MILITARY FILES: Selene Severin, the Wolf Hunter

It was well into the early hours of the morning when Mattias, who slept in a set of comfortable pajamas, was awoken by one of his officers.

“General! General!” came the urgent voice, along with the speaker’s hurried knocking on his door. Mattias crawled out of his simple bed and opened the door, rubbing his eyes and revealing a much younger man in a dark green Arendellian military uniform. “Sergeant Chips, sir. Intelligence. Queen Anna’s Ravens.”

“Yeah, I know who you are. No problem. What’s going on?” asked Mattias sleepily. “Is everything alright?”

“Um, no, sir. I wouldn’t disturb your rest if I didn’t have urgent files to give you.” Chips grimaced, handing him several sheets of paper. “The regent, Countess Vi, and her lieutenant, Commander Hilde, are engaging the enemy in the forest just beyond our kingdom. Their lives are in peril. Trade minister Michael and Danny are headed there right now, to try and resolve the situation.”

Mattias’ warm brown eyes widened and his whole body tensed. “What? Vi and Hilde are in danger? If they’re harmed while Queen Anna’s away…” He blinked. “No. No, that’s not going to happen. Brief me on the situation, Chips. Who’s this enemy? we’ve been at peace since the armistice with Russia.”

“We’ve been harbouring someone who means us harm, right under our noses all this time. She knows everything about us – I mean everything. And she wants revenge.”

“What? How can she know everything about us?” Mattias shook his head. “Who the heck is this young woman?” He woozily gazed down at the papers in his hand, but with every word he glazed over, his sleepy eyes sharpened in consternation. “Wait, I’ve seen this girl. Isn’t she our… librarian? She was employed by Anna! She’s literally right here, in the royal household? How could she have slipped us?”

“She’s Selene, Sergeant Severin’s niece,” said Chips. “She’s got her uncle’s entire intelligence network at her disposal, and she’s been using it to keep tabs on all of us. She even took a job in the library to play up her harmless bookworm look… she had everything planned from the start!”


Person of Concern: Selene Severin

Alias: The Wolf Hunter

Position: Royal librarian

“The Wolf Hunter” by Arute (@ast05water)

Don’t be fooled by her timid shyness and her bookish demeanour. Behind the glasses lies a brilliant and calculating mind that’s able to manipulate even Countess Vi and Commander Hilde. She had the entire royal family fooled, including Anna herself.

With her late uncle’s intelligence resources at her fingertips, no one’s weaknesses are safe from Selene’s vengeance and her “Kveldulf” arsenal of anti-monster weapons. This armoury is tailored specially to kill Hilde and other noble creatures of supernatural origin, possibly including our prime minister.

The Ravens, Anna’s intelligence agency that protects Arendelle from external and domestic threats, consider Selene an unexpected “echo” of the Russo-Arendellian War. After all, it’s Hilde that Selene blames for the loss of her beloved uncle, who took the place of her deceased parents early on in childhood. Selene considers Hilde, for all her power as Arendelle’s mightiest warrior, as having failed Sergeant Severin during the Battle of Arenfjord. It’s this tragic circumstance that turned Selene into a vehicle of revenge.

Selene launched her campaign by taking advantage of Vi’s public prominence, masquerading as someone trying to discredit and slander Vi. This fabricated enemy fooled the kingdom’s press and political class into thinking that Vi was under attack by an old foe. She knew that her outrageous pattern of attacks like hate mail and vandalizing the Grand House, done mostly through hired hands and ruffians seeking to make an easy kroner, would quickly catch Hilde’s attention and ire.

Drawing Hilde out step by step, Selene misdirected her (and even the Ravens and the Countess herself) to suspect Arendelle’s noble families. In truth, she was blackmailing them to string Hilde along until Selene could strike at a moment of her choosing.

Selene might not be a foe for Anna on the scale of Katina or Harrison, but her cunning and meticulous planning has proven beyond a doubt that she means business – dangerous business. She’s intimately connected to the royal family and has files on everyone Anna loves – and for this reason, perhaps she’s just as deadly, with an intensely personal goal of vengeance against our kingdom’s protectors.

Mattias looked at Chips in horror upon finishing the dossier.

“We’ve got to help Vi and Hilde! Selene’s got an arsenal specially prepared to neutralize them. I’ll lead a division to the forest. Move out!”




5 thoughts on “MILITARY FILES: Selene Severin, the Wolf Hunter

    1. Feelings can be overwhelming. I know the feeling. That overwhelming desire or passion for something or someone – yet it can also be destructive, all-consuming. And that’s what happens with the desire for revenge, and that’s what’s consumed Selene.

      This could get messy.

      Countess Vi

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  1. Gale-mail to Destin:

    “Move out easy. I have counter-weapons in my pistol and shotgun that Hilde upgraded and Danny. I have something also in my pocket that hopefully, Selene didn’t read. It may cause her to stop and realize what’s she’s doing can cost her everything!”

    T. M. Michael

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    1. I hereby issue a warrant for the arrest of Selene Severin! She’s considered a wanted fugitive of the kingdom. An award will be given for anyone who manages to capture her! She’s threatening our prime minister and one of our military officers. She can’t get away with this.

      General Mattias


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