Anna’s Column: Come back to me, Mari of Vesterland

By HM Queen Anna

One of my most important life lessons was at the Kingdom of Vesterland, a prosperous and militaristic realm, when its king challenged me about my purpose in life. At the time, Elsa said that I was our kingdom’s natural ambassador – but in my heart of hearts, the fact that I had no formal duty or job made me question just how useful I was to others. I wanted to spread happiness and peace. I’m not ashamed of retaining that idealism even now, but the king’s disrespect cut me deep.

Deep down, I knew that he wouldn’t be the only one to dismiss me if I wasn’t able to stand on my own two feet. As much as I adore and kind of worship Elsa, I had to be my own woman, not just Elsa’s guardian or Kristoff’s fiancee. That’s why Elsa passing the torch of the monarchy to me was the greatest blessing she’s ever given me.

I have vivid memories of Vesterland for another reason. I had an amazing series of adventures with the king’s daughter, from Arendelle all the way to Vesterland. We even took on an ice trader whose name was Lars as well, but he was a petty and nasty smuggler: as unpleasant as Lars Krogh of Skau-Krogh, but hardly a threat on the same scale. Her name was Mari, and she was a lot like me: lost, searching for purpose, and fierce and open about her opinions.

I don’t know where you are now, Mari. Are you well? Are you still the same princess I adventured with, or have you changed or ascended the throne, like me? In my daydreams and reminiscences I sometimes hope, pettily, that you might pick up The Arendelle Guardian and come across my column or news about me. Or maybe Vesterland’s newspapers might have mentioned Arendelle, and made you think of some fond memories too.

I hope you haven’t forgotten me, because I sure haven’t you.

If you’re reading this column, like many of my fellow citizens, let me update you. I’ve never faced a greater challenge in my life than now. I’m not afraid to show you my true feelings, and I’ve always been honest about the problems Arendelle faces. We’ve been at peace for a very, very long time, but for the first time our economic sovereignty is under threat. And for what? For a greedy merchant prince like Lars Krogh to replace Kristoff’s company, Bjorgman, as the Princely House!

Critics think I’m trying to help Bjorgman just because its owner is my fiance. You remember Kristoff, right? He made me an engagement ring. Eeek! Anyway, since Elsa made Kristoff our Ice Master, Bjorgman hasn’t only become Arendelle’s largest company, but also served as our primary trade interface with the Great Qing. I beg my critics to look beyond my love for Kristoff and see that if Skau-Krogh replaces Bjorgman as the Princely House, it will trigger a much more serious consequence: Lars’ investor, the American First Family heir Harrison, will use Skau-Krogh as his entry into negotiating away Arendelle’s trade privileges with the Qing – the empire that has brought us prosperity for over a century.

I’m trying to extend Bjorgman’s credit so that it can compete head-on with Skau-Krogh. Already their commercial war is in full swing, with spices, ice, tea, real estate, shipping, and so many more fronts. Bjorgman has lowered prices for its unrivalled ice products to undercut Lars’ new market, there’s been fierce bidding for dockyards in ports around the world, and stockbrokers in Amsterdam and London have been mauling each other for shares in either company. The ferocity and pace of this corporate contest is overwhelming to me.

Since Elsa made a public appeal to His Imperial Highness in her column (don’t apologize for doing what you thought was best for me, darling), I’d like to do something similar.

At this juncture of my reign, Mari, my government could really use your help. Arendelle needs Vesterland to join the alliance.

I ratified my Entente of Small Kingdoms in response to Skau-Krogh’s challenge to Bjorgman, because make no mistake: Harrison is the man behind it all. Alone, Arendelle doesn’t stand a chance against an Exalted member. The harsh reality is that none of us smaller kingdoms do. But together, we can fight him off, for all our sakes. It would be my honour if you chose to join me.

If you see this appeal, please reach out.

I miss you.


5 thoughts on “Anna’s Column: Come back to me, Mari of Vesterland

  1. Mari, if I may, allow me to introduce myself.

    My name is Alan, Alan Nadeau III, or “Sir Alan” as I’ve also been called (and greatly appreciate). I’ve been a part of this kingdom, friends and loyal to Arendelle, to Elsa and Anna, for about as long as I have been here. I love being here. I’d do anything to defend Arendelle’s honor, as well as its people, and most importantly, my friends and allies. Heck, I’ve even fallen in love with Elsa (hopefully when things settle down I’ll get to take a trip to Northuldra finally), to which, yes, she does know. But all that aside, I do hope that you and Vesterland join us and the other nations in fighting back against the Exalted. We must work together.


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    1. Thanks for supporting my appeal! I hope Mari will see your message too, and she’ll respond to both of us. The Entente of Small Kingdoms will be immeasurably strengthened by Vesterland’s presence.

      When would you like to go to Northuldra, Sir Alan? Maren is taking care of domestic affairs and Northuldra-Arendelle relations and she can go with you – I’m sure Elsa would be happy to see you!


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      1. Why wouldn’t I? I hope she does too Anna, I really do.

        I bet Elsa would be. I would hope to go sooner rather than later. It just seems like a lot gets in the way cause you have people like Harrison and Katina meddling. Either way, like I said, when there is available time, I would love to go.

        Hell, maybe we’ll catch Amira too!


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  2. Dear Mari,

    Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Michael, Trade Minister of Arendelle. Back when you when you were in Arendelle as the Ambassador of Vesterland, I was starting up a little frieght line company that worked with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Of course, I’m also Elsa’s and Anna’s “Uncle.” I remember of all the times my niece, Queen Anna, then Princess Anna, had told me about you and how good of friends you two were. I thought you’d still be around, however, I guess you had went back home to Vesterland some time ago.

    A lot has changed since the girls saw you last. Elsa heard a mysterious “vuelie” call from the mysterious northern forest. Long story short, it was an adventure where they did a lot of growing and learing where their gifts and “life’s work,” calling, etc., led them to. Elsa is the Snow Queen of Northuldra/Ahtohallan and has really changed! If you remember what she was last time you saw her, ooooohhhh my! She exudes a confidence and happiness that is infectious! When I saw her for the first time and she told me what happened, I couldn’t have been more proud of my Snow Queen Niece. If you talk to her about how kind, warm, loving, etc., she is, she’ll still blush bright red! LOL!

    Anna is now Queen of Arendelle. Elsa went through being frozen nearly to death only to come back to us. Anna changed from that clingy-to Elsa girl to now standing on her own two feet. She with help from friends, destroyed a dam that cursed Northuldra and threatened Arendelle because of the treachery of the girl’s Grandpa King Runeard. It ended the curse, saved both lands and kept Elsa and Anna together to be the bridge, “The 5th Spirit” between both lands. Anna has been working on an alliance with the two lands to keep or unity in love and defend against tyranny and those looking to impose tyrranical Colonial rule.

    Which brings me to our current situation. Before I came back to Arendelle, I lived, worked and had a business in the United States. I’ve met a lot of great people in business, work, etc. UNFORTUNATELY, the man I’m about to write about is not one of them. His name is Will Harrison. Member of one of the first families of the Commonwealth (not a State, a Commonwealth, like Pennsylvania, Kentucky, etc.) of Virginia. He is part of a cabal called The Exalted. Queen Anna’s friend, The Prince Regent of China Yixin, an Honorable man indeed, is the head of this. However, Will along with Katina Romanov and Will’s accountant, a Tiffany Hunsecker, are not. These three make The Exalted look like a den of thieves, bandit’s hideout, if you will. Will is threatenig Arendelle’s “Favored Nation” trading status with Yixin, which in turn with Will’s seemingly endless finances, can threaten the small kingdoms like Chato, Corona, Weselton, to name a few, into his pocket and tyranny.

    We need your help. Vesterland is at risk from this viper if we don’t stand together. Queen Anna wants to rekindle the loving friendship you two once had. Not only because she loves you, but also like the rest of us, fall into the hands of a ruthless threesome that threatens the one thing great kingdoms have for their people, freedom and liberty. Will Harrison can steal that from all of us.

    Please reply soonest. We eagerly await to hear back from you. If you decide to come back to Arendelle, I’m sure Anna and Elsa will be ecstatic beyond words to see you again, and it would be my deepest pleasure to meet you.

    Sincerely and with love,

    Trade Minister,
    And Uncle

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    1. Oh my dearest Uncle – what a thrill to read your attached letter in The Arendelle Guardian’s edition that had my appeal to Mari of Vesterland. I’m so hopeful! There’s no way that Mari can’t notice our appeals now, especially if she does still remember Elsa and me.

      You laid out the situation in the kingdom perfectly. I’m sure Vesterland has its own problems, but as things stand, especially with the “den of thieves” as you so eloquently describe, Arendelle’s problems are going to very quickly become Vesterland’s problems!

      Write me soon, Mari!



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