Michael’s Musings: A Trip to Elsa’s North Mountain Ice Palace

By Michael, Trade Minister of Arendelle

I had a very pleasurable talk with our Snow Princess Danielle (“Danny,” she loves to be called!) about the getaway that shew and and her Mommy, the Snow Queen Elsa, will be taking at Elsa’s Ice Castle at the North Mountain. Danny and I talked about my first time there and that I’d be writing this article for my column.

It was just after Elsa had come home to be the Queen of Arendelle with then-Princess Anna, who was helping, watching, and learning as she watched Elsa perform her duties. Being queen of even our small Kingdom of Arendelle is still very stressful. Even a Snow Queen needs to have some time away and a place to retreat to now and then for some rest and relaxation, and as her power grew, some experimentation and fun! I asked Elsa about it and she (with a little encouragement from Anna. Elsa was still a bit shy then) invited me to come anytime.

Elsa was already at the Ice Castle by the time I left Arendelle for the North Mountain. I had an enjoyable ride up the hill to the base of the mountain, where the ice staircase was. It was a pretty good climb, but I made it. Elsa “roughed up” the steps so one’s boots could have some traction on the ice. I knocked on the door, it opened by itself and this is what greeted me:

I was speechless. The designs in the foyer, the staircases, the perfect ice on the floor. Breathtaking. Elsa replaced the ice Chandelier that Hans tried to drop on her during the battle. It looked spectacular.

Then Elsa appeared at the top of the foyer steps. She looked so radiant in her blue ice gown framed by the staircases and pillars. My jaw just dropped! “Elsa,” I said in amazement.

“Uncle Mike!” She replied. We met halfway up the left stairs and just hugged!

“Thank you for inviting me here.” I said.

Elsa replied, “I’m so glad you came. How do you like it?”

I stood there speechless, marveling at the designs and everything there, I just said; “I…I…I yi yi yi…” Elsa just laughed a bit, I was so dumbfounded. “This is absolutely gorgeous!” I exclaimed.

Elsa declared, “I just felt so free and let my powers and mind just run and this was so fantastic when I was done! And seeing the sunrise from the balcony!  Oh, it was just so perfect.” She then said, “Oh Uncle, you need to see this!” I got the grand tour of this wonderful castle she made that night she ran away in fear. Everything was exquisite!  Her room, guest room with warm blankets, hallways everything just took my breath away! She showed me things she made while testing her powers.


“Yes, Uncle?”

“I now can say; Mind. Kapowie! Blown!”

Anna and Kristoff came later with a warm picnic dinner. Afterwards, I then stole away to the balcony. Hot chocolate and a cigar, overlooking the forest and seeing Arendelle afar off. Marshmallow, the snow giant came up behind me and looked over my shoulder to see what I was doing. I turned around and was surprised to see this big snow man behind me and looking curiously.  He saw my lit cigar and said “baaaadd!’

Before I could answer, Elsa and Anna came out and Elsa told the creature: “That’s okay! Uncle, this is Marshmallow, the snow monster.” He looks very imposing, but he’s a sweetheart (note, this was before the snowgies came to live with him).

After that visit, we all went back and the snowgies had moved in. It was an “ice mad house” with them, but Marsh got a handle on them. Olaf visits there from time to time to see his “brothers!”

All in all, It was a great experience! Danny, you will enjoy it immensely!

From the desk of your Trade Minister,


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