A Tribute to Nahir al-Adil (RIP, David)

ARENDELLE: The Arendellian flag was flown at half-mast today, and will continue to do so for the next week, as the palace received word of a cataclysmic event: the passing of Nahir al-Adil, an ally of the kingdom and a formidable presence in his own right.

“This tragedy is a true mystery, but for now, we don’t suspect foul play, nor did I even think he was capable of mortal afflictions,” Anna told reporters in a press statement. “Yet, as the member of the mysterious people of the Shamashi from the remote regions of Persia, I know that something called him back to them, and to their source of power. I’m heartbroken, our allies are in shock, and the kingdom has lost a good friend.”

Nahur al-Adil by Arute (@ast05water)

The queen has decreed that Nahir’s body will lie in state for the next week, before being sent back to his interlocutors in Constantinople. There, he will be taken across the Middle Eastern portion of the Silk Road by a joint force of elite Arendellian and Ottoman guards (led by Tileke, the supreme commander of the Ottomans and a staunch ally of Anna’s), until he arrives in Persia safely.

The Anglo-Persian investor appeared seemingly out of nowhere sometime at the beginning of Anna’s reign, hoping to invest in ethical, sustainable enterprises in the expanding Arendellian economy. Not even the Ravens, the spies that report directly to Mattias and Anna, could find out anything about him, except that he owned a house in London and a retreat in the English countryside. He was a wealthy businessman, his assets seemingly as inexhaustible as the countess-now-PM Viola Mundilfari’s. He took a particular interest in the negotiations between Anna and Yelena, who both share the goal of reunifying the kingdom with the forest. Nahir was a personal friend of Queen Victoria’s, an Anglophile who seemed comfortable in many international situations. Yet Anna discovered he had anti-colonial, anti-imperial sympathies, and bonded with him over their many overlapping views on politics and the economy.

Nahir also made friends with many of Anna’s inner circle, often sharing a cigar with trade minister Michael as they discussed the direction of the world late into the night while seated before the fireplace, or talking with Sir Alan about the nature of love, philosophy, and Elsa. He was friendly to Princess Danny, and while he initially seemed wary of the dark duo that is Arendelle’s shadow – Vi and Hilde – their eventual alliance with Anna and Elsa, as well as their relentless defense of the kingdom in future events, made him their friend as well.

There was a considerable ripple among Arendelle’s government and press when Anna, in a moment of unguardedness, blurted out to reporters about Nahir’s apparent immortality. No one in Arendelle, not even Anna and Elsa and their circle, know the exact nature of the Shamashi and their social organization. However, the queen has made it clear that there will come a time for direct talks with the Shamashi later. Relations between Persia and Arendelle will grow, perhaps being the silver lining of this misfortune. “But for now, we must get Nahir to them as soon as we can, so they may perform their last rites on him, and pay their respects to his leadership,” the queen said.

Arendelle mourns with you, Your Majesty.


A/N: RIP to our dear friend David Ramachan (https://twitter.com/thelastordinant), who passed away in April. He was a superb thinker, gamer, and roleplayer whose presence on The Arendelle Guardian enriched this fanfiction project immeasurably. But most importantly, he was a good online friend to not just our IRL personas but to many other people in various fandoms. We’ll miss you and your incredible imagination and thoughtful discussions.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Nahir al-Adil (RIP, David)

  1. He was a remarkable young man. Intelligent and wise beyond his years. His business acumen helped myself and Kristoff in our work as he also gave wise council to our Queen Anna. Indeed he was weary of Countess Viola and Commander Hilde at first. But after the London affair that changed my best friend, Vi into The First Vampire of Arendelle, he got to appriciate and know them better. I can say that Nadir did secretly slip a few hundred thousand kroner into our musical and cultural endeavors. (I kept this secret at his wish and he allowed me to give this info out only after his passing!)

    We observed a moment of silence for Nadir al-Adil at the opening of today’s session of The Great Assembly’s houses of Jarls and Ministers.

    Nahir al-Adil was a great man. He will never be forgotten.

    (Personal Note to David Ramachan.)
    You will be missed, my friend. I remember our talks and sharing wisdom with one another. I hope to see you resting in the arms of God.


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    1. Thank you for your presence among our family and friends as we remember Master Nahir’s time with us, Uncle. Now I know how Vi kept up her sponsorship of the Arendelle Philharmonic – with Nahir’s help! We all miss him.



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