Editor’s Letter: Our newsroom’s new coat of arms

Featured image banner by PURY (@puryartist)

For months, our newsroom has been trying to develop a logo, a coat of arms that represents the queen of Arendelle and our website’s project of reporting on her reign. Our most cherished house artist, Arute, almost by chance came up with a design that I fell in love with right away. I wanted to share with you this special logo, drawn specially for this website.

Without further ado, here is our newspaper’s logo and coat of arms, representing our devotion to Their Majesties and the influence our own journalists wield on their behalf in the kingdom:

Coat of arms by Arute (@ast05water)

Our coat of arms combines two motifs into one aesthetically pleasing union. Its structure is as follows: “Anna’s wheat stalk affixed to Elsa’s snowflake. It represents their unity of purpose and love, with their positions offering subtle hints of their relationship: namely, Elsa’s seniority but also Anna’s increasing prominence and protectiveness, hence the wheat stalk being in front of the snowflake.”

I hope you find it as visually striking and symbolically significant as I do. Thanks again for visiting our website, Queen Anna’s most vociferously supportive newspaper, and I look forward to your joining Anna and her inner court’s political drama!

– Chief

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