An Attack on One of Us is an Assault on Us All

Featured image “The First Vampire” by hannah.digiart (@HDigiart)

By Alan (@alannadeau2016)

“Alan” by Arute (@ast05water)

It’s been a while since I’ve last submitted an article here, but, with the Russo-Arendellian War long since over, and Anna having gone with my love, Elsa, and the others to the Forbidden City to visit Yixin, it’s given me some free time to do some more training and also to relax, spend some time with Vi, Michael, and Danny, among others.

But now, things have gotten serious yet again. Some crazy person has decided to stalk Viola the Countess – the First Vampire, if you will. Hateful messages, attacks on her own home which have forced her, Tess, and Hilde, to move to Arendelle Castle for the time being… This is ridiculous. Whoever this is, they have a clear vendetta against Viola, and I understand that. The Mundilfaris have done a lot of bad things over the years, decades, centuries even. Viola is the last in that line, and she’s changed over, but her surname and heritage remain. And some salty fool out there – someone in Arendelle – wants revenge.

Well, I’ve got something to say about that. Anyone that knows me should understand that it was only a matter of time before I sounded off about something like this. So here we go.

Whoever you are, whoever is doing this to Viola, I hope you’re reading this. I hope you come across this, because let me explain something to you. You do not, under any circumstances, mess with the countess of Arendelle. Don’t screw with Viola Mundilfari.

I get it, saying that name, to most people, makes you want to cringe, because of everything the Mundilfaris have done. I’ve talked in this paper in the past about my disdain for the Mundilfaris at that time, before Viola came about and made her presence known. Let’s just say that, over time, a lot, and I mean a lot, has changed. Viola is a Mundilfari in name only, let’s be honest. She’s not the same as Mundilfaris past. She has a heart, and Queen Anna brought that out in her. Viola essentially repented over time, and now, has become a core part of Anna’s inner circle. She’s among Arendelle’s brain trust that helps Anna run this kingdom, that helps deal with crap like the war we just had with Katina Romanov and her now-deceased Grand Dukes from Russia (rest in peace Sora, you are honestly missed. Yaraslaf and Nykras, I hope you two are burning in hell right now).

Not only that, but Viola gave herself up to the demon that has in part controlled the Mundilfaris, becoming the First Vampire, to save Tess back in London from a sick loon that took people apart to put fuse them together.

To Viola’s stalker, you truly do not understand how much Viola has changed. Let me explain something to you, just because the Mundulfaris have done a lot of bad stuff throughout their history, does not mean that all of it, that entire burden, falls on Viola. Let it be known that the entire history of the Mundulfaris does not work that way, it doesn’t fall on Viola solely. That falls on her ancestry. I’m happy that people have given Viola a chance, a chance to allow her to change, which she absolutely has. She’s never going to run away from her past, because people like you will always be here to keep bringing it up, for no reason whatsoever, but more importantly, Viola wants to do her best to repair what has been broken. That is what she’s doing and will continue to do, to the best of her ability.

I get it, people like you, people that want her dead, you’re not going to be pleased no matter what she does. And I get that. But let it be known, let it be made clear, that by no means will your actions be excused. You will not go out and get away with what you’ve done and will continue to do. You will be hunted down, and brought to be exposed in the light. When Anna finds out about this, she’s going to be hella pissed off. Her not being here is the only reason why you’re doing this. You waited for Viola to be alone without Elsa and Anna here to order for your stalker self to be exposed. Well guess what, Viola’s not alone. She has Hilde, Tess, myself, Michael, and others. And we do not stand for this treatment of Viola.

My biggest question is, is your issue with Viola, or is it with her family name? Or is it something else? Do you just want Viola dead because she is a Mundulfari, or do you want her dead just because it’s, well, Viola? Has she done something to you personally, or was it her family, her ancestors, that harmed you or your ancestors? Are we looking at another Katina situation, but on a smaller scale, where the offspring of someone seeks revenge for that someone being defeated, or wronged in their eyes? Or is this something else entirely? Either way, you will be exposed. You’ve messed with the wrong people, especially with me. I’m not one to stand back and let crap like this go unchecked. I don’t get pissed off, at least not this pissed off, easily, but when you attack someone close to me, someone I look at like family, or a close friend, you bet your ass I’m gonna have something to say, and want to do something about it.

For real, Viola does not deserve this treatment. She’s done so much to change, and one top of that, but she has her own demons, literally, to live with forever. She doesn’t need to be treated this way by a nobody like you. She doesn’t need to be reminded of this stuff because she already knows it, and as far as I am concerned, I’m pretty sure Viola wants to learn more about her ancestry and the things her ancestors have done, and wants to rectify that stuff. So people like you need to back off.

From me to you, let me just say this. You are a disgusting individual, to be threatening Viola this way. To be threatening her at all.

Whatever it is that you have against her, which has led to this, will not be tolerated. Personally, I’m ready to find you, and take you down like I did Harrison not long ago (speaking of, if you come across this, your butt is as good as done if I find out you’ve screwed with Anna and Elsa abroad. And you won’t be ready for the rematch). You don’t mess with family. You don’t mess with my friends. Mark my words, you will be found, and you will be brought into the light for your crimes, bottom line. Either you can keep doing what you are doing, and suffer in the end, or turn yourself in to authorities. Your choice. But mark my words. You will be found. You will be brought out. And your crimes will be brought to justice.

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