’t forget to grab yourself a free subscription at the sidebar for updates. Just scroll down this website’s blog to see the latest news reports, story chapters, analyses, and columns from Anna, Elsa, and Honeymaren.

If you’re new to our story of Anna’s post-Frozen 2 reign, you can catch up on the main plotlines here. These story threads are updated periodically with the newest chapters, news, and columns.

Please follow us @arendelleguard1! Enjoy interactive Tweets and updates from our Twitter account.

We’d love for you to get involved in our plotline. Send us your own news and stories about politics and other goings-on in Arendelle to:

PRIDE OF ELSA, Queen Anna’s new flagship, commissioned at Arendelle’s harbour

By Madeline, Reporter for The Arendelle Guardian

ARENDELLE – The queen’s new personal vessel was commissioned early this morning by the docks. A grand celebration was enjoyed by all gathered, with cake, candy, pop soda, and much more of Her Majesty’s slightly childish favourites in abundance.

Christened Pride of Elsa, Her Majesty’s new flagship is intended to replace the capsized Autumn Cloud, which sank after being sabotaged by Amira the Northuldra hunter during Prime Minister-Countess Vi’s party at sea.

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SHOW YOURSELF: Queen Anna condemns Skau-Krogh, accuses Harrison of economic imperialism against Arendelle

By Gottfried, Political Reporter for The Arendelle Guardian

ARENDELLE – The queen has publicly condemned the powerful Will Harrison, outing him as a member of a secretive cabal of influential rulers called the Exalted. Anna issued a defiant response to what her government sees as Harrison’s attempt to hold the Arendellian economy hostage.

Rather than speaking to the Great Assembly or from her throne room, the queen made her thoughts known to the public in the plaza, accompanied by a talkative Olaf. Typical of Anna’s egalitarian and common style, she arrived in the square with no escort except for Olaf and asked the people present to lend her their ears. Yours truly was sent to the plaza directly from our newsroom by Chief, and journalists from the Snow Herald and Fjord Times barely arrived in time as well.

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Royal Decree: The First Prime Minister of Arendelle

Her Majesty Queen Anna, on this auspicious day, hereby declares the establishment of the Prime Minister, the first Great Office of State.

Through her powers as the Kingdom of Arendelle’s sole executive, Her Majesty appoints through Royal Decree Her Ladyship Countess Viola of Clan Mundilfari as the first incumbent.

The powers and authority of the Prime Minister are detailed below in Anna’s Royal Decree:

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Sustainable Trade with Northuldra: A Government Trade Initiative

Do you work in textiles, food, retail, manufacturing, or construction? Are you looking for a vote of confidence in your business, whatever your trade?

Join the Sustainable Trade with Northuldra Initiative and be part of Queen Anna’s grand experiment in statecraft while securing real help for your startup.

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