Michael’s Musings: Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa, Together

Featured image art by PURY (@puryartist)

By Trade Minister Michael

From the day they were born until now, the Royal Sisters, Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa, have had an inseparable bond of love between them. Not even the thirteen years of separation from Elsa’s accidental freezing of Anna, another accidental icy blast that almost sent Anna into eternity until love thawed her and broke the icy dam of fear in Elsa’s heart, nor Elsa’s near frozen death, only to come back after Anna destroyed King Runeard’s dam in Northuldra that broke the thirty four years-long curse on that land, could keep these two apart. Distance? Nope. Elsa still comes home on weekends or Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven go to Northuldra for a weekend or more in the forest.

Even when they were separated, somehow big sister Elsa looked after Anna, even in secret.

Yup, even in those lonely years apart, you really couldn’t keep them apart. Big Sis watched out for Anna!

After the events of Elsa’s Coronation Day and thereafter, alot of people said how Anna was just the “spare” for Queen Elsa. How wrong they were. Then-Princess Anna was Queen Elsa’s right hand, especially in diplomacy, when Elsa was reserved and a bit shy while Anna was Miss Meet-and-Greet. Anna even became a bit of a mother hen to Elsa. Remember the birthday party Elsa planned for Anna?

She and Anna then painted the town…

… only to wind up catching a cold!

Not to mention all those Snowgies that pop up when Elsa coughs or sneezes!

It all came together and really blew Anna’s socks off!  Anna told Elsa that the best present ever…

… was taking care of her big sister! I told them both that they being together is the bestest present ever!

Elsa said the same thing to me that she said to Anna that it was her fault Anna’s birthday was ruined. I remember saying to my niece Elsa: “Hey, don’t sweat it. A cold is like the uninvited guest who comes in, eats all of your food, drinks up your tea, plugs up all the water closets and refuses to leave for a week or so!”

Elsa still had some times when she still took blame for things that were beyond her control, yet Anna was that rock for Elsa, with her contagious positivity that Anna has. I’ve helped Elsa some, but that love they have and that bond got them through those hard times.

From keeping the Duke of Weselton honest to running the kingdom to their adventure in Northuldra and Ahtohallan, where Elsa and Anna grew into who they are today, they are the best two-person team going! I still remember when they came back from up north what they told me and I wrote in “A Special Thought,” when they both told me of their reunion and how they were both the bridge and how they would do this together. With Elsa coming back to take a more active role with Queen Anna in the face of the Exalted’s Katina Romanov and her threats to conquest Arendelle and the whole Scandinavian region, the promise they made to each other in Northuldra is still being fulfilled.

Believe me when I say this: even though the sisters have me, Kristoff, Sir Alan, Olaf, Sven, General Mattias, Commander Hilde, and Prime Minister Countess Viola to stand by them, it’s still each other that they lean on the most, because again, of that special bond of love they share.

We’re all with you, my beloved nieces.

From the desk of your Trade Minister and proud Uncle of the Diarchy,

7 thoughts on “Michael’s Musings: Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa, Together

      1. “Lol, that’s awesome.

        She’s one of a kind, that’s for sure. And that’s why I love her.”



  1. I did. And together, they have done so much.

    Now, as I get ready to leave for St. Petersburg, Russia, Elsa will be accompanying us with Maren, Colisa, Alan and a lot of other good people. I know of no one else other than Queen Anna herself to be in good company with on this voyage.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My dear Uncle, I can’t wait. I’m a bit nervous, as Elsa will be meeting her nemesis, the Russian princess. But things are quite different from when Elsa was queen, and Arendelle isn’t standing still. Nevertheless, we must keep under wraps Maren and Amira’s secret mission.



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