NEW – “The Kindest of All” Hang out with Anna!

Featured image art “Monarch of Arendelle” by hanna.digiArt (@HDigiart)

Our second short interactive story, this time about Anna, is online!

At Kristoff’s request, you head to Arendelle Castle to watch over the queen as she finally manages to take a day off. Where will you take her for a relaxing time together? Perhaps you’ll get a better chance to know her and bring a smile to her face after her great conflict with Russia (see our Q1 2021 event, the Russo-Arendellian War)…

Start your hangout with Anna here!

Thanks so much for trying out your friendly editor’s new gamebooks! Depending on how ambitious my writing gets, I’ll think about developing and teasing the foundations of a new cycle of hangouts with Elsa and Hilde Von Altheim. If I’m going to make more, I’d like to incorporate increased choices, more complex consequences and endings, and interactivity like simple skill throwing with accessible everyday items like coins or dice.

For now, enjoy your hangout with Anna!

Check out our two published short gamebooks so far!

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