What You Deserve, Part Two

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Word had spread through the kingdom that Alan, friend and supporter of Queen Anna, Elsa, and Arendelle itself as well as its allies, had challenged Will Harrison, Exalted member, to a fight in the center of Arendelle. This was an unprecedented event, made an even bigger deal by the fact that just earlier that day, Harrison had arrived to sign a treaty with Anna, granting him two of the four trade rights that were gifted to Arendelle after Elsa’s birth, in exchange for Skau-Krogh’s troops to leave Weaselton and the release of the Duke and Mari of Vesterland. On a day where the Queen felt defeated, Alan felt determined.

Before the fight, Alan, along with Elsa, Anna, Queen Colisa of Chatho, Michael, Nahir, Kristoff, Hilde, Mattias, and others, were served the night’s dinner. Even the young Danny was there, seated between Elsa and Anna. Alan had a chat with her about what was going to happen, and all the young girl told him, much like Elsa did, was to be careful.

“Alan, I still can’t believe you’re doing this,” Anna said. “You don’t have to, you know.”

“Yes, the Queen is right,” Colisa added. “Is this truly necessary?”

Alan just smiled. “I’m not just doing this for me. I’m doing this for all of us. I’m doing this for Arendelle. For our allies. Harrison needs to learn that we’re not to be messed with. He may have won the battle, but he ain’t winning the damn war. This isn’t over, you know.”

Anna nodded. Alan had a point, this definitely wasn’t over. Far from it actually. Anna had to accept this defeat as a teaching moment for her and her leadership as Queen of Arendelle going forward. She tried to bring smaller nations together, and that she did, but Harrison’s power and influence overpowered them. And it cost Anna two of the four gifted trade rights with China and Yixin.

“You’re very right about that,” Mattias said. The others would nod in agreement.

“I will admit, Alan, you have been working very hard on yourself from a physical and fighting stand point,” Hilde said. “I’m impressed.”

“Thank you Hilde,” Alan said, adding, “I don’t take that lightly.”

“You shouldn’t,” Hilde said, smiling. Alan nodded and continued eating, as did the others. After dinner, Alan went to change, and to prepare. Shortly thereafter, Elsa knocked on his door, and Alan let her in.

“Hey there, Elsa.” Alan said. Admittedly, Alan was in love with Elsa, having told her previously. Elsa admitted to him that she liked him too. But he wasn’t expecting her to see him right now.

“Hi, Alan,” Elsa replied. She smiled at him as she entered the room, while Alan closed the door then turned to her. Alan could tell something was on her mind.

“Is something wrong Elsa?” Alan asked her.

“No,” Elsa replied. “I actually wanted to thank you, personally, for everything you’ve done to this point. I commend you for your determination and the skills you’ve developed. I always knew Arendelle would be in good hands with Anna and Kristoff, and all of you, and you’ve only reinforced that.”

Alan smiled, he was flattered to be honest. “Why thank you, Elsa,” he said, taking a bow to her. “I appreciate the sentiment, lovely.” Elsa smiled back, approaching him. She hugged him tightly and he returned the hug, then, Elsa, kissed him on the cheek, and said, “Now, go out there and show Harrison we won’t be bullied.”

Alan smiled. “You know I will.”

They exited the room and Elsa would go to join Anna, Colisa, Kristoff, Michael, Nahir, Hilde, and Mattias, to watch the fight from the castle, as they could see the center of Arendelle from there, a prime viewing spot. Danny would be in her room with Kai. People were on the sides of the street and watching from their windows and balconies. Alan came out into the open space, looking around for Harrison. Sure enough, just before seven, Harrison arrived.

“About time you showed up.” Alan said.

“You said seven,” Harrison retorted. “And here I am.”

Michael could see the worry on Anna’s face. “Don’t worry my Queen, I know Alan will win.” he told her. Anna nodded.

Alan took off his Arendellian-embroidered jacket and putting it aside. Harrison did the same with his. They would then face each other, waiting to see who would make the first move. A brief silence of a couple minutes before Alan advanced, swinging a punch first. Harrison dodged, but Alan would dodge his first swing at him, before connecting on the next. Alan stumbled, then swung at Harrison again. They would both connect punches at each other and stumble back.

“I’ll admit, you’re good,” Alan said. “But you’re going down.”

“I highly doubt that,” Harrison replied. “It’ll be you that’s going down.” He then went and slung a punch at Alan and connected, followed by another. Alan stumbled back as a result. But that didn’t stop him from going back at Harrison. People watching were cheering for Alan. Even Elsa, Anna, and the others were shouting on Alan’s behalf too. Alan welted Harrison’s face and chest several times, knocking him down. But he got up quickly and re-faced Alan. “I will admit, I wasn’t expecting you to be such a fighter,” Harrison said.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be able to fight at all,” Alan retorted, getting a bit of a laugh from the crowd. Harrison snarled at him, while Alan just smiled. “And you know what I mean, since you have everyone do your dirty work.” With that, Alan took a heavy swing at Harrison and connected, but Harrison responded immediately with punches of his own, and Alan moved back. But Harrison didn’t let up, launching a hard right cross against Alan’s face, drawing blood from his nose and knocking him down. The crowd gasped as Alan felt his face. The impact hurt.

“You bastard,” Alan muttered.

“Come on Alan, get up!” Michael cried out. The crowd got behind him in this regard. Harrison just stood over him and spit in his face, then turned to the crowd.

“Did you really think Alan could beat me?” Harrison gloated. True, he wasn’t a fighter, but he was decent at it, and somehow, for now, he overpowered Alan, which made no sense to everyone watching. “This so-called knight ain’t nothin! You have all messed with the wrong Exalted member.”

“This isn’t over!” Mattias exclaimed.

“You don’t know Alan at all!” Michael cried in support.

Harrison turned toward them and chuckled. “You’re all fools! This was too easy!”

Alan grunted. This wasn’t over. He started to get up, and looking towards Harrison as he had his back turned. Harrison meanwhile pointed towards Anna and Elsa, and said, “This man is your defender? More like he’s a weakling. What you deserve is better than this.”

“We believe in Alan. He will beat you.” Elsa said calmly.

“Exactly, you have no idea what you’ve brought upon yourself,” Anna added.

“I don’t think so, Elsa. You and your hack of a sister-queen have been embarrassed, and now, I’m coming for you.” Harrison said, as if he was going to attack them. Elsa was prepared in case Harrison went through with that, but she didn’t need to do anything. Harrison’s threat lit a fire in Alan’s soul, and he sprinted at Harrison and tackled him from behind, sending them to the ground as Harrison tried to defend himself. Alan was pissed.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, threatens Elsa and Anna and gets away with it,” Alan exclaimed between a flurry of ferocious punches. Feeling a storm of fists raining down on him, Harrison tried to punch back but Alan was having none of it. He got off of him and let Harrison scramble up, only for Alan to stare him down and said, “Eat shit, prick,” then reared up his fist and struck Harrison directly in the face, knocking him out. Harrison fell to the ground in front of him, and Alan stared him down, before turning to look at the crowd. “I messed with the wrong Exalted member? He messed with the wrong kingdom!” he exclaimed, his arms spread wide. He had to gather his breath, but he was panting elatedly.

The crowd roared in applause, and Elsa, Anna, and the others hurried from the castle and headed to Alan, with Elsa getting to him first and giving him a big hug, and a kiss, almost lifting him off the ground in the process, as the others gathered around him. Harrison gathered himself up and stood up, gathering his things and leaving immediately for his ship. They didn’t seem to mind. As Alan had said, Harrison won the battle, but Alan won the damn war.

“That was incredible!” Michael said.

“Indeed, I have never seen such determination, such a recovery,” Mattias said. Hilde agreed.

“I did what I had to do,” Alan said, still trying to catch his breath. “You did phenomenal Alan, I couldn’t be more proud,” Elsa said.

Anna nodded in agreement. “You really showed how determined you are, Alan, I am so happy to have you here.” Anna said.

Alan hugged her. “I thank you and Elsa for allowing me to be here and to do what I do. I couldn’t be more blessed.”

Alan picked up his things and the crowd dispersed, the buzz of the fight’s outcome still lively through the night. In the castle they had another feast for Alan’s victory, and celebrated all throughout the night.

The next day, Alan asked Anna if he could write to Yixin about what happened, and she gladly agreed. He wrote about Harrison, what happened to Anna, and the fight itself. Ending the letter, he wrote: “I hope that thinks work out for Viola in London and that Anna and Arendelle can recover despite Harrison’s actions. Hopefully in time we can recover those trade rights, but I can imagine that you have plans for all of us. I hope I am incorporated in those plans, I don’t back down from things like this, as I have written. I wish you all the best, and I hope for all the best for us, for you, and for Arendelle and our allies, and all involved.”

With that, Alan had the letter sent off, and he smiled. This was one of his biggest moments, and he took it full grasp. Now, it was one to the future.

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    If he comes back, I’ll take him down again, I’m not messing around. Not when it comes to Arendelle and my friends, our allies. You don’t threaten Elsa and Anna and expect to get away with it as far as I am concerned.

    Thank you to all that believed in me. I’m happy here.

    Love you Elsa.”


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      1. “Honestly I didn’t expect it either but at the same time, I knew I had to. So happy to have you all there with me for support. You’re the best.”



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