Michael’s Musings: A special little lady

Nowadays in Arendelle Castle, there’s a special little lady that has come to live with us and has very much graced our home for a while. We are blessed to have this little girl and she is very fortunate and blessed to be part of our family.

I’m talking about our Princess Danielle, or “Danny” to us and to our closest friends. Danny is the sweetest little girl I’ve ever met. She can bake the best cookies and cakes (she learned that from Auntie Anna, Olina and Gerda. Danny’s a whiz at baking!). Her and Olaf have great times playing with each other. Just a joy to be around! But everything was not all fun and games when we first met this little ray of sunshine.

A close friend of Danny’s helped me in the writing of this story, and I do want to give a hearty word of thanks to this special friend of the Princess’s. Without this valuable assistance, this tale could not have been told. You have my deepest thanks.

Danny was originally born to the King and Queen of the small kingdom of Mirerini. The King and Queen were not the nicest people in the world, but once they discovered that Danny had ice powers, things got worse for the little ice princess. Danny’s parents then took her on a ship, with the intent on abandoning the poor little princess. They came across Arendelle and decided to dock there for the night. A royal ball was being hosted then. When Elsa and Anna learned of their presence in Arendelle, they invited them to join in. Danny was shy but felt as if she could trust Elsa and Anna, which was new since Danny has had trust issues due to her constant abuse she had faced in her own kingdom, especially the rejection of her own parents. After losing control of her ice and snow powers because of her parents constant arguing with Elsa and the other guests and each other during the ball, Danny then retreated and hid somewhere in Arendelle. A search was organized. Unfortunately, her parents found her before Elsa and Anna did. They stole a horse and abandoned Danny deep in the woods, then left her there without a trace.

Danny had tried to make her way back to Arendelle but didn’t know the way back since she didn’t know the area. Danny was soon pursued by wolves, unaware that Anna and Elsa, along with others were looking for her. Anna and Elsa found her and saved her life from the wolves and from falling over the edge of the cliff when a wolf lunged at her. They took her back to the castle and tended to her injuries. She had a sprained ankle after tripping over a tree root while running from the wolves. She was taken in that night. Elsa wasn’t originally planning to take her in but as they got closer and got to know each other, Elsa realized that she needed Danny and that Danny needed to her. From there, a special bond had formed, just like the bond Anna and Elsa have with each other.

I got to meet this little girl who was still frightened and shy. Yet when she’s shown a little love and compassion (and a little time and patience), she opened up a bit more to me. She also got to meet more friends. Such as Sir Alan, a knight of Anna’s Order of the Wheat Stalk. William Tutore, the hunter and assassin, who fights against Templars and helps Arendelle when Queen Anna is in need of him, is also a close friend to our little princess. 

Things were still rough for Danny with nightmares of her parents, saying they were coming for her. Snow Queen Elsa, Queen Anna with General Destin Matthias and some of his force, went to Mirerini, found the King and Queen and made sure they relinquished all rights over Danny to Elsa and Anna, and would never come to Arendelle to bother Danny ever again!

Unfortunately, as we just read and we of the Royal Family just went through, men dispatched by Princess Katina Romanov, part of The Exalted, kidnapped Danny. With the help of Mattias and a new friend, Commander Hilde Von Altheim, who also can become a werewolf (just like Catalina of Corona) made a search and not only rescued and brought Danny back home, bit also made quick work of her captors. We are forever grateful to Hilde and prime minister Viola for their assistance. Danny got hurt bad by those scum, spent time in a coma, and came back to us. She resolved to herself by burning some horrible pictures she made of her captivity, to not be afraid, and not let this affect her ever again!

Danny has come back to us as that happy little ice princess we all know and love! Baking and playing, doing all the things she loves, especially with her Auntie Queen Anna and Alan. She even choose where she wanted to go on her current getaway vacation! Where she and her “mummy,” as she now calls my niece, Elsa, have gone to, we decided to keep it secret for now. This is so that Mummy and Danny could enjoy the time away, and maybe even work on those ice powers with Elsa. I can tell you this, Danny has an excellent mentor and teacher in Elsa!

I now have a wonderful little Great Niece in Danny! When she comes home, a surprise will be waiting. I’m not letting this cat out of the bag, so she will be very happy when it’s given to her.

In closing, I’d like to say this: “Danny, you’ve had a hard row to hoe and plow. Your beginning was a very bumpy road. Here’s a little sage wisdom from your Great Uncle. ‘It’s not how you start this race called life that’s important. What’s important is how you finish!’ Keep the faith, and as a great man I heard say; ‘Never, never, never, never, never give up!'”

I love you, my little Ice Princess!

From the desk of your Trade Minister and Ice Princess Danielle’s Great Uncle,

6 thoughts on “Michael’s Musings: A special little lady

  1. I’m right there with you Michael, its so awesome to have Danny here, that Elsa and Anna took her in like they took me in. They are amazing. And Danny being with us is the best thing we could ask for.


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  2. They took this old, middle aged dude in when I came back to Arendelle from the US ans Britain. There’s a lot of love in these two Queen’s hearts! Danny is the most fortunate.

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