Michael’s Musings: An open letter to America’s Secretary of State and an old acquaintance

This is an open letter to someone I knew in during my time in America.

To: The Honorable Mr. Daniel Webster
Secretary of State for The United States of America
Washington City, USA

Dear Mr. Webster,

My name is Michael of the royal house of Arendelle. We had met when you were touring churches in the area on Sundays in your spiritual journey. I had worked and became friends with some of your colleagues when I was in America for 13 years and helped them when I could. You were a good man to many as a representative from New Hampshire in Congress and helped a lot of good people.

I returned to my native Arendelle to be with and help my two beloved nieces I’ve mentioned before in conversation, Anna and Elsa. Their parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, lost their lives at sea on a voyage north. Queen Emerita Elsa ascended to the throne on her 21st birthday. Anna has since taken over as queen and Elsa has taken on new duties up north in the land of Northuldra. Since we last met, my niece, the queen, has appointed me Trade Minister of Arendelle. She has full confidence in me with my business acumen and to treat every nation as good neighbors. It was once said that “Rich neighbors make for good customers.”

To the point, old friend. The small kingdoms of Europe like Arendelle, Chatho, Vesterland, Weselton, and others, survived being taken over by the larger, greedier, and more power-hungry powers of Europe. They live freely and determine their own destinies, much like the citizens of America are doing.

However, one of your American citizens, Will Harrison, a member of one of the First Families of the Commonwealth of Virginia, is making war with Arendelle on financial and military fronts with his own army and naval forces. With his family’s riches, he has bought his way into a local company, Skau-Krogh, flooded it with cash, more freighters and warships, to try and collapse his competitor, Bjorgman House and rob Arendelle of its generous trading privileges with the Qing. They were bestowed on King Agnarr and Queen Iduna by the Qing’s prince regent Yixin and his emperor when Queen Emerita Elsa was born.

I do know from reading our local papers, The Arendelle Guardian and the Fjord Times business paper, that America’s in a border dispute with England over the border with Canada at the US State of Maine and the Province of New Brunswick. We had a run-in with the British when their East India Company fired on Bjorgman’s unarmed trade ships in the Baltic Sea. We fought back, sending the EIC ships running, which got the attention of Queen Victoria.

Art by @InArendelle

Both queens, Victoria and Anna, became friends and established friendly trade between Britain and Arendelle. Queen Victoria was very impressed with Queen Anna. Just recently, my sources at Arendelle’s Fjord docks relayed information about how Mr. Harrison was pulling the strings in the unprovoked attack on the Bjorgman ship. Once Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, found out about this unprovoked attack, Harrison abandoned the EIC, took his profits and left EIC and their commerce minister to take the blame.

During my time in your country, I learned about how much America with its founding document, the Declaration of Independence, says how all people have certain unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We small kingdoms, especially Arendelle, believe in that and so does my beloved niece, Anna. Mr. Harrison must be stopped before he uses his power and seemingly bottomless financial resources, to enslave us and rob from us what was bestowed upon us by Lord Yixin, a good and wise man indeed.

Mr. Secretary, we need help from you and the United States of America to stop this greedy, evil man from his destructive schemes. His machinations will cripple these small Kingdoms irreparably for years to come. Queen Anna has organised them into the Entente of Small Kingdoms to fight Mr. Harrison, his right hand, Tiffany Hunsecker from Boston, and Mr. Lars Krogh, an unwitting pawn in this game of human chess. However, due to recent events, his raiding and takeover of Weselton, and now threatening Queen Anna with the kidnapping of the Duke of Weselton and Vesterland’s princess and Ambassador to Arendelle, Mari. These aggressive and cowardly actions may break out into a hot, bloody war.

Again, Mr. Secretary, I plead for your help in this crisis.

3 thoughts on “Michael’s Musings: An open letter to America’s Secretary of State and an old acquaintance

  1. “Mr. Webster, my name is Alan, and I plead with Michael regarding this situation, please, help us out. Yes, Mr. Harrison is from Virginia, a part of the US. But, he is a very, very bad man, and does not embody the things that America, or Arendelle, stand for. Harrison does not deserve the trade rights that were gifted to Arendelle, and personally, I wish to punch Harrison in the face. What he is doing is trying to destroy Arendelle economically, as well as hurt Anna emotionally, and mentally, among other things. Harrison’s wealth and supply need to be curtailed. And it feels like there have to be international laws that Harrison has violated. Either way, he needs to be stopped.

    Please help.”


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