Michael’s Musings: Rumors, gossip and other lies…

“Found family” by Arute (@ast05water)

By Michael, trade minister of Arendelle

Life here in Arendelle is never perfect. However, it’s been great with the reigns of both queens Elsa and Anna. It goes without saying about how far we’ve come in this saga. The love we have for each other, the support of the folk in both lands of Arendelle and Northuldra, especially for the struggles the two young women have gone through since the hard, lonely years of their childhood.

They’ve made a ton of progress and encountered many milestones as life goes on. Yet the love they have for each other, plus for those who have come along the way – like Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, Sir Alan, a certain Uncle, and more.

Unfortunately, life has those who will never be happy and will always complain and want to sabotage another’s happiness. Gossip and rumors do exactly that.

So it was no surprise, but indeed aggravating, to hear some malcontents in the kingdom saying untruths about my nieces and Kristoff. Too much of this will give places like Our Fair Kingdom a quarantining case of “rumoritis!”

So: let’s clear the air and let some truth shine in, shall we?

Baseless rumor number one: once Elsa became the Fifth Spirit, she lost all of her humanity. “She became a spirit and is no longer human!”

Really? Then who was I holding whilst dancing during our welcome home and Happy Birthday to Queen Anna party? It looked like Elsa, felt like Elsa, talked like Elsa, and was very graceful as Elsa. She even kissed ole’ Uncle on the cheek like Elsa! It must’ve been… (wait for it)… ELSA!

Seriously, Elsa has had powers from birth as a blessing. Anyone read up on their royal family history knows this. Of course, it was only a few years ago when we found out the role of Ahtohallan as her source of power. Yet she has remained as human as you and I. I still remember when she left to return to Northuldra and Ahtohallan. I promised her that my door would always be open. She has changed from that unsure girl to one who is confident and more at peace with herself.

Now, life isn’t a linear journey from bottom to top. She can feel down and unhappy feelings can still creep back in to torment her. And that’s okay. That’s the most obvious proof that she’s human. She has a support system of me, Anna, Kristoff, and more to be there when things get rocky and she needs two good ears and a caring heart to listen. Even the great Apostle Paul had his “thorn in the flesh.”

There was zero chance of Elsa losing her humanity to be this “great spirit with no compassion.” This is one Snow Queen who can whip a a blizzard of great fury, yet has a warm, caring heart for others. She also knows what we all know, “Never let your kindness be mistaken for weakness!” Anger, kindness, sadness: all emotions she has, and last time I heard, what makes us human is precisely our feelings.

By @fromthestonymo1 with permission.

See this? This is the Duke of Weselton getting the law laid down on him after trying to sneak into the castle to see the-then Queen Elsa. He’s lucky that Elsa didn’t go all “Shock And Awe” on him and blast him back into the Ice Age!

We all saw Elsa fight during the Russo-Arendellian War. Elsa got critically injured, borderline mortally, defeating Grand Duke Nykras in Northuldra. I can still remember the night Maren and the other Northuldrans brought Elsa home. Queen Anna was in total agony over her beloved sister as Elsa was unconscious. We all sat in that drawing room, waiting and praying that Elsa would recover. It was the most agonizing time and the longest night ever. I agonized over both Elsa and Hilde. Elsa was the hardest hit for me. Fortunately, thank God, Elsa recovered.

Don’t ever tell me that Elsa lost her humanity when she nearly lost her life twice. Once in Ahtohallan, then in this war.

Adopting Princess Danielle from Mirerini, taking her away from unloving and despicable parents… the list is endless.

Another piece of reindeer biscuits! “Since she’s magical more now, she’s ‘too weird’ to be amongst normal folks!”

Oh, come on. SERIOUSLY?!?

“Found family” by Arute (@ast05water)

This was a visit by a very good friend of ours from Corona, Cassandra. She is the former Lady-In-Waiting and close friend of Princess Rapunzel. She regaled us over her own journey of forgiveness and redemption after being used by an evil demon, Zhan Tiri. Guess who also hung out with us? Yup, Elsa.

When Elsa came home the first time to visit Queen Anna her family… well, you be the judge!

They spent some time around the town, with Anna showing her the statues of their parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna… honoring the link between Arendelle and Northuldra. 

Now I will admit, Elsa is still a bit of an introvert (her Uncle Michael is too!). Crowds can be a bit much for us at times, so, time alone reading, napping, and such, is very de-stressing. When Elsa’s home, I may walk past the family library and see her quietly reading, so I will just pass by and not bother her. She may say “hi” at times, or simply give a quiet and happy nod when she sees me. Some people might see that and feel a bit awkward. I understand her body language perfectly. She simply expresses her affection in different ways. And I love her as she is.

This is what I mean when I said to her: “Us introverts gotta stick together!”

Mike with Elsa in Northuldra. By Alhuart (@alhuart)

“People love Elsa because they can identify with her. Introverted, friendly, helpful, living with trauma, living in fear and panic and with no control.”

Total bullcrap.

I would say that Elsa is a message that for us who relate to her, that there is light at the end of that dark tunnel, and no, it’s not a train!

“Elsa’s message to us is not to play God, push people away and suffer from delusions of grandeur and think that powers you are better than anyone else!”

Again, total reindeer poo.

She is as loving, gracious, caring, humble and kind as she ever has been before Ahtohallan. She’s been a real asset in Northuldra as the Fifth Spirit with the Northuldrans, along with the Earth Giants, Gale, the Nokk and that little fireplug, Bruni. Take my word for it, when Elsa’s not with the four others, she is with the native Northuldrans, assisting them, because being the Fifth Spirit also means she is the protector and avenger of Northuldra/Ahtohallan and Arendelle.

Lastly, this rumor directly came out from the south end of a northbound reindeer. “Anna and Elsa should be home together, not Anna having the job as Qqueen dumped on her as Elsa goes to frolic in the Enchanted Woods!”

What? I’m sooooo glad you sad little mouths aren’t part of the family. Otherwise, we’d have two old stodgy maids. Ugh.

To add on Elsa’s life’s work, she’s there as the protector. That means that Elsa’s there so no more dirty deeds, no more dams that sabotage the waters like Runeard’s did. Nor will there be anyone who comes with malice on their little minds and get off unpunished. Elsa and Anna are perfectly positioned where they are in life. Gale, the wind spirit, keeps the notes between them going, so they stay connected. Even I myself send a note or two to Elsa via “Gale-mail,” as we call it!

Anna and Elsa made a promise to each other to do what they do together for the benefit of both lands, and they do it where they are. Just like Agnarr, who found a true love in a Northuldran lady named Iduna, Anna found that same kind of love in an ice harvester named Kristoff. He went from basically “Royal Ice Procurer” to head of Bjorgman house trading. He loves Anna very much and loves his future sister-in-law Elsa as well. They’ve got more than enough love for each other.

So if you hear any of this balloon juice floating around Arendelle, you tell’em ole Uncle Michael’s got the true skinny on the situation. It’s all good!

Trade Minister and Uncle of the Diarchy,

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