Elsa’s Column: What does it mean to be Queen?

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By Elsa, Queen Emerita of Arendelle

I’m a bridge between the spirits and humanity and a bridge between Arendelle and Northuldra. So is Anna, and in many ways her burden is much heavier because her task is much more complicated. Politics, governance, and statecraft are things that I’ve passed on to her, because I needed to be free and she needed a grander purpose beyond even Kristoff and me. Now our bond, which is stronger than ever, must be put to use in service of Northuldra and Arendelle.

As you may know, dear reader of this column, I visit the palace much more often, sometimes sleeping over for well over several days, perhaps a week. Anna is betting on unleashing me against what seems to be a gallery of increasingly dangerous foes, especially those that wield supernatural powers like me: the Russian Grand Dukes come to mind. I’m more than happy to be her “weapon.” I never shied away from my powers again after we booted Hans out of Arendelle. I’m not about to go reticent, either.

Anna and I often go to the Great Hall to reminisce about old times and how we can create happy new memories moving forward. I often find myself standing before the throne, the seat on which I used to sit every day. Now, Anna will sometimes occupy it on days of state or even when she’s holding her inner court meetings in here (she often needs a break from being cooped up inside her study). I think of our father, who sat here too, and the men and women (though they were mostly men) that preceded him, including our nemesis from the past, Grandfather Runeard.

And I find myself thinking: what does it really mean to sit there? Does it only mean something because we and past generations have vested it with authority and history? Would it matter if Anna just sat somewhere else, like off to the side or on the floor in a circle with us?

Just what does it mean to be a queen?

I think that question is one that every single one of us has had to grapple with, in our own way: Grandfather, Father and Mother, myself, and now Anna. The question is as important as the lineage comprising our leadership, and is never completely answered because it always outlasts an individual monarch.

My life in Northuldra and my contact with the tribespeople – especially Honeymaren – have helped me reflect on who I want to be and enriched my understand of what I need to be. Of course, I want to keep my home up in the north, and I like to think that Yelena and the tribespeople have a use for me as I commune quite often and easily with the spirits. But I’m needed here now in Arendelle Castle, to stay close to Anna, Kristoff, Honeymaren, and Kristoff. I appreciate more than ever how well we work as a team, especially in these challenging times where Arendelle faces pressure from multiple directions.

Fortunately, the kingdom is resilient. Kristoff, my best friend and the best companion for my Anna, is holding his own against Will Harrison’s trade empire. The Princely House, which started business as a small gift of a sled from yours truly to him, is our greatest economic hope. Our allies like Colisa, Mari, and the Duke stand steadfastly with us as we prepare for Katina Romanov’s invasion. All this is happening as Miss Sinclair and Lord Yixin move us like chess pieces in preparation for a much grander future than Anna and I could have imagined.

I still don’t know what it fully, truly means to sit on that throne, and Anna will need to figure out an answer that’s right for her and for her reign. But at least for myself, I know that the Snow Queen is above all else a guardian. Anna will be the stateswoman. I have the chance to be something different that she’ll find helpful. Whether a protector of the people, or defender of the weak and oppressed, or simply as the watchful steward of Anna herself, I’ll always be here for Arendelle, and perhaps even the world. Yes, I think I can do that. I should try my best to do that.

I’ll always be here for you.


6 thoughts on “Elsa’s Column: What does it mean to be Queen?

  1. “You’ve posed a very good question in the title of your latest article, Elsa. It’s one that one to think and take a serious introspective on the person who sits on Arendelle’s or any kingdom’s throne or a nation’s Presidential office. It can be leading quietly yet firmly and fairly like you did in your time as Queen. What it means for Anna is to delegate power to those she chooses and to the elected Jarl’s and appointed Ministers (like yours truly!) To be that “servant-leader” who helps others (you did that as well.) The things that don’t change is responsibility, leadership and love of the people you rule and serve.

    To kinda “let the cat out of the bag on my next article, it’ll be about the year we’ve been through since the Vuelie call from the North you heard and the adventure you five returned from. Queen Anna was truly gifted to be that stateswoman, politician, and all the things she is to be Queen. Not to take anything away from you, our dear Anna learned a lot from your three years as Queen and is still learning. You, Elsa, as the gift, the blessing from your Mother and Father’s love, you’ve become The Fifth Spirit, The Snow Queen. Defender, protector, a Paladin.

    What is a Paladin? I used that term describing our friend Cassandra from Corona in my last article. A Paladin is good, heroic person, or a defender of a good cause. As Cass did good for others in her worldwide journey, you do so defending and protecting both Arendelle and Northuldra. You both found your places and where your talents are best suited.

    You said; “Whether a protector of the people, or defender of the weak and oppressed, or simply as the watchful steward of Anna herself, I’ll always be here for Arendelle, and perhaps even the world. Yes, I think I can do that. I should try my best to do that.”

    Yes. Not “perfect” as none of us are perfect, just do your very best. I know you can and you’ve got this.

    Give your old Uncle a hello (and a warm hug) when you see him in passing! 😁🤗

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