Elsa’s Homecoming, Part Two: The Adventure

By Seeker, Royal Biographer

Arendelle was in danger.

Once Elsa had answered the call of the voice, the wrath of all the spirits of the enchanted forest was unleashed on Arendelle. Wind howled through the streets, fire and water vanished without a trace, and the very ground people walked on pushed back in defiance. The entire city was safely evacuated, though that did not answer the more pressing question. What did the spirits want? Even Grand Pabbie could not provide any answers. All he knew was that Elsa and Anna would have to travel to the Enchanted Forest to find them.

The two agreed and, accompanied by Kristoff and Olaf, slowly made their way to the mystical Enchanted Forest.

Once they arrived after a long journey on horse and cart, they found the same barrier King Agnarr told them about years ago during bedtime stories. None of them were able to move past it, except for Elsa. After she brought everyone inside the forest with her Elsa took a moment to view her surroundings. She found the calm and quiet forest beautiful and was filled with even more determination to find answers. Before she had much time to search she was swept up with the rest of the group into a powerful gale. The wind roared through her ears as Elsa watched everyone except her fall back to the ground. This twister was only interested in her. Elsa’s mind raced for a way to escape but the only solution was clear. She would have to force her way out. She began to repel the mighty winds with her magic.

As the winds pushed back, Elsa saw strange images dance in front of her. A young boy and girl running and laughing together. Swords slashing through the air during a battle. The stern face of her Grandfather Runeard preparing to fight for Arendelle. Elsa had seen enough. She dug deep within herself and unleashed her full power against the storm. In a burst of blue light, the storm was gone.

After Elsa and Anna reunited, they noticed a mysterious collection of statues made of ice that circled them. Thanks to Olaf’s large collection of trivia, the two sisters realized that water has memory which meant that each of these statues were from moments in time. Before they had a chance to look closer the wind, which was officially named Gale by Her Majesty, returned in a much more playful mood. Elsa realized that Gale had only been attacking them because it was scared but thanks to Elsa’s gentle yet firm display of magic, Gale now understood they were friends. It even decided to help Elsa out and nudged her towards a particular ice statue.

Once Elsa and Anna got a closer look, they realized that they recognized one of them. A boy, who was their father, being held by a Northuldran girl. Before they had a chance to think more, the group heard a rustling in the trees. Someone was approaching them. Elsa and the others prepared for a fight just as a group of mysterious people in tribal garb burst out of the forest with spears aimed at them. The group heard a clanging sound and looked behind them to see Arendellian soldiers – where had they come from? – with swords and shields in hand. The two forces glared at each other, ready to battle.

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