Politics: Anna and Colisa Establish New Chathoan Embassy in Arendelle

By Mikael, Senior Reporter for The Arendelle Guardian

Standing beside each other with beaming smiles, the queens of Arendelle and Chatho cut the ribbon to the newly opened embassy of the Chatho kingdom this morning.

The five-room, two-storey office, located near the docks, will streamline communications between the diplomats of Arendelle and Chatho, processing travel permits between the two kingdoms, and strengthening the already solid political, military, and economic ties to Arendelle.

Chatho was formerly a signatory to Anna’s Entente of Small Kingdoms, before the alliance was dissolved at the end of the Russo-Arendellian War.

Colisa is important to Anna because she’s one of the members of the Exalted, a group of world leaders that Her Majesty took over several months ago. Colisa was chosen by our queen, who is known in the Exalted as the Emerald Dragon, to stand alongside her as the Ruby Tiger.

“I’m delighted and honoured to be inaugurating this modest space for our Chathoan friends,” said Anna to the press. “Colisa is special to me, and she’s kept Arendelle in her heart since we were little girls. This modest embassy is the least I can do for her.”

Colisa returned the warmth from Anna’s side, stressing how much she cherished both Anna and Elsa personally, and enjoyed her recent voyage to China with the royal sisters.

“I would love nothing more than to stay in Arendelle a bit longer, but duty to my people calls, especially after such a long and gruelling trip,” she told reporters. “This embassy, however, will be the means through which Anna and I can stay in touch regularly over all the matters we want. I’ll be selecting a plenipotentiary who understands Arendellian politics and loves Arendellian culture, and this lady or gentleman will soon submit a selection of potential sites where an Arendellian embassy can be reciprocally built on Chathoan soil.” She added that with this new embassy, she would never be as far away from Anna as she used to be.

“The New Exalted” by Arute (@ast05water)

Once the embassy opens its doors and begins processing Arendelle-bound Chathoans arriving by sea, Colisa will return to her home kingdom, operating independently of Anna as the Ruby Tiger. A delegation of Chathoan envoys will then sail to Arendelle to take up their posts at the new embassy.

The public and press have feasted themselves on a smorgasbord of big news since Anna’s return, with journalists and ministers barely able to keep up with processing the significance of what Anna has brought back. “The Exalted has an overarching objective which I can’t disclose fully to everyone yet,” the queen had said, “but I can promise you that this group will no longer be a sinister cabal operating in the shadows, like how when Lord Yixin led it. Instead, I hope that our four members, including myself, can contribute to peace and protecting others by deploying our resources judiciously and employing our strengths where possible. Colisa is a perfect example, since she can direct Chatho’s resources to handling matters east of Arendelle. In the meantime, Kristoff [the Gold Reindeer] and Peony [the Sapphire Phoenix] will be focusing on their own domains, business and diplomacy.”

Anna emphasized that these business and diplomatic ties with major powers like Britain, Russia, or France had always been there, but were now ideally positioned to be strengthened. Her Majesty’s words seem to indicate that each member of the Exalted will oversee their own “domain” or “department,” reflecting how Anna has always treated her inner court: by assigning roles and jobs that she knew the recipient would appreciate and excel in. As for Anna herself? “I’m afraid that’s one of my few secrets… for now,” she said apologetically. “Suffice to say that I’m the Emerald Dragon, and my task is to ensure not just a smoothly run Exalted, but also to keep Arendelle safe and prosperous. Nothing’s changed since my return from the Celestial Empire. I’m your queen and servant above all else.”

Stay tuned to The Arendelle Guardian for more developments as Anna moves to take advantage of our kingdom’s new status as a rising power.

5 thoughts on “Politics: Anna and Colisa Establish New Chathoan Embassy in Arendelle

  1. I’m surprised a former ESK member didn’t already have an embassy in Arnadalr. Was HM Colisa just hanging around here the whole time?

    But anyway
    Let’s go visit Chatho!
    Where IS this Chatho?
    -excited tourist Ólafur af Norðurfjalli

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