Anna’s Column: Arendelle’s First Northuldra Home Minister!

Featured image art by PURY (@puryartist)

By HM Queen Anna

I made a promise.

A promise to Elsa as her chosen successor. A bold and unprecedented political commitment to unify Arendelle and Northuldra into a single sovereign territory. Two lands united by love like Mother and Father or humanity and the spirits. Co-equal and cooperative. One that can weather the storms of our emerging modern world, and resist the ravages of colonial powers across Europe and the globe.

It might take many years, perhaps long after I’m no longer queen. But I have to try.

My ambition would be empty and deceitful if I just made demands only of Yelena. Political integration can’t be a one way street, with Arendelle dictating the terms. That was Grandfather’s way. My way, controversial though it was at first and meeting resistance from Grandfather’s old guard in the Great Assembly (thanks for nothing, guys), is to give Northuldra a say in our kingdom’s future.

I’m so happy today.

Beloved Arendelle – my cherished friends. I give you Honeymaren, who by the time my column is published in this newspaper, will be sitting in her first session of parliament as Arendelle’s first Northuldra-born Home Minister.

Before her secret mission to Saint Petersburg, Maren had already left the post of Head Liaison of Northuldra-Arendelle Relations. The position of top diplomat from Northuldra has already been extended to her brother, Ryder, who’s been doing a great job with the Northuldra Trust. However, Maren hasn’t been able to attend sessions at the Great Assembly yet. She and her sister-compatriot, Amira, suffered grave injuries during our clash with Grand Duke Yaraslaf, and I almost lost her. I can breathe again now that she’s recovering in her comfortable cottage with Amira. While she can’t exert herself for the next few months, she can begin her new duties of managing Arendelle’s internal security, protecting our citizens’ wellbeing, and keeping our borders safe and peaceful.

Story art by PURY (@puryartist)

Yes, I’ve placed the safety of our kingdom in Maren’s hands. This is how it should be – to see Northuldra’s people as deserving of handling state secrets and sensitive matters. Personally, I trust Maren with my life and I know she and Amira will only make Arendelle stronger and safer. I also want Maren’s appointment to be a repudiation of those (dwindling in numbers though they are) who see Northuldra people as the “other,” as outsiders that must either be kept out of Arendelle or robbed of their culture and heritage. I had my fair share of dealing with ministers and even civic leaders with this hateful attitude, and it was exactly such mindsets that created Amira. Well, that was the old her. The new Amira has grown tremendously and I just hope I can keep up with her!

To the ministers with lingering doubts: Maren’s presence among us is no more controversial than my proposed military reforms, and I don’t see much opposition there apart from understandable concerns about the Treasury’s strained budget.

This was already reported in the papers, but I’ve also finalized and signed into effect a full pardon for Amira, who nearly sacrificed herself in combat with no less than a Russian Grand Duke. I don’t know what lies ahead for her. She’s free to return to Northuldra if she wishes, and I know that Yelena would gladly welcome her once more with open arms. If she’d like a place with me, I’ve offered her a place at Maren’s side. Expect more Northuldra to climb the ranks of Arendelle’s political life. Soon, the sight of a Northuldra occupying the very top of our government will be a common sight no one blinks at.

Please join me in welcoming a milestone in my reign – and in Arendelle and Northuldra’s shared history.


EDITOR’S NOTE: There will be a party celebrating Lady Maren’s formalized appointment at the Northuldra Embassy, followed by a cultural performance by the tribe’s shamans and musicians at Kingdom Hall in the evening.

9 thoughts on “Anna’s Column: Arendelle’s First Northuldra Home Minister!

      1. Recovering well, and seems to be reflective and thoughtful these days. I’ve got to say that I’ve grown used to living with her, and I think Yelena might be quite delighted to reunite with her again.



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