Munich Moonlight: See how it all started!

Featured image art by Arute (@ast05water)

The Great Game over Arendelle begins with a ladies’ night out under crystal chandeliers. Amidst exuberant party-goers, Arendelle’s dark countess meets the Celestial Empire’s champion.

Beautiful and powerful are those that will decide the grand fate of this small kingdom. When Peony Sinclair is assigned to recruit a member from Arendelle for the Exalted clique of world rulers, she identifies Viola, Arendelle’s most influential noblewoman but not-yet-head of the Mundilfari, as the best candidate. Destination: Munich, at the extravagant ballroom party of Baron Wilms. Neither young woman will be prepared for each other.

This is the prologue before the storm that pitted the new queen of Arendelle, Anna, against Vi in the first great political conflict of Anna’s reign.

The vampiress and the flower will clash in an explosive meeting of politics, power, and passion!


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