What You Deserve, Part One

WARNING: Swearing, strong language

By Sir Alan

This was a day that never should have happened. The humiliation, the defeat, the agony, all of it. From outside the doors, Alan and Michael stood. They watched Harrison walk to the doors and through, Alan shooting an ugly look at Harrison, who didn’t seem to acknowledge it. But Michael did. Once the doors shut, he said, “I saw the look you gave him Alan.”

Alan nodded. “**** him. I hate that son of a bitch and what he did. Anna shouldn’t be giving up any trade rights to his sorry ass. He never deserved them to begin with. What he deserves is a beating.”

Michael nodded, agreeing with his sentiment, his anger. The events of the last several days, last couple weeks at that, were a hard pill to swallow. The Exalted members Katina Romanov, of Russia, and Will Harrison, of the American state known as Virginia, challenged Arendelle. As much larger nations, they looked to impose themselves on the smaller nation. Katina made the first true move, kidnapping Arendelle’s young adopted Princess Danielle, or Danny, as she prefers to be called. If this was meant to be revenge for Elsa’s defeat of Russia in the Baltic, or to be a distraction for what was going to come next, Katina made both happen. Luckily, with the assistance of Countess and Prime Minister Viola, and her general and longtime friend Hilde, among others, Elsa and Anna were able to recover Danny and bring her home. But as they would all come to find out, another, much larger challenge was coming.

On the night of Elsa’s birth, Arendelle was bestowed with the title of “Most Favored Nation” from the Celestial Empire, the one that Yixin leads. In addition, Arendelle was given four very important trade rights, which were a blessing for Arendelle in every sense. Harrison wanted them. And with his power and influence, he was going to do whatever it took to get them. But he needed something first. An army, of sorts. Something to impose his will and aforementioned influence. Above all, he wanted to flex his muscle on Arendelle. Enter Lars Krogh and his Skau-Krogh business, and furthermore, his hatred towards Kristoff and Bjorgman House. He wanted what Kristoff had. He wanted in on the markets that Kristoff’s business traded in. Harrison saw an opportunity.

With Tiffany Hunsecker as a powerful third wheel, of sorts, she went to the bank and dug up information against Kristoff and his business, that financially, he could end up ruined. Luckily, he got help from allies, namely Chatho, and their Queen, Colisa. Still, this was just part of the story. Thanks to Harrison’s money, Skau-Krogh would attack an Arendellian ally, Weselton. Yes, that Weselton. A part of a group of smaller nations allied with Arendelle. And Harrison attacked them. The Duke was lucky enough to get out of there, and take refuge in Arendelle for a short time. Skau-Krogh then tried to attack elsewhere, but Colisa’s troops from Chatho shut them down. Humiliated, their next move became a dastardly one.

When the news broke that, after the Duke left Arendelle to return to Weselton to hopefully negotiate terms to get Skau-Krogh to leave, he was instead met with an ambush, not just to Weselton but to Vesterland troops too. Their leader, Mari, a life-long friend of Elsa and Anna, as well as the Duke himself, were taken prisoner. While admirable that Anna wanted to take on Harrison by herself, with her allies banded together against him, to show that smaller nations can come together against a larger one, Harrison blew that out of the water. He was having none of it. The news shocked everyone in Anna’s inner circle. Harrison wanted the trade rights.

It appeared he was going to get them. But, thanks to Yixin’s right hand woman, Peony Sinclair, as well as one of Michael’s contacts from the United States, Secretary of State Daniel Webster, held negotiations with Harrison. In the end, he would only get two of the four trade rights. Arendelle gets to keep the stipulations of reduced taxes on their banks, and, Arendellian law being applied where Arendellians were allowed to live by the emperor. The two more important stipulations, that being tariff-free imports and priority customs, would be relinquished. And in exchange, the Duke and Mari would be released. No one wanted this. This wasn’t supposed to happen. But, Anna had no choice. She agreed to sign the treaty, much to the dismay of the rest of us, but we understood the situation that had been presented.

The day had come, and, it didn’t feel real. Anna had worked so hard for Arendelle, only for Harrison to throw a wrench in the plans. Arendelle did not deserve this. As much of a teachable moment as this is for Anna, it hurts that it had to happen this way, and by someone as powerful and egotistical as Harrison. Even though Alan and Michael wanted to be in the throne room, it was best that they stayed outside of it. The tension would be high enough as is, and only Alan had more hatred for Harrison than Kristoff, Anna’s own fiance.

Alan and Michael could still hear everything that went on inside though. The more Harrison talked, his entitled-sounding voice pissed Alan off even more. But what nearly set him off was the shrieks from Anna and others when Harrison, losing patience, tried to force Anna to sign the treaty, literally, by grabbing her arm. Luckily, Colisa pulled him off, chastising him for it, while Anna signed, forcing herself to do so. Harrison signed thereafter. More words were exchanged. Elsa made Harrison’s way out a bit slick, giving a laugh to them at his expense. More words were exchanged.

“That ****ing bastard,” Alan said. “That entitled little bitch.”

Michael nodded. “I agree, he needs to be put in his place, he needs to be shown that he can’t get away with everything.”

“Oh he won’t be,” Alan replied. “I’ll make sure of that.”

Michael raised an eyebrow. “What do you plan to do Alan?”

Alan smiled. “That ****er’s going to get a fight. He won’t expect the challenge either. **** him. He’s going down.”

Michael nodded, though he was shocked Alan would make such a challenge, as Harrison was an Exalted member.

Harrison finally got to the door and exited. As he walked out, he realized he wasn’t alone.

“Have you two been there this whole time?” Harrison said, turning to them. “Eavesdropping much?”

Alan ignored his comment and stepped forward. “We’re not finished here.”

Harrison laughed. “Who the fuck is we? I’m done here, I got some of what I wanted. I’ll be back for the rest. Take this as a temporary victory, you imbicile.”

He began to move forward, but Alan stepped in his way. Harrison looked at him. “Move.”

“**** you.” Alan replied. “You’re lucky to even have two of our trade rights. You don’t deserve them for what you did. What you deserve is to get the shit beaten out of you.”

Harrison laughed again and shoved him. “Very funny. Challenging an Exalted member didn’t work out for your Queen, what’s it gonna do for you? You’ll be humiliated like she was. And rightfully so, being the brainless hack she is.”

Alan shoved him back. “You think its going to be that easy, you ****? Hell no.”

Elsa, Anna, and the others heard parts of the exchange, and looked at each other, wondering what was going on. They decided to go towards the door to hear more, though Elsa had to help Anna there as she was emotionally weakened. “This is your challenge Harrison. You and me, we fight. No weapons. Old school fisticuffs type shit. If you think you can beat me, prove it you worthless hack,” Alan said. “Prove it to every Arendellian citizen here. Or get your ass kicked trying.” Elsa and the others were quietly shocked. Alan, challenging an Exalted member to a fight? Alan smirked at Harrison.

“What’s your call?’ Harrison chuckled. “You’ll be asking for it you little shit. Bring it on. Where will this take place?”

“The center of Arendelle, tonight. I want as many people as possible to see you get your ass whooped,” Alan replied. “See you at seven, you better be there.”

“Oh, I will,” Harrison replied. “This will be fun.” With that, Harrison left, him and Alan exchanging glances. Elsa, holding an emotionally weakened Anna, along with Kristoff and Colisa, came out to join Alan and Michael. “

Do you realize what you are doing?” Colisa said.

Alan nodded and turned to them. “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I don’t think Harrison can fight, not well at least, and I have been training a lot too,” he said. “I want to put him in his place. And I want you guys to see that.”

“Alan, just be careful.” Elsa said. She didn’t want Alan to do this, unsure of what Harrison may try.

Alan went to Elsa and kissed her on the cheek. “Don’t worry Elsa, I will.” For now, things would be calm. But in just a few hours, it would be time to put up or shut up.


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6 thoughts on “What You Deserve, Part One

  1. “I wasn’t too shocked. I onew you wanted to feed that no good Harrison a parting lunch of knuckle sandwiches! A No holds barred, no referee, anything goes street fight!

    Kick Harrison’s smug rich ass! Stomp a mudhole in him and walk it dry!

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