The Entente of Small Kingdoms

By order of the monarchs of Chatho, Zaria, Vakretta, Weselton, Corona, and Arendelle, the Entente of Small Kingdoms is hereby signed into existence, with the commitments in this treaty effective immediately.

Where the signatories see a turbulent globe beset by volatile geopolitical and economic rivalry;

Where the signatories find themselves repelled and offended by the acts of imperialism and colonialism inflicted on diverse regions by empires and expansionist states;

And where the signatories see the hand of that secret cabal of world rulers, the Exalted, moving through every nation and region, reducing sovereign states to puppets,

The signatories come together to protect each other’s sovereignty and prosperity through the following ambitious points:

  • To commit to multilateral peace, with none attacking anyone else,
  • To provide each other with military assistance should any of the six come under attack,
  • To provide each other, only after negotiation, with resources of any kind, be it through finance, trade, or manpower in the form of advisors,
  • To commit to regular meetings between the six countries’ leaders to update the needs of this treaty’s signatories.

The articles in this treaty are legally binding in all its parts and will be enforced by an independent council comprising of six diplomats from each country. These treaty council members will enjoy decision-making autonomy from their sovereign and decide on how best their represented kingdom can contribute and benefit from the treaty.

An international agreement of this kind is the highest form of commitment between six sovereign states. To violate any of the above four points will result in immediate expulsion by the council.

The treaty is subject to revision, a signatory’s exit, or abrogation altogether every three years depending on council votes.

May the prosperity and peace of all six signatories last for a thousand years.

9 thoughts on “The Entente of Small Kingdoms

  1. Seeing Weselton signing onto the Entente should show that The Duke wised up a bit. He may be crafty, cunning and a weasel, but now he knows that with The Exalted’s Will Harrison, Katina Romanov and Tiffany Hunsecker, you’ve got 3 rattlesnakes.

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    1. I can’t say the Duke’s my bestie, but we are definitely better off working together – this is a matter of economic and maybe even political sovereignty for our smaller kingdoms. Who knows how far Harrison or Katina will go to get what they want?



      1. These are people who live with no moral “compass” or a seared conscience, where they only do what is right in their own twisted sight. In the process, they destroy lives and lands fir their own personal gain.

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      2. That seems to be sad but true, Uncle! What I can promise our citizens is that Arendelle will never be a pawn of anyone’s whims. I think even the Duke doesn’t want his duchy to suffer a similar fate, which is why he’s signed on with us. I genuinely welcome him with open arms – better we stick together than become pawns to the whims you mentioned, which only destroy lives and debase others’ dignity and sovereignty.



      1. If there’s one thing that Elsa taught me from her own experience, it’s never to underestimate the cruelty and power of a member of the Exalted.

        If he really is only looking out for number one, then the Duke should definitely join up with us!


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