21 JUNE: Arendelle Celebrates Queen’s Birthday

ARENDELLE – It’s that time of the year again, and the summer solstice is bringing happiness and joy to all. The kingdom held a warm and intimate gathering at Arendelle Castle’s dining room for the citizenry, with tables, chairs and food prepared for guests to come in and out throughout the day. True to tradition, the gates were flung open for a small fete in the courtyard of the palace, with children’s stalls, balloons, and a massive birthday cake made with ice cream and touched by Elsa’s own hands.

In contrast to grander receptions held for dignitaries and politicians (which Arendelle Castle is more than capable of hosting), Anna’s birthdays tend to be family-oriented, community activities that are open to everyone, at any time. “That is why Her Majesty wanted to keep the palace open all day today, well past dinner, so that people can come and go as they please. We’re here to welcome them,” said Getrude, one of the party planners for this year’s Queen’s Birthday, told The Arendelle Guardian’s gossip columnist. “The last year or so has seen so much change come to Arendelle. While much of the change might be a point of pride for the kingdom’s powerbrokers and leaders, Anna wants her birthday to represent something homely and constant, a point of happiness and contentment that her friends, family, and fellow Arendellians can always rely on.”

Anna told the press, in a public statement before she opened the courtyard to the kingdom for the day, that she hopes for her birthday to “feel like we’ve come back home.” As the balloons fell around her on the podium, and Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven cheered and clapped along with the gathered crowds, “I want this to be my tradition. A tradition of sunny days and warm sun. Of picnics and shining waters. Of children’s laughter and ice cream stains on clothes.”

Guests having fun in the courtyard were permitted to enter the palace foyer and through the ancient and decorated corridor, into the main dining room. Here, the chandelier and the queen’s gargantuan portrait behind her throne were the only indicators of any exclusivity, as the entire chamber had been converted into a buffet with every manner of food available, including some intriguing new additions from the Ottoman Empire, the Japanese Shogunate, and Russia. Even the smaller selections from these foreign countries were worthy of the entire range of Arendellian cuisine, which, although growing in sophistication and taste, had some way to go before matching the prestige and international acclaim of Japanese “sashimi” or Russian “caviar” – eye-wateringly expensive dishes that wealthier Arendellian businessmen or nobles were quickly stocking up in their homes. For those with less pretentious tastes, fried and grilled fish, salads, hearty pork chops, and, of course, plenty of sweets, cakes, and dessert dishes.

Curating the fun and socializing in the dining room were Sir Alan, leader of the queen’s elite Borealis Corps, trade minister Michael (known affectionately as Uncle to Elsa and Anna), and Countess Vi, Anna’s prime minister. “We’ve made it a point of pride that this year, there are no invitation lists or RSVPs,” said Michael, who had planned out the party with Vi, Alan, and Commander Hilde. “Still, there are some special guests that we were hoping would come, and we’re delighted that they did.” These included Northuldra leader Yelana, Honeymaren, Arendelle’s Home Minister, her brother Ryder, who manages the Northuldra Trust, a non-governmental organization established by Anna to preserve Northuldra’s culture, way of life, and natural environs.

“We’re moving, comfortably but steadily, toward eventual unification. That’s my legacy as queen,” Anna told the press. “Today, we celebrate and renew not only our present sisterhood and brotherhood, but also our future as an even more integrated body politic. So much has changed when Elsa first crowned me, but I want to use my birthday to remind our kingdom, the whole world, that I will never lose sight of what I first set out to accomplish. No matter the coming storms and tribulations, as long as Elsa and I are with you, Arendelle will be a place of happiness, stability, and security.”

To top off the joyful celebrations, there was an evening concert in honor of the queen, organized by Countess Vi and performed by the Arendelle Philharmonic at Kingdom Hall. The star of the show, Luna the opera maestro and personal singer to the queen, stole the show with her amazing singing of the classics, bringing an enchanting night to Anna and the rest of her entourage, including Michael, Alan, and Princess Danny.

Happy birthday to our beloved queen!

3 thoughts on “21 JUNE: Arendelle Celebrates Queen’s Birthday

  1. “It was an awesome day indeed. Tip ‘o the hat to all of us who made this celebration a success!”
    Happy Birthday, or is it “Dry Banana Hippy Hat?!?” 😁

    Anyway, Happy Birthday, Anna!




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