Editor’s Note: The Arendelle Guardian poll!

“Chief,” by Arute (@ast05water)

Featured image “The inner court” by PURY (@puryartist)

Good morning, Arendelle!

Your friendly editor has a few updates to this project. Thanks so much for following the paper and we hope you’ll find the items below of some interest.

Firstly, The AG has set up a Discord account for the first time. Depending on the need, we thought it might be fun to set up a private server dedicated to reader participation and OC (original character) accounts. Several loyal readers have their own OC personas, which I always try to include into The AG’s plotline.

The AG’s current Discord account is: TheArendelleGuardian#4688.

I’ve made a quick poll below to gauge interest. Quick, easy, and private – please help shape how far this project can go!

We’re also approaching the conclusion to 2021’s Q1 event, the Russo-Arendellian War. Thank you so much if you’ve been following this major story thread since January. We’re right on time with our projected schedule of completing this event by March, and we hope you’ll enjoy the our reportage of Queen Anna and Princess Katina’s final clash through Elsa and Sora. As we build up The AG’s main themes about leadership and Anna’s inner struggle for the next long-term arc, I also set up another survey below to seek your ideas. My idea is to seek your opinions on what we’re doing well and what could be done better. Again, just a few seconds of your time is all I need to make this fanfiction more enjoyable for you. I hope you’ll share with me your ideas.

If you’d like to support this project in any way, you’d be most welcome to drop a comment or send an email to editor@thearendelleguardian.com. Getting creative and submitting your OC for participating in the story, or an article of your own, would be amazing.

Thanks for reading, adding your voice in today’s polls, and enjoy your visit. Don’t forget to subscribe for free!


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