Michael’s Musings: When Elsa’s Not There

Comic strip by シロクマ (@budaimao001), used with permission

It was just after Elsa left Arendelle for Northuldran life as the Fifth Spirit. Queen Anna had taken over and getting sworn in as the new queen of Arendelle. That day she was hosting a royal reception for an ambassador whose name and place escapes my memory, paid an unexpected, urgent visit to come and get Anna.

*Chuckle* I will say that Gale came to the A&N office and got me and my buckboard to bring Queen Anna home. Yes, she needed that break anyhow. I did visit Elsa and got her a cold remedy from Oaken that worked. (I think he called it “BorneAir” or something like that…)

Poor Elsa. Even the Fifth Spirit can get a cold now and then. Those snowgies made their way to her Ice Palace with Marshmallow and the others.

Some things never change…

Trade Minister and Uncle to Elsa and Anna,

My thanks again to @budaimao001 for the permission to use his funny and awesome strip!

6 thoughts on “Michael’s Musings: When Elsa’s Not There

    1. I’m so glad you brought that medicine, Uncle. Thanks to you and Anna, I felt better and, more importantly, I realized that I was welcome to drop by the palace more often. Anna thinks that she’s benefiting from my advice, but she is often giving more than she’s taking.



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