Secret Files: The Grand Dukes of Imperial Russia


For the Arendellian High Command: Report on the three Grand Dukes serving Princess Katina Romanov, leader behind Russia’s tsar and member of the Exalted

Re: Sora, Yaraslaf (also purported to be the Admiral of the Baltic Fleet), and Nykras 

To General Mattias and Commander Hilde:

Well – here it all is, sir and gracious ma’am. Everything I could get on the generals that Katina has apparently entrusted with leading her total war against us.

I understand that Her Majesty and the Queen Emerita is on a diplomatic mission to Saint Petersburg right now, but we’d better pull out our Northuldra friends – especially if Katina knows about Home Minister Maren’s and Amira’s infiltration of their military facilities. From the intelligence gathered on these three commanders, each represents a threat of the very highest order – they might even be able to go toe-to-toe with our very best, like Her ex-Majesty Elsa or our beloved Hilde.

The information gathered on these individuals is so outlandish, so wild, so… crazy, that I would have barked in disbelieving laughter in any other circumstance. But apparently, no one’s pulling our leg. This is no joke. Indeed, the joke’s on us.

This is what one of my Raven spies wrote to me: “Tasked with Russia’s all-out invasion of Arendelle, the Grand Dukes are Princess Katina Romanov’s mightiest commanders and most hardened and dangerous warriors. Hearkening back to the mystic glories of the medieval Rus’, each has been assigned a theatre of war to wage against Queen Anna: the North Sea, Northuldra and Ahtohallan, and the Arendellian heartland itself.

“Beyond the fact that each of the commanders will attack a specific region of Arendellian territory, we know little else. Well, there are corroborated rumours that the Grand Duke they call Yaraslaf is a terrifying monster who leads Katina’s elite navy, the Baltic Fleet. The other two are called Sora and Nykras. Sora is whispered to be the most senior and powerful of the Grand Dukes, though we don’t know why, and that’s unsettling. On the other hand, Nykras is said to be so disturbing that he commands the very night. We don’t know if this is just outlandish hearsay, or if there’s some truth to them. We can be sure that they command their own armies, and will show no quarter when they move against their assigned fronts.

“We face an existential threat as Katina’s patient, strategically-planned revenge against the Snow Queen comes to fruition. Anna will need not only the help of her sister, but must also muster all the allies and defences at her disposal if our kingdom is to survive the Grand Dukes’ onslaught.”

Doesn’t this missive send a chill down your spine? I’m not a religious man, and I have every confidence that Her Majesty has also worked hard with you and our allies in anticipation of this invasion. But spirits have mercy!

Will we be alright, generals?

Sergeant Severin  

9 thoughts on “Secret Files: The Grand Dukes of Imperial Russia

  1. I parrott those remarks by Sir Alan. KATINA AND HER DUKES ARE SPOILING FOR THIS FIGHT AND MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS!!! I’m afraid that Katuna has used the most evil of magic to summon these Grand Dukes. Nykras, confirmed. The other two, assume the worst.


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