Michael’s Musings: A Special Thought

As I was writing a quick note to my Snow Queen niece, Elsa, the memory of what happened after Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and Elsa came back from Northuldra and Ahtohallan popped into my mind. It was the first time I laid my eyes on Elsa up close after her amazing transformation during their trip to find the truth about why the spirits had caused the chaos in Arendelle, as well as the source and reason for Elsa’s powers. 

After Elsa and the Nokk stopped the flood wave caused by Anna and the Earth Spirit’s destruction of King Runeard’s dam in Northuldra, we all had cheered Elsa and her new friend. Once they left, we all returned to our homes, while Kai, Gerda, Olina, and the guards and staff returned to Arendelle Castle. As I mentioned before, Elsa came with them. So here’s what I truly remember.

Elsa and Anna had decided that Elsa would abdicate the throne, and Anna would succeed her as the new Queen of Arendelle. But, as with all things like this, a short, quick official procedure had to be met for everything to be official.  So they came back later that evening. 

Kai and myself met our travellers at the front gate. Kristoff, Olaf, Sven and Anna entered. We hugged and greeted each other. “Welcome home!” I said. “I’m glad you made it back safe and sound. Where’s Elsa?”

Anna said, “Look behind you, Uncle.” I turned around and saw the most beautiful and lovely sight I ever laid eyes on.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” I said in stunned amazement. Was this my niece Elsa, who went with Anna and the others to the enchanted forest a day ago?

Elsa then uttered “Uncle…” Then I knew it was my niece! She looked so resplendent in her new white gown! I came up to her and hugged her so tight and long, it seemed like an eternity. 

“Elsa, my beloved niece. You look so… beautiful! And so different. You look like you’ve found the answers to all of those questions!” I declared. She gave a cute little, bashful smile! She has a smile that is so bright and cheerful, it was one that infected you when you saw it, to just smile with her!

Elsa said, “I’m happier that I’ve ever been in my life. What I saw and experienced in Ahtohallan, knowing what I’m meant now to be, my ‘calling,’ as you would say, Uncle. I feel so complete and happy now!”

I looked at her and said. “I’m so happy for you and so, so proud of you and how you’ve grown and changed these past few days.” We hugged again with tears of joy running down our faces. Elsa then said, “We’ve got another surprise for you.”

Anna came to Elsa’s side and brought up her left hand. It had a ring on it! “An engagement ring!” I said. “Who’s the lucky guy?” I asked, as if I didn’t know, when, of course, I did.

Anna replied: “Kristoff, silly!”

“Kristoff Silly? Where’s he at?” I said jokingly at Kristoff and Anna!

“Right here Uncle!” Kristoff said, then I cried, “I know! Hahaha! Congratulations you two!” And we all hugged together!

As the time was late and everyone was tired, we saved the conversation for tomorrow.

The next morning, I was already up at the crack of dawn, getting things ready to roll out of the warehouse terminal.  I then returned to the castle where Elsa and Anna were being served their breakfast. Olina and Gerda then served me mine with the morning coffee. Elsa had tea while Anna and myself had coffee. The sisters regaled me with how their adventure unfolded. I learned then about Elsa’s journey to Ahtohallan and how it had changed her. Anna told me about how Elsa had sent them away on the ice canoe. How, when Olaf had dissolved into flakes and was gone, she felt the emptiness, fearing that her beloved sister was dead, and that it was up to her to break the thirty-four year old curse and destroy the dam that Grandpa Runeard made that tricked the Northuldrans and caused the spirits to place the imprisoning mist on the forest. Then, about reuniting with Elsa, who was saved from an icy death and helped rescue Arendelle, for Anna’s sake.

 It was then that the talk got serious.

“Uncle,” said Elsa, “we wanted to talk to you about the future.”

I said “Sure. What’s on your mind?”

Anna said, “After everything that happened up in the Enchanted Forest, we made a decision that would best suit Arendelle and Northuldra.”

“And what’s that?”

Elsa said, “The reason I received my powers was because of what Mother did to save Father’s life when both our soldiers and the Northuldrans fought. The nature spirits rewarded them with me and my magic because of Mother’s actions. I was a gift to them.”

I replied, “I never thought less of you when you were younger. And honestly, I also thought that it was because a Northuldran Girl named Iduna loved an Arendellian boy named Agnarr. The Lord notices this as well.” Elsa said “Yes, and through the journey we had, we found out what we were meant to be.”

Anna said “We agreed that Elsa will abdicate the throne and I’ll be queen.”

Then, I asked: “Elsa, what does that mean for you?”

Elsa said, “I’ve found my place in Northuldra as the Fifth Spirit and the Snow Queen. I’m leaving Arendelle in Anna’s hands.”

I started to feel weepy. Elsa was leaving. She was no longer the unsure, shy, young monarch I knew. Her words made it clear. She was full of confidence, joy, and happiness at finding her true calling in life. Anna had also accepted her own life’s calling and was no longer the attached little sister in Elsa’s shadow. Now she was a confident, energetic, leader. A humble servant of Arendelle’s people. They’d matured so much.

I said, tearfully, to them. “Somehow, I knew this day would come. I won’t stand in your way. You don’t need my blessing. I knew you two would be inseparable. Not even distance can separate you two.”

Elsa continued, “Well, it’s not like I won’t come back ever, I’ll be visiting Anna on weekends.”

Anna laughed. “Sure! Family game night! I’ll be in Northuldra a time or so, visiting my big sis too!”

“That’s right.” Elsa added. “I said to Anna, a bridge has two sides, and Mother had two daughters.” As they put their hands and foreheads together close.

“Two wonderful daughters,” I said. I then asked them to hold their hands too. We did and I said: “This bridge has a good foundation and keystone. That is love. The love you have for each other and those around you. I am so, so, so proud of you both, and I love you both now more than ever.”  The sisters replied in unison, “Thank you, Uncle. We love you too.” We hugged together.

Elsa added, “I was also shown a memory in water from the past – that Mother and Father were going to let us be together again, and that it was right. Mother said that Anna’s love could hold up the world and was confident that we’d be together with us helping each other.” It brought tears to my eyes when Elsa mentioned it (Elsa had done the same for me during my visit to Agnarr and Iduna’s shipwreck).

The letter from Elsa made her abduction official, and there was a quick, informal coronation of Anna as Queen of Arendelle. They hugged together one last time as Anna went to work and Elsa left through the back way to Arenfjord. I accompanied her as I had to go back to the terminal. Elsa and I had one last conversation before she left.

“I’m going to miss seeing your smiling face here,” I said.

“Yes,” said Elsa. “I still remember having those talks with you when I was down. I’m still a bit of an introvert.”

“Yes,” I said with a bit of a laugh. “Us introverts need to stick together! I’m glad to have been there for both of you, and I’m not going anywhere. We’ll all be here.” As we got to the fjord, the Nokk was there to take Elsa to her new home. As Elsa mounted the Nokk, I said, “Before you go, just remember – “

“I know,” she said with a grin. “If ever I want to visit to talk, need some advice from an old Uncle, or have a problem, your door is always open!”

“You’re a smart girl,” I said happily. “Take care of yourself.” We hugged and I watched my wonderful Fifth Spirit, Snow Queen Niece, ride off on the Nokk to her new life in Northuldra.

No matter how great the distance, love keeps us together as family. Anna has a lifeline to a magical forest called Northuldra, and the mystical Ahtohallan. Elsa’s lifeline leads to a little castle back in Arendelle.

Your Trade Minister,

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