Michael’s Musings: Queen Colisa and our Afternoon Tea

By Trade Minister Michael

Story art by Alanna (@alhuart)

This amazing woman is Queen Colisa of the Kingdom of Chatho, a member of Anna’s Entente of Small Kingdoms. She’s a fellow guardian of Arendelle and a close, lifelong friend of Queen Anna’s and Snow Queen Elsa’s. Her forces include her “Ten Tigresses,” (I’ve called them the Ten Fighting Tigresses because of how well they fight!) who successfully defended her kingdom from conquest by Lars’ and Will’s privateers. The friendship between her and the Diarchy started years ago when they were children. Princess Colisa met Elsa and Anna on a trip to Arendelle. Here’s a record by an artist on how they met. Queen Colisa tells the story…

Queen Anna told me that she still has and treasures that pillow to this day. 

You can tell that Queen Colisa grew up to be a very wise, good and benevolent ruler in Chatho.

Chatho and Arendelle, along with its future leaders, have been friends from the start. Elsa, in her last column piece in this paper, considered Colisa her “surrogate Elder Sister.” I know of no one better to bestow such an honour on than Her Majesty, because her wisdom and knowledge significantly helped a young Queen Elsa when she ascended Arendelle’s throne.

I’ve seen Queen Colisa from time to time in Castle Arendelle, but never really met her until her latest visit. We greeted her as she disembarked from her royal ship and met with Queen Anna. I, along with Sir Alan, also met this fine and majestic lady. The story of queens Anna and Colisa was told in a past edition of The Arendelle Guardian.

After Queen Anna signed the Treaty of Weselton with her rival, Will Harrison (with a little frozen schadenfreude from Elsa! We all had a good laugh!), my niece had some warm milk and a good sleepover with Elsa. The next day was the day we had afternoon tea together. Queen Anna was in better spirits from a good night’s rest. As a matter of fact, she almost slept until close to noon like in her younger days (Oh well, she needed it after Harrison)! When she was ready, Anna asked me to join the afternoon tea so I could meet Colisa formally as the sister’s “Uncle” and the new Trade Minister of Arendelle.

This was a great time for Her Majesty to finally meet Elsa, now as the Snow Queen, the Fifth Spirit of Ahtohallan, and Protector of Northuldra and Arendelle. Teatime was in the family drawing room. Queen Colisa and myself were already there. Anna said that she and Elsa would be there in a bit, asking us to sit down for a while and talk. I let Her Majesty sit first and she asked me to sit with her. So I did, as Colisa said: “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Michael.”

I answered her: “That’s me! And I must say, it is a real pleasure to finally meet you too, Your Majesty. My nieces have told me so much about you that I really relish this opportunity to meet you. Elsa and Anna have nothing but gushing, excellent things to say about you and I wanted to meet someone who is so much a large part of their lives.”

We chatted, exchanged stories, and talked about how much we loved Elsa and Anna and how we looked forward to our continual friendship between our two nations. I was very impressed with this smart, intelligent and wise lady.

When Anna and Elsa arrived, Elsa looking so resplendent in her new gown, leggings and long, beautiful hair now free, to say that Colisa was surprised is an understatement. As we both rose up off the couch, Colisa was in complete sirprise and amazement! Was this the same Elsa she knew all these years? Queen Colisa was speechless at first, but then said to Elsa, “Oh. My. Gosh. You look so beautiful since your transformation, Elsa.” 

Elsa, still a bit shy and blushing, said, “Thank you, Colisa,” as they both hugged for what seemed like an eternity! She then said, “I am so happy to see you again after so long, my beloved friend!”

“Oh, how you have changed! You look so beautiful and so happy!” complimented Queen Colisa. She was so impressed and happy for the former monarch.

Elsa replied in her soft, loving voice, “I feel so complete now. Happy, confident, knowing who I am and what I’m meant to be.” They hugged again and Queen Colisa said, looking into Elsa’s deep blue eyes, “I’m so proud of you. I never would have thought to see you like this. I am so happy for the both of you.” Queen Colisa looked at me and said, “You must be proud of them as well!”

I answered, “I sure am!”

Story art by Alanna (@alhuart)

We had a wonderful afternoon, catching up on life and interests, talking business on what to do next with the kingdom’s political situation, and so on. I did a lot of listening. I was really impressed by the wisdom and smarts that Queen Colisa has. I’m so glad that Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa have a friend like Colisa. I’d say that they have an excellent surrogate “Big Sister” in Queen Colisa.

Friends like her are as rare as platinum. Treasure them.

And believe me friends, I’ve made a new friend in Queen Colisa too.

Your Trade Minister,

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