Michael’s Musings: A personal letter to the Romanovs’ guardian

From: Michael, trade minister of the Kingdom of Arendelle and managing director of A&N Freightlines

To: Alexander Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia

To my angelic friend in the name of our Lord:

First, allow me to go out on a limb and ask that you keep this letter secret from your mistress, Katina Romanov. Burn it with your celestial fire, while you burn the words themselves in your mind. Katina might punish you and make things worse for both our families.

I was thinking about our conversation when we watched the sun set on the fjord, here in Arendelle. You talked about your loyalty to the tsars and the Romanovs of Russia. From our conversation, I can tell that your loyalty to them is unquestionable. Please allow me this observation.

You had to have been created by a loving God, because as fierce as you would and had fought for the Romanovs, you love them just as much if not more. Loyalty runs hand in hand with the love for those around us. It’s easy to “stand and fight” with those we hold close to our hearts against those who threaten them. But what about when those we love want to run a path that can eventually lead to their own harm or destruction?

I can only imagine how Katina would have behaved if she found out that you had been here, talking to us about Elsa, Arendelle and Northuldra, especially Ahtohallan. She wouldn’t be pleased, and therein lies the problem.

“Katina and Harrison,” by Arute (@ast05water)

Love and loyalty sometimes needs to make one have to fight those we love. We have to make them realize that the path they want to travel is a dead end full of destruction to themselves, to those around them, and to all they have. If Katina wants war, then war may be needed to drive her to her knees and face the fact that selfish ambition only leads to self-destruction and emptiness. You yourself may wind up drawing the sword against her to stop and save Katina from herself. I know it’s a hateful thing to say, and a heart-rending thought and deed to suggest. But believe me, it might have to be done.

You once called the Bible “a book full of God’s hits.” It is more than that. It’s God’s word given to fallen humankind. Yes, written by men, but inspired by God, from Genesis to Revelation.

The Book of Esther comes to mind. A Jewish queen who risked her own life to confront her Persian husband Ahasuerus, who could’ve ordered her immediate death for being in his presence without being summoned. She risked her life to save her people, the Jews, from being exterminated by an evil man named Haman.

Let me close on this. If we go to war and I lose my life in the ensuing conflict, I can think of no better angel to accompany me to my salvation through Christ and to walk me through paradise than you. If Christ can save a sinner like me when I asked Him into my heart and was born again, then a fallen angel like yourself can return to your creator.

Please read this, remember this, then destroy it to make sure Katina does not get it.

Your friend,

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