New Rumbles in Parliament as Queen Unleashes Military Reforms

By Mikael, political affairs correspondent

ARENDELLE: The kingdom’s political and civic circles are embroiled in fierce debate about one of Queen Anna’s most decisive but controversial moves yet: a series of radical military reforms.

Yesterday’s reforms, critics say, cast Arendelle as a rising but increasingly aggressive military power with the potential to not just intimidate, but menace, its north European neighbors.

The reforms indicate a striking emphasis on expansion and what the government calls RRR, or “rapid required responsiveness.” Critics charge this to be a mouthy euphemism for potential aggressive action should the queen see fit.

With prime minister Viola Mundilfari safely returned to Arendelle, albeit in critical condition, one would expect the Great Assembly to be back in order. Yet the kingdom’s parliament descended into acrimony among ministers and jarls once more when Anna stood to address the upper and lower houses.

As the reporters’ gallery of newspapers and journals noted, Anna was in a robust and combative mood as she proclaimed that: “I will not let Vi be hurt like this, by a Moonborn, enemies to Arendellian progress, ever again.”

She then held out a document with five proposals, which reporters now informally call the Crocus Reforms.

The Crocus Reforms are as follows:

  1. To expand the Army under General Mattias to 5,000, including mercenaries and allied troops from the Ottoman Empire and allied nations like Chatho and Vesterland.
  2. To expand the Navy to 40 corvettes and 20 ships of the line, the conventional warships used by most European littoral powers.
  3. The Borealis Corps, led by Arendelle’s core knight and partner of Elsa, Sir Alan, are to be put on permanent mobilization with rotating squads under Alan’s direct command.
  4. The military budget will be expanded to 8 per cent of the annual coffers – a deep increase from only 3 per cent. The consolidation of Vi and Kristoff’s business interests into Arendelle’s largest conglomerate, Mund-Bjorgman, along with the Royal Warrant granted to all rail and shipping businesses under trade minister Michael, has resulted in a tidy war chest that purchases the kingdom’s military supplies.
  5. Perhaps most strikingly, Anna’s flagship, Pride of Elsa, is to be retired. Instead, the specifications for Muspelheim are to be updated to construct a new ironclad warship, codenamed Surtur, that will project Arendellian naval power far beyond its shores.

    Muspelheim was the feared ironclad warship once privately owned by the Mundilfaris and was used by Vi to terrorize the kingdom during the Battle of the Fjord during the period of her rivalry with Anna.

    The government and Arendelle’s allies are particularly surprised by this proposal since Anna herself forswore the deployment of a future ironclad warship several years ago. Instead, Anna boldly faced her ministers and shouted:

    “For Elsa, for Vi, for all my friends and family and fellow countrymen and women, I propose that my new royal flagship Surtur, a fearsome and fitting heir to Vi’s Muspelheim, will be our superweapon against all threats to Arendelle!”

So dramatic are Anna’s plans, reportedly drawn up in secret with General Mattias and Commander Hilde, that the British and French plenopotentiaries, emissaries of the two foremost powers in Europe, have issued press releases urging that Arendelle scale back the fourth and fifth proposals.

“Especially the fifth,” the British ambassador had said, his lips thin as he faced journalists. His words were cutting and unusually direct for a diplomat: “Arendelle’s pretensions to become a naval power with Muspelheim’s technology are one of two things: laughable, or dangerous. It doesn’t suit this great kingdom to be either.”

The French ambassador, for his part, told the press in even blunter terms: “France will vigorously defend her interests. Arendelle fended off an aggressive power once, and could be said to have saved Europe. May the day never come when Europe needs to be saved from Arendelle.”

As of the writing of this piece in The Arendelle Guardian, Anna has summoned the plenopotentiaries to explain themselves.

Turbulent times seem to lie ahead, reflecting the queen’s potentially turbulent heart. Our reporters at this newsroom will continue to bring you the latest developments that matter to our beloved kingdom most, right here.

5 thoughts on “New Rumbles in Parliament as Queen Unleashes Military Reforms

  1. “It is simple. Either you understand how dangerous the Moonborn are, and stand with us, or you are against us. Make your choice.”



  2. Again I quote George Washington, former POTUS;

    “The readiness for war is the only sure means to promote the peace.”

    Trade Minister Michael.


  3. Again I quote George Washington, former POTUS;

    “The readiness for war is the only sure means to promote the peace.”

    And as I said to my friend Princess Katina Romanov; “It’s the foolish robber who breaks into a house where the family is armed to the teeth.”

    Trade Minister Michael.


    1. I admit it’ll be a hard sell, especially to those who think we’re going into the conquest business. I quote George Washington’s sayings to my niece often and to Princess Katina, it’s better to have a military who will defend our interests against those who want to plunder.

      We need to be “big picture” thinkers now with so much on the line.


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