Arendelle politics: Commander Hilde designates Vi’s harasser as THREAT to national security

By Gudrun, Home Reporter for The Arendelle Guardian

Hilde Von Altheim, the right hand woman of Countess Vi and a sub-commander in the Arendellian army (second only to General Mattias), has issued a public challenge in our paper to Vi’s harasser. Indicating confidence in the culprit’s identity, Hilde has also used her authority to declare the harasser a threat to Arendellian security – making it much easier for her to deploy more severe means to hunt down this person/s, including with army help.

Hilde is the scion of the Von Altheim clan, a Germano-Nordic noble family that’s as ancient as the Mundilfari clan. The two families’ political fortunes have been inseparable since the early centuries of the Holy Roman Empire, and each scion of the Von Altheims has served as the protector closest to the head of the Mundilfaris.

For the past few months, the First Vampire and prime minister has been subjected to an increasing vitriolic campaign of public humiliation and character slander. Despite suffering vandalism against her Grand House on the foothills of Arendelle, which has forced Vi to relocate to Arendelle Castle, she’s maintained a remarkably restrained silence on the series of hate mail she’s received and slanderous pamphlets circulating around. She’s stated that she no longer wishes to solve her problems with violence, attempting to ask herself what her queen, Anna, would do instead. “I am, after all, Anna’s regent until she returns from China,” she said.

This hasn’t stood well with Hilde. In her very first guest article in this newspaper, she’s vowed to put an end to these attacks against her mistress. She’s called out two factions she suspects are involved with the public attacks against Vi’s character: the Hellström clan and the Vinter clan. “To these families that slunk away like cowardly serpents during our struggle against the Russian Empire, and who’ve now returned to harass and stalk my Lady: I see you. I challenge you to an open confrontation with my life as the wager, for I know that you’re no match for me.”

And Hilde has good reason to be confident: the epitome of physical perfection, Hilde was bred and trained to be a machine of war for Countess Vi. She’s a master of multiple forms of unarmed and armed combat, a peerless master strategist, and an expert tactician in the field. She enjoys near-preternatural endurance and athleticism. But her greatest asset is the curse of the Von Altheim bloodline, the origins of which are shrouded in mystery: full control over lycanthropy, which turns Hilde into a terrifying monster of the night possessing superhuman strength, reflexes, and agility. As Vi’s primary protector, she’s also the Keeper of the Mundilfari armoury, which holds unique weapons built for hunting monsters, spirits, and the supernatural in general. Her expertise in her arsenal is as broad as it is frightening: her favourite weapons are a zweihänder and her trusty revolver Kanone des lichts. Both the sword and her gun’s bullets were made from melted crosses and relics at Trier Cathedral.

“Elsa versus Hilde” by Arute (@ast05water)

Commander Hilde, as she’s known to her troops and peers in the military, has had an ambiguous relationship with Elsa and Anna. She was summoned to Arendelle by Countess Vi in the early days of her leader’s rivalry with Anna. She proved herself to be one of the most formidable soldiers Elsa had ever faced. The Snow Queen’s only encounter with Hilde was a spar to let loose feelings of rivalry over Anna and Vi on the Mundilfari estate (observers have speculated that perhaps Elsa and Hilde see themselves as fulfilling similar roles watching over their more prominent companions). Nevertheless, it was deadly serious and nearly lethal, as Hilde didn’t hold back and eventually unleashed her lycanthropic power in an attempt to best Elsa. She nearly inflicted fatal wounds and was subdued only by Vi herself.

When Vi became Anna’s ally, Hilde adjusted to her new obligations to Anna with little struggle; after all, she only did as her Lady willed. This meant forming a professional bond with General Mattias, her counterpart. She and Mattias differed on various aspects of Arendellian military strategy, but they ultimately were able to come together when the shadow of the Russian Empire fell upon Arendelle in January. As the military vanguard, Hilde and Mattias led the naval defence against the Baltic Fleet, led by Grand Duke Yaraslaf. Even mighty Hilde struggled to overcome the mind-boggling strength of Yaraslaf, who very nearly slew Hilde and sent her to bed-ridden convalescence for several months.

“The Battle of Arenfjord” by Arute (@ast05water)

It’s currently unknown how Hilde plans to strike back at Vi’s harasser. Aside from her many esoteric roles as Vi’s bodyguard and the Keeper, upon her return to Arendelle she was made the leader of the Mundilfari private army, the Runic Knights. This once-impressive force saw battle only once against Anna, before its dilapidated state and aging members prompted Vi to have Hilde radically restructure the knightly order. Hilde bestowed a new name upon the reformed elite force: the Mundilfari Court Guard, most of whom died at the Battle of Arenfjord. Despite Countess Vi and Commander Hilde keeping quiet about any prospects of a revival of the MCG, we can be sure that this deadly duo are like a “dark reflection” of Anna and Elsa. Their methods, while dedicated to the good of Arendelle, are noticeably deadlier and more unforgiving than their queen’s preferred way of doing things. With Vi now regent and governing Arendelle, Hilde has even more free reign to do things her way.

For their own sake, perhaps Vi’s unknown stalker or the Hellström and Vinter families (if any of them still reside in Arendelle) should come clean and cooperate with Hilde.

None of us will like it when Hilde becomes angry.

One thought on “Arendelle politics: Commander Hilde designates Vi’s harasser as THREAT to national security

  1. I can say this about friend Hilde. I saw her recover from wounds inflicted by Yaraslaf, the late Grand Duke, from the war and trust me, you don’t mess with Hilde Von Altheim. Hilde upgraded my own Colt Revolver into a version a her “Kanone des lichts.” She got a surprise hug from me because it saved our butts from Yaraslaf when we retreated from St. Petersburg. SO THERE ARE TWO OF THEM!

    Mess with Vi, mess with this family, one Werewolf, two “canons.” = you becoming crowbait.

    Question. Do ‘ya feel lucky, PUNK?!?


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