The AG’s NEW story arc: Emerald Dragon!

Featured image art “Moon Deity,” by hanna.digiart (@HDigiart)

What if you could protect Elsa and Arendelle forever?”

It’s the 19th Century. The war between Arendelle and Russia has ended. Anna’s leadership enters a new era as her kingdom rises to becoming a global power. In this new ongoing arc, The Arendelle Guardian’s story goes cosmic but also introspective, with Anna encountering her own mortality and what eternal life might mean for her as a queen and as Elsa’s sister.

“The Emerald Dragon,” by Inkwhite (@Inkwhite_mo)

Since time out of mind, the prince regent of China, Yixin, has waged a shadow war with his own mother, the mythic goddess of the Moon, Chang’e. Yixin’s power and agelessness is thanks to his status as a Moonborn, one among several of Chang’e’s children. When they were infants, Chang’e fed the Moonborn the fabled elixir of immortality, hoping that they would become exemplary leaders for humankind. But Yixin, eldest among the Moonborn, chafed at his mother’s plans and waged a cataclysmic war against her to possess her elixir. In desperation, Chang’e scattered the elixir’s fragments, rarer than rare, around the world, in secret sanctuaries that Yixin couldn’t find.

Five thousand years ago, Yixin formed the secret society of the Exalted, which was led by generations of wealthy and powerful sovereign leaders to hunt down the elixir. From Ramses to Caesar, from Elizabeth I to Tamerlane, all the way to the present gallery of Exalted members, he’s been disappointed… until the birth of Elsa in Arendelle reconfigured the elemental magic of the world and revealed the locations of Chang’e’s elixir.

Although Yixin failed to persuade Elsa to join the Exalted, Anna has willingly taken up his offer of leadership, swearing to ensure that Arendelle maintains its newfound power and her people are never threatened again.

A new generation of the Exalted is here, with Anna at its head.

But Arendelle’s queen faces a momentous decision for her own reign thanks to her allegiance to Lord Yixin: is immortality worth it?

Power, politics, and drama – join Anna as her journey goes galactic!

I won’t live forever. But my love for Elsa will.”

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