For the Grand Dukes Only: Profile of Anna, Queen of Arendelle

From: Katina Romanov, Princess of Russia

For: The Grand Dukes of Russia

Grand Dukes, read my summons. To me!

Except for Sora, who’s consistently and annoyingly absent from activities of state, you’ve seen for yourselves the young monarch from Arendelle. I once dismissed her out of hand, but now I honour her as my sworn enemy. I thought her a vapid successor when she possesses even more initiative than her elder sister. I assumed that she’d be utterly unextraordinary even as she tried to sneak in Northuldra agents while smiling to my face in the Alexander Palace. If she was scared by Nykras’ little display of necromancy, she didn’t show it. And who could forget our little chess match?

Despite all her imperfections, and there are many, I now see this freckled redhead as a foe on the same level as her predecessor, Elsa.

Anna, queen of Arendelle.

This woman, generals, will be your nemesis over the long course of our military preparations and invasion of Scandinavia proper. Do not underestimate her. Treat her like any commander of a great power. The allies amassed around her – Elsa, General Mattias, Honeymaren, and many others – are just as formidable, even if Yaraslaf managed to force Elsa and Honeymaren out of Saint Petersburg.

She is kind, loving and caring. You can see it in her gait, in her body language. How she moves so naturally to hold people, to shield them from anything that might hurt them. She loves to touch and to be touched. Her heart is bare and open, sometimes even raw. Her vulnerability is at the same time her source of fearlessness because she lives and loves like she has nothing to lose.

She’s fiercely loyal. To Elsa first and foremost, true, but as queen that sense of duty and service is amplified and expanded. Her eyes are full of purpose – for Kristoff and her expanding family. The shadow of the past, her parents, has long lifted. It shows in her eyes.

A natural leader, people gravitate to her charisma and curiosity. Her status as supreme commander was never seized or usurped, but given to her by her subordinates.

She’s said to be gracious in victory, Yet she is also quick to recover from defeat. Look at the fallout of her defeat at Will Harrison’s hands: although trade between Arendelle and China fell, you see how quickly her kingdom rallied behind her.

Oh, but then there’s the fire in her heart, her fierce flame. Our sources tell us that she deliberates carefully but acts decisively; she’s often mistaken as impulsive… to the cost of her foes. Don’t make that mistake, Grand Dukes. Look at how she defeated Countess Viola Mundilfari, who once seemed omnipotent, able to manipulate anything in Arendelle behind the scenes. She was able to take the noblewoman under her wing, make her the prime minister of her kingdom, while thwarting, in her own way, my own leader, Lord Yixin. She’s not just bold, she’s ingenious, an audacious strategist capable of all sorts of surprises.

And even now, despite that time she defied Yixin, she retains his interest and favour. His lordship accords himself a role like that of Zeus with his half-divine children, steering and guiding the affairs of states like Arendelle. Unfortunately, I don’t have his patience, and I’m more… interventionist. I personally see Anna as a threat to Russia and the Exalted.

I’ll be the Hera to Yixin’s Zeus – and cast that bratty child, that queen of Arendelle, down to Hades!

She’s the core of the Kingdom of Arendelle, commanders! Her Entente, the alliance she built up as a successor to Elsa’s own, is nothing without her. Elsa’s alliance with Colisa defeated my father, but Anna’s alliance won’t beat me. Don’t fear Elsa’s return, Grand Dukes. The Snow Queen may be unrivalled in her power, but she’ll have no means to recover Arendelle should her little sister fall or surrender. Defeat Anna, and the entire kingdom falls with her. Of this, I have no doubt. The seizure of Northuldra and taking over the North Sea are but prelude to my ultimate prize: Anna herself!

Prepare your armies! Nykras, amass your hordes of undead! Yaraslaf, my reformed Baltic Fleet is in your hands! And Sora… you’re my greatest, deadliest weapon. Fail me not. When the time is right – and we shall take our time – our Russian Empire will declare war on Arendelle.

I expect you to report to me at the Alexander Palace next week! And that includes you, Sora! Don’t be derelict again.

Your princess,
Katina Romanov

6 thoughts on “For the Grand Dukes Only: Profile of Anna, Queen of Arendelle

  1. *Cracks Knuckles*

    “A fair assessment indeed, Katina, you know your stuff.

    BUT, you are a pain in the ass. On par with Harrison. You BOTH deserve an ass-whooping.”


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  2. “Hmmm. Interesting. Seems Gale has snuck a copy of Katina’s secret “For The Grand Dukes’ Eyes Only,” Memorandum to us. And Sora may be a weak link. Hmmm. Queen Anna, Elsa, something just blew into my office window! (Thank you Gale! You’re definitely a good wind!)”

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