Our Story So Far: The World of The AG

A small kingdom in the north, watched over by a Diarchy of two queens. With Elsa watching over the world as the Fifth Spirit, and Anna securing her legacy as Arendelle’s greatest queen, a vast world beyond the lands of Arenfjord await them.

This is the story of Anna’s reign after Frozen II, in a world full of allies, foes, and everything in between. Where will you explore next?

When you wish upon a star…

By Arute (@ast05water)

When humanity was in its infancy, when civilization was but a potentiality, a great war shook the stars above… Chang’e, a galactic deity whose sigil is the moon, had prepared an elixir of life that would grant immortality to rulers she found worthy to lead humanity. But she was betrayed by her mortal, all-too human husband, Hou Yi, who turned into Planet Earth’s first despot. Disillusioned, Chang’e decided to withhold her blessing, but was forced into a war over the elixir with her eldest son, the Moonborn Yixin. The cataclysmic war consumed the Solar System until Chang’e’s starships eked out a victory, casting Yixin to Earth and destroying his vast fleet. Chang’e then split the elixir into shards that could be hidden around the world for safekeeping.

For thousands of years, Yixin has rebuilt his strength, hunted down the Moonborn siblings opposing him, and steered world history from behind the scenes, eventually forming his Exalted, world leaders that are sworn to hunt for the elixir every generation.

Now, Anna has become this group’s leader… and in time, she will have to decide what her path will be, and it will change the world’s and humanity’s destiny.

Angels and Demons

By PURY (@puryartist)

The world of The AG is populated by supernatural forces that give glimpses of a much larger cosmos, yet do not reveal themselves entirely to humanity. As of now, Anna has encountered a real angel in Sora, guardian of the Romanov family and Katina of Russia. But also serving Katina was a lich king called Nykras, whose origins herald some hellish necromantic realm from which undead horrors bubble to the surface world to haunt and terrify humanity. There is also a vast world of sentient life that much of humanity has barely come into contact with, their names the stuff of legends and children’s tales… like the werebear Yaraslaf, the last of his kind.

In a world of nature spirits like Bruni and Elsa’s own incredible powers the bridge the immaterial and material worlds, it’s quite likely Anna and friends will encounter such wondrous beings again soon…

Bloodsuckers and Lycanthropes!

By hannah.digiart (@HDigiart)

Demons and dark forces can create their own horrors; Viola would know. She was made into a vampire by a demon called Mephistopheles, who held her ancient Arendellian noble clan of Mundilfari in thrall for hundreds of years. Though she may be damned, she’s not alone: at her side is Hilde Von Altheim, another Arendellian noble that has cast away her aristocratic background to serve as Vi’s military hand. As if demons and vampires weren’t enough, Hilde is herself a werewolf, her lycanthropy a family curse. Both Hilde and Vi are extremely powerful beings, with the Mundilfari faction powerful enough to sway Arendellian politics and policy as much as the throne itself.

The world of The AG is a supernatural one that is emerging into the modern era of the 19th Century. Spirits, angels, immortals, and monsters all coexist as Anna leads her kingdom into this brave new world, holding the Fifth Spirit’s hand. This is their world. What will it have in store for our royal sisters?

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