For Her Majesty’s Government: Clarifying Yesterday’s Misunderstanding at Arendellian Customs

Featured image art “Home” by Arute (@ast05water)

Hail to the Monarch of Arendelle, Her Exalted Majesty Anna of the Summer Harvest.

On behalf of the Most Excellent and Gracious Fujiwara Takako of the Fujiwara House, Ancient and Noble Complementary Family to the Imperial Yamato Clan, Divine Descendants of Amaterasu, I bid you greetings. I’m Shishizaru Takeuchi, captain of Lady Fujiwara’s flagship, Thundercloud. We come from the Shogunate far across the seas.

We arrived in Arendelle from Japan, as our emissaries mutually agreed, on schedule and await your reception. However, to our great embarrassment and chagrin, the morning has not proceeded as planned.

I’m certain that your palace has received word of the misunderstanding at the docks earlier this morning. Allow me to explain, lest there be any unnecessary or unfounded enmity or suspicion between your throne and the glorious Shogunate.

Thundercloud is always accompanied by two warships for the sake of protecting the members of the Fujiwara family. The Fujiwara clan’s daughters have always been matched with the princes and emperors of the almighty Yamato imperial clan, and the destiny of our Shogunate is inseparably entwined with the wellbeing of the Fujiwaras. Upon seeing these two armed ships sailing beside Thundercloud, your kingdom’s watchtowers shot into the early dawn sky warning flares, and another ship sailed out to Arenfjord to block our way.

The ship’s commander introduced himself as General Mattias, and he demanded to know why our formation looked to be hostile. He then directed two more ships from Arenfjord to sail toward us. Thundercloud’s first mate didn’t take kindly to this suspicion and asked me whether we should fire our newly acquired Portuguese cannons at Mattias. I was adamant against it, and when Lady Fujiwara got word of the dispute, she personally emerged from her cabin and asked us to remain anchored outside of Arendelle until the misunderstanding was cleared up.

General Mattias seemed to be satisfied by this compromise, although he has left his two warships to monitor our delegation.

As a gesture of goodwill, Her Ladyship has remained in her vessel, which remains anchored in Arenfjord a short distance away from the docks. She stresses that she is not in a hurry, but as her retainer and ship’s captain, I humbly urge you to hurry over and personally give your approval for Thundercloud to anchor in Arendelle’s waters.

Our traveller is a Fujiwara, and I humbly hope that you understand the gravity of her presence in Arendelle. Our nation has a policy of enforced isolation for many decades, and for Lady Fujiwara to make such a long journey to come to your kingdom indicates a journey of great significance to not only Japan’s oldest and most illustrious clan, but also of the entire Shogunate. Indeed, you have assured us that you’re aware of the rare opportunity Lady Fujiwara’s arrival presents for Arendelle, and we’re optimistic that you’ll treasure her presence as such.

I trust that General Mattias has sent you notice of this misunderstanding, as we’re greatly tired and have limited supplies from our long journey. It would be most favourable to Lady Fujiwara if you personally approve safe passage of our ships into Arendelle’s docks in the coming couple of hours.

On behalf of the Shogunate, our delegation anxiously awaits your response.

Yours in the Fujiwara’s grace,
Shishizaru Takeuchi, Captain of Thundercloud

4 thoughts on “For Her Majesty’s Government: Clarifying Yesterday’s Misunderstanding at Arendellian Customs

      1. It’s my honour and privilege to accompany you and Alan to the docks to welcome our visitor and hopefully, a new friend.



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