Elsa’s Homecoming, Part Four: The Ties that Bind

By Seeker, Royal Biographer

“Fire spirit!” a Northuldran screamed.

“Head for the river!” Mattias barked. A small dot of blue and pink flame raced across the ground and crawled up into the trees, leaving roaring flames behind it. In a matter of minutes the entire forest would have gone up in flames, if not for Elsa. She quickly fought back against the flames with blasts of her magic as she tried to snuff out the source. It was too fast though and it quickly took everything Elsa had to not be engulfed by the flames all around her.

“Anna!” Kristoff shouted. Elsa looked to where Kristoff was shouting and saw Anna on her knees about to be engulfed by the flames. At the last minute she shot a blast of magic toward the ground before she collapsed from exhaustion. Elsa barely managed to look up and saw Anna riding on Sven with Kristoff away from the danger.

“Get her out of here!” Elsa called to Kristoff.

“No! Elsa!” Anna called back desperately.

Before Elsa had a chance to reply, the dot roared past her. She immediately extinguished it’s trail of fire and pursued the ferocious spirit into the Northuldran village. She used walls of ice to coax the spirit away from the Northuldran’s teepees until she managed to trap it behind a large rock. Elsa raised her hands ready to fight back but stopped. The flames around the spirit slowly faded away to reveal a tiny blue salamander with a pink back. The magical salamander glared back at Elsa as she slowly bent to her knees with a look of curiosity on her face. It angrily shot a burst of flame from his mouth at a nearby tree which Elsa immediately put out with her magic.

The two stared at each other for a few seconds until the salamander slowly lowered his guard and looked up at Elsa curiously.

Elsa remained completely still as he cautiously moved toward her.

She beckoned the creature to jump onto her hand and after the salamander realized her hand was cool to touch, he happily hopped on. “Oh, oh!” Elsa gently tossed the salamander between her hands as she got used to his temperature. He looked up at her and smiled before he sprawled out onto her soothing hands with a happy grunt. As the salamander calmed down the remaining flames slowly disappeared, the forest now looked like it had never been on fire at all. Elsa sighed with relief and summoned some snowflakes for the happy salamander to eat. She giggled as he munched on the biggest snowflake and turned her head when he craned his neck to look past her.

“They’re looking at us aren’t they?” Elsa asked. The salamander shot up and looked right back at her. “Got any advice?” she asked. The salamander cocked his head. “Nothing?” The salamander licked his right eye. “Hmm, should I know what that means?” she asked playfully. The two looked up when they heard the voice that first called out to Elsa at the start of her journey.

“You hear it too,” Elsa whispered with excitement. “Somebody’s calling us,” she continued. “Who is it?” she asked to salamander. “What do we do?” The salamander eagerly jumped from Elsa’s hands and ran towards the voices direction. It stopped on top of a rock and looked back at her eagerly. “Okay, keep going north,” Elsa said with determination. The salamander jumped into the foliage and Elsa began to follow him until Anna sprinted up to Elsa, almost crashing into the surprised queen and hugging her from behind in delighted relief.

“Elsa! Oh thank goodness!” Anna exclaimed, taking in Elsa’s presence and savouring her sister’s warmth in her arms.

“Anna,” Elsa said, smiling as she turned around to face her sister.

“Are you okay?” Anna asked anxiously.

“What were you doing?” Elsa asked tensely, loving anger flaring briefly in her. “You could have been killed! You can’t just follow me into fire!”

Anna looked back at Elsa in disbelief as their mutual care for each other spilled over into tension. “You don’t want me to follow you into fire, then don’t run into fire!” Anna’s face was filled with worry. “You’re not being careful, Elsa.”

Elsa sighed. It was the truth. In her keenness to find the answer she’d been hungering for, she’d grown reckless, and it was becoming harder for Anna to keep up with her. “I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

“I’ve been better,” Anna admitted, still emotional.

“I know what you need.” Elsa said warmly. She reached into Anna’s cloak and pulled out their mothers scarf. She wrapped it around Anna gently and the two turned to look at the Northuldra and Arendellian soldiers.

“Where did you get that scarf?” Yelena asked in disbelief.

“That’s a Northuldra scarf,” one of the warriors pointed out. She was a young, friendly-looking woman.

“What?” Anna whispered.

“This is from one of our oldest families,” the warrior’s male compatriot declared, looking closely at it.

“It was our mother’s,” Anna said.

Elsa gasped and grabbed Anna’s hand. The two sisters ran through the forest until they found the statues of ice Elsa had created earlier when she had tamed Gale. They both circled a statue of a Northuldran girl holding an Arendellian boy in her arms. Elsa placed her arm on the scarf around the girls neck. The patterns matched their mother’s scarf.

“Elsa,” Anna whispered with excitement.

“I see it,” Elsa whispered back with joy. “It’s Mother.”

“Mother saved Father’s life that day,” Anna said in realization. The two sisters looked up and saw everyone else join them.

“Our mother was Northuldra.” Elsa felt truly shocked but also excited. No wonder why she and Anna didn’t seem like typical Arendellian royals. They never were. They were of mixed heritage, part-Northuldran.

Everyone gasped and murmured among themselves about this shocking revelation. Without warning Gale returned and twirled around the statue of the sisters’ parents. The leaves in the trees and Olaf began to glow a soft blue. Everyone fell into awed silence until the Northuldra began to chant. As more joined in and formed a circle around the pair, Anna and Elsa watched them with joy and relief. Yelena walked up to the two and held out her hands. Anna and Elsa grabbed them and Yelena smiled.

“We are called Northuldra. We are the people of the sun.” she proclaimed, officially welcoming the royal sisters into their community.

Elsa and Anna looked at each other and smiled. Elsa looked back at Yelena. “I promise you. I will free this forest… and restore Arendelle.”

“That’s a pretty big promise Elsa,” Anna said with concern in her voice. “I heard the voice again,” Elsa said to Anna and Yelena. “We need to go north.”

“But the Earth Giants now roam the north at night,” one of the Northuldran women said. “You can leave in the morning,” Yelena said as she touched Elsa’s shoulder and began leading her towards their village.

“I’m Honeymaren,” the Northuldran woman said, introducing herself. Anna and Elsa looked at her, smiling. She and her companion, Ryder, seemed close to Yelena, and there was already an air of rapport between them and the royal sisters.

“Honeymaren, we’ll do all we can,” Anna said reassuringly.

3 thoughts on “Elsa’s Homecoming, Part Four: The Ties that Bind

    1. I’m still teary whenever I remember how we felt when we realized Mother was Northuldra all along! Things happened so quickly when we met Ryder, Maren and Yelena, that everything was such a blur of colours and wonder!



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