Elsa’s Homecoming, Part Three: Meeting the Northuldra

By Seeker, Royal Biographer

“Threatening my people, Lieutenant?”

“Invading my dance space, Yelena?”

Lieutenant Mattias and Yelena glared daggers at each other while Anna stared at Mattias in confusion. “Why does that soldier look so familiar?” Anna asked herself, as she absentmindedly pointed her sword at Mattias.

“Lieutenant!” a soldier shouted.

“Get the sword!” Mattias ordered. Both groups charged toward Elsa and her family. She quickly froze the ground and her attackers slipped into each other in a big pile.

“That was magic,” Mattias said in disbelief. “Did you see that?”

“Of course I saw it,” Yelena replied impatiently. Elsa and the others looked at their attackers anxiously.

“You chose a nice cold greeting,” Anna muttered under her breath.

“They’ve been been trapped in here this whole time?” Kristoff said in shock.

“Yeah,” Anna said as she nodded her head.

“What do we do now?” Elsa asked herself.

“I got this,” Olaf said confidently. and as he began to explain who the sisters were and why they were here Elsa could only look at everyone sheepishly. By the time Olaf was finished Elsa was holding her hand up to her forehead to cope with her raging headache. “I think they got it,” Olaf said proudly as Elsa removed the ice from the ground.

“Are you really Queen of Arendelle?” Mattias asked curiously.

“I am,” Elsa replied confidently.

“Why would nature reward a person of Arendelle with magic?” Yelena asked suspiciously.

“Perhaps to make up for the actions of your people,” Mattias shot back.

“My people are innocent. We would have never attacked first,” Yelena insisted.

“May the truth be found,” Mattias said solemnly while Anna was busy studying his face. “Hi. I’m sorry. Uh, what’s happening?” Mattias responded anxiously.

“Hmm… that’s it. Lieutenant Mattias! Library, second portrait on the left. You were our father’s official guard,” Anna said excitedly.

“Agnarr,” Mattias said nostalgically. “What did happen to your parents?”

Anna sighed. “Our parents’ ship went down in the Southern Sea six years ago.”

Mattias looked at them solemnly for a moment and then he smiled. “I see him. I see him in your faces.”

“Really?” Anna asked eagerly.

“Soldiers, we may be getting on in years, but we’re still strong,” Mattias said as he stood guard with the rest of his troops in front of the sisters. “And proud to serve Arendelle.” The Northuldra began to back away fearfully.

“Wait. Please,” Elsa said, as she walked up to Yelena. “Someone has called me here. If I can just find them I believe they have the answers that may help us free this forest.” She put her hands together with desperation in her eyes. “Trust me, I just want to help.”

Yelena shook her head. “We only trust nature. When nature speaks…” A nearby tree suddenly burst into a pink flame. “… we listen,” Yelena finished, her voice a shocked whisper as the Northuldra began to panic.

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