The Arendelle Guardian special feature: Howl of the Wolf!

Featured image art “Dark Champion” by feeplings (@feeplings)

By Mikael, Defence Correspondent for The Arendelle Guardian

Countess Vi, the temporary regent entrusted by Anna with governing Arendelle until the queen’s return from the Middle Kingdom, is under attack. But her right hand woman, Commander Hilde, is having none of it.

Now that Hilde has issued an open letter to the most probable suspects vexing Vi’s daily life, the ancient Hellström clan and equally old Vinter family, our newspaper’s editor has decided to extend our support to Hilde and celebrate her character. While Hilde was reluctant to participate in an interview with this reporter, I can assure you that I managed to get something out of her, appealing not so subtly to her fear of disappointing the Countess, who after all, is our paper’s owner.

THE COMMANDER RETURNS! – If there’s such a thing as a perfect warrior, a specimen of physical and martial superiority, it’s Hilde Von Altheim, Countess Vi’s most trusted guardian. Fulfilling multiple roles as the only bodyguard the prime minister will ever need, as well as the feared leader of Vi’s Court Guard, Hilde is the epitome of a good soldier: ever watchful and vigilant, unblinking in the face of grave danger, and more than willing to give her life for her Mundilfari lady.

Hilde is more experienced in war than any other senior Arendellian: she’s spent more time on the field of battle than even General Mattias. Indeed, during the days of Anna and Vi’s rivalry she controversially fought overseas on behalf of various imperial powers to secure overseas resources for Vi’s estate. She’s an expert in every kind of melee weapon and firearm, and holds the keys to the Mundilfari supernatural weapons vault. Most importantly, thanks to her Von Altheim lineage, she exercises complete control over her terrifying lycanthropy, enabling her to shapeshift into a superhuman werewolf at will. She notoriously fought Elsa, the Snow Queen herself, to a draw, and remains arguably one of Arendelle’s strongest and most capable protectors, even with Vi’s vampiric ascension.

With few in this kingdom coming close to matching Hilde’s strength, we can’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy toward the enemies of Her Majesty and Countess Vi.

Dark Champion” by feeplings (@feeplings)

Exclusive: Interview with Hilde Von Altheim

MIKAEL (M): Thank you, Baroness Hilde, for agreeing to this interview – at the prime minister’s insistence, I might add…

HILDE (H): … I still don’t think this is necessary. And have you forgotten that I relinquished my aristocratic title many years ago to focus on my job of protecting the Mundilfaris?

M: Well, true. But you’re still the scion of the illustrious and feared Von Altheim clan, no matter what you choose to go by. Also, your new getup is a dramatic departure from your old, much more intricate uniform. Why have you suddenly gone so sporty and casual?

H: It’s easier for me to move and run around, to engage in combat. And it’s not so much hassle for me to turn into a werewolf. I tear through so many shirts and jackets, it’s become a bit wasteful.

M: You mean your lycanthropy?

H: Yes, I don’t wish to be inconvenienced when I get serious in the face of a grave threat and take on my werewolf form.

M: You’re terrifying when you’re in that state, I’m sure. Yet you’re in reality more of an old school knight than most – ever protective and watchful over your ward.

H: You mean my Lady? It’s my duty. And my pleasure.

M: … Isn’t there anything more you’d like to add to that? Most of us know you two are very close.

H: No. There’s not much more to say about how I feel in regard to my relationship to Lady Mundilfari.

M: But do you think this relentless harasser of the Countess – be they alone or in some group – pose a danger to Arendelle? Could their perniciousness spread beyond stalking our regent?

H: It’s hard to say. Despite their venom against my Lady, they haven’t tried to attack her, though it’s hardly a wise course of action given that she’s a vampire. There’s more to it than caution, though. They’re seeking to elicit a reaction. In this sense, my Lady has been prudent in not taking the bait, and trying to wait it out while she finds a credible suspect.

M: But you want to be more proactive.

H: Yes, because there are risks for my Lady in responding to the goading, while I can do so more freely. Now it’s my turn to draw them out. My article was just the beginning. Now that they know of my presence, I’m going to accelerate my plans and force our stalkers to meet me head-on.

M: And how –

H: That’s classified. I won’t be able to share my tactics with you.

M: Why do I think there might be something shady in your strategy? Anyway, may heaven help the culprits when you get your hands on them.

H: Agreed.

M: Thank you, Commander. I’ll leave you to your work.

H: Heil Mundilfari.

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