Michael’s Musings Special: Open Letter To A Certain Stalker…

Featured image art “Your countess” by Inkwhite (@Inkwhite_mo)

By Michael (@of_michel)

After reading my good friend Sir Alan’s article to this mysterious stalker of our prime minister, First Vampire (and close, personal friend) Viola Mundilfari, it’s time I added my 2 schillings worth on this sore subject.

To the cowardly stalker of Viola Mundilfari:

“Trade minister” by PURY (@puryartist)

You probably know who I am from my position in in Queen Anna’s Government and my articles in this fine newspaper, nevertheless, I’ll introduce myself.

I’m Michael, Arendelle’s trade minister, uncle to Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa, and a fellow minister and personal friend of PM Viola Mundilfari.

For a couple of weeks or so, Viola, myself, her friends and family, have had to put up with your posters and hand bills, slandering and badmouthing Viola. Of course, Princess Danny ripped them down and then made a nice fire to roast marshmallows and stargaze under the night sky with Vi, Danny and myself. You were just like an empty can, rattling and making a lot of noise and no more.

Then, you stepped over the line, my fiend. You invaded the home of Viola, Hilde Von Altheim, and Tess. Painting slurs on the gates of the Grand House and tossing rotten fruit on her doorstep. You went a bridge too far, and now we’re all looking for you. Payback is hell.

I don’t know what is driving at you to do this. Maybe it’s for past sins of the Mundilfari clan. Or what she had to do in London. Whatever it was or why, you just stepped into a deep hole of reindeer shiatsu with us. Alan posted his thoughts, here are mine.

I know the Mundilfari family pulled the political and financial strings behind the scenes for generations since the Viking age in Arendelle until recently. The last ruling patriarch, Mayer Mundilfari, had kept a lid on his family’s issues for a long time.

That is, until he died last year.

Then the whole family went total “knives out.” Viola was the youngest, yet when all was done by treachery amongst them, she was the last one standing at Keep Mundilfari in the mountains.

When Elsa handed the throne to Anna, Viola came out of nowhere, challenging Anna for supremacy.

True, we had barbs back and forth (and I must confess to Viola, it was me with some friends amongst William’s assassins that tossed those little black bombs, just to rattle ya a bit, Vi!). We had the battle in Arenfjord with Viola coming in her ironclad warship, Muspelheim. We thought it was an attack. But it was a weird way to give Queen Anna a gift of it. They had a sword fight to a draw, each one offering their own lives to each other. It really struck me strange to see this.

“Moonlit sovereign” by Arute (@ast05water)

Afterwards, Anna and Vi had some correspondence amongst themselves. Then the Lord showed me this; every action Viola did reminded me of something I’ve seen in my days in Church back in the States. Vi looked like an aggressor, yet it seemed like there was this little girl named Vi, crying out for help. Yes, she had all the airs of snootiness and regality, yet still, I couldn’t get over that little girl, crying out “help me!”

It made me realize that her home life had to have been a living hell. Apart from that filthy, demonic spirit, Mephistopheles, she had no good home life. Fighting, strife, jealousy, no love, no chance for a childhood, just constant turmoil. No real family. All she had for a friend was Hilde. I immediately stopped my own barrage and met with both Anna and Elsa. I told them my feelings on the situation, calling it a “rescue mission.”

When the threat of Hilde Von Altheim and her ship with her “death squads,” that just came off of turning Agrabah into smoking rubble, then doing the same to Hans and the Southern Isles, demands from Lord Yixin of the Celestial Empire of China called for both Vi and Hilde to be executed. Queen Anna had to decide to either obey while risking a catastrophic civil war, or another option. Thankfully, Anna chose the latter. She offered Vi the new office of Arendelle’s first prime minister.

Vi (let’s just say she wasn’t too thrilled at first) eventually accepted the position.

Mephistopheles was not happy. That rotten demon threw her around like a rag doll, making her suffer severe injuries. Yet Vi would not surrender. Mephisto wanted Elsa dead and wanted her powers to be his. Instead, because she was absent from her first day, myself, Anna and Elsa, and Sir Alan visited her and Hilde. Vi got to meet Elsa. They had a great conversation between them. Mine and Vi’s meeting was also very good.

Ever since that time, Viola has been part of our family: a real family that loves, cares and helps each other. You know about her turning into a vampiress by surrendering to Mephistopheles. She wouldn’t have done it, yet she did it for her new friend, Tess, whom Thomas Hunt and his Ravager and Eviscerator minions were going to cut up into pieces, along with Viola, in London’s Whitechapel.

I remember when she came back home with Tess to give her a new start in Arendelle. I was the first to greet our new vampire back home. I hugged her as she struggled to keep from biting me with her new fangs. That’s okay. I remember when she slept in the carriage back to the castle on my shoulder. I said softly: “Rest now, noble Viking warrior. You’ve fought the good fight, and you’ve won the day.”

“Comrades-in-arms” by Alanna (@alhuart)

I consider Viola as a good, personal friend. We may have had heated disagreements on the Great Assembly floor, yet remain civil and respectful to leave that on the floor and either dine, visit and work together. Dining is hard for her as the First Vampire. Blood is her food, as regular fare makes her ill. She can still handle some of her former favorite wines, but with some difficulty. She has my love and understanding.

She’s also trying to correct the failings of her family from the past that Meyer and King Runeard have done, which I and the Queens support her in doing. I’ve even become friends with Tess and even Hilde! Hilde’s knowledge of firearms led her to modify my own personal Colt pistol. We both have the same kind. It saved our butts from Grand Duke Yaraslaf, from which Hilde got a surprise hug from me!

Which brings us to now. You’ve scandalously slandered her good name and invaded her home. This is unacceptable!

I will warn you now! You have messed with family! You have stuck your finger in the pupil of our eyes and you will pay dearly!  Mark my words, we will hunt you down, unmask you and you’ll be dealing with Hilde the Werewolf, Viola the Vampiress, and my hot lead with a side of Sir Alan’s cold steel! If Princess Danny wants in, she has my permission to freeze your sorry arse off!

You’ve been warned! Stop this foolishness now or face the consequences of your despicable actions.

Michael, Trade Minister of Arendelle, Uncle of the Diarchy and friend of Viola!

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    1. Continue to be good to those around you and to the people’s of Arendelle and Northuldra. That’s enough repayment for me. Just pass it on.

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