Invitation to Cannon Salute for Ottoman Military Commander Tileke

Respected civic leader, businessperson, newsperson, or military veteran of Arendelle:

You’re cordially invited to a 19-gun naval salute for the inbound Tileke of the Ottoman Empire, by the kingdom’s dockside.

Queen Anna will be present to personally welcome the serakser and her Ottoman reinforcements, which have been sent by the Turkish sultan to reinforce the decimated armed forces of Arendelle after the Battle of Arenfjord. Our queen’s personal flagship, Pride of Elsa, will exchange nineteen rounds of cannonfire with Tileke’s vessel at a safe distance, marking the joining of Arendellian and Ottoman hands in our shared interest to thwart Russia’s plans. While our kingdom has always fired 21-gun salutes for royal birthdays, the 19-gun salute is fitting of Tileke’s rank as the Ottomans’ field marshal (along with her informal role as the empire’s ambassador).

As a gesture symbolizing deep personal trust, Anna will host a state-level party after the 19-gun salute, with General Mattias raising a toast to his Turkish counterpart. Please mark the afternoon and evening for both events in your schedules. RSVPs are absolutely essential.

Even as our Northuldra brothers and sisters engage with the horrific Grand Duke Nykras in the forest, we should be thankful for opportunities like this that bring encouragement to our citizens, our royals and the government, and our men and women in uniform.

Yours sincerely,
Kai, overseer of Arendelle Castle and chief attendant to the royal family

From The Arendelle Guardian’s newsroom:

Our seasoned reporters and our editor have compiled a general profile of the serakser based on intel exclusively obtained from Arendellian commanders and our sources in Constantinople.

This exclusive information is only to be released to those on our VIP list, citizens of taste and discernment that are subscribed to our newspaper’s quarterly magazine about Arendelle’s most influential figures and rising stars.

Tileke, Ottoman serakser

Immediate clan or family?

Unknown. Rumoured to be the adopted daughter of Husrev Pasha, the executive authority of the Ottoman Empire (equivalent to Arendelle’s prime minister).

Claim to fame?

Until recently, nothing, until news began to explode across Europe and Asia Minor about a long spate of crushing Russian defeats. Survivors spoke of a well-armed, wild-haired, and wide-eyed warrior-general wiping out multiple Russian camps in across Europe, just because they stood in the way of her journey to Arendelle.

Battlefield strategy?

Russian eyewitnesses have reported Tileke to be wielding two revolvers and a scimitar, often deploying them simultaneously. The Russians claim that she’s second to none when it comes to strategizing, deploying hybrid tactics of force concentration with the shock troops of the modernized Mansure Army. Her arrival on the scene of the Russo-Arendellian War promises to reinvigorate the declining territorial and military fortunes of the Ottoman Empire.


Unknown, although Her Majesty will soon find out, won’t she?


From: Serakser Tileke of the Sublime Ottoman State

To: Her Majesty Queen Anna of the Kingdom of Arendelle

Yo, Anna! I hope this advance greeting reaches ya before my ship docks in Arendelle’s wharf. Gosh, I’m so nervous about meeting THE Queen Anna! Don’t blame for being a bit nervous, ya know? Word of your kind heart and iron resolve has spread all the way down here to the Bosphorus. But when I think of what ya already got done – thrashing the East India Company, coming into close contact with the Exalted, and now goin’ toe to toe with Russia… Daddy Pasha’s a bit jealous that we’ve been bullied by Russia for so long, only to have a tiny kingdom fight the Romanovs to a standstill! Well, I say – power to ya, Anna!

What took us so long, ya ask? I had to wait until the Mansure Army was fully ready to stick it to the Russians – I ain’t proud of our situation before I began leading our army, I can tell ya that!

Y’all should feel a bit lighter now that I’ve annihilated their reserve forces. And FYI, I’ve just torn through five or six Russian bases and encampments on my way across Europe to your kingdom. Ya can thank me with whatever ya Arendellians enjoy as your finest gourmet booze. But don’t tell Daddy Pasha – I’m a couple of years younger than ya and we high-ranking Ottomans are supposed to avoid drinking, so I’m doin’ a double sin!

I read up about ya. How d’ya think Elsa will think of me? Ya sisters have me in awe. I can’t wait to meet the rest of your court!

See ya soon, Your Majesty.


10 thoughts on “Invitation to Cannon Salute for Ottoman Military Commander Tileke

  1. So am I, Anna.

    Tileke, I too cannot wait to meet you as well! You’re the right amount of “Shock and Awe” we need with Commander Hilde Von Altheim down.

    You drink, I don’t, BUT, how’ya fixed for cigars?

    T. M. Michael

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