Michael’s Musings: Bruni, the Salamander, the Fire Spirit

This little guy is who I call Snow Queen Elsa’s “Little Friend,” Bruni. He’s a cute and playful little guy and along with Gale and The Nokk, is one of the four spirits of the Enchanted Forest in Northuldra. If you get him stressed or angry, he turns reddish pink and lights up with fire and speeds around, setting things ablaze. Elsa can cool him off, especially with snow flake treats she makes for him that he just loves! I got to meet him in a very comical way! Here’s what happened…

Elsa was back home at Arendelle Castle with Bruni for a short visit with Queen Anna. Elsa was getting ready to leave when they couldn’t find him. Bruni was with Olaf, touring the castle and played a round of hide and seek. Bruni, climbed into my coat pocket, (which was over a chair in my room,) unbeknownst to me and everyone at the palace. I grabbed my coat to go out on the balcony to have one of my good cigars. I got out to the balcony, searched for my match box, but pulled out Bruni instead! I didn’t notice him as he blew a small flame and lit my cigar, and put him back in my pocket.

Anna came to me and asked “Uncle, have you seen Bruni?”

Puzzled, I enquired, “No. Who’s Bruni?”

“He’s a blue Fire Salamander that Elsa had with her, the Fire Spirit,” Anna said.

“No, I didn’t. By the way, have you seen my matches?” I responded.

Then Queen Anna asked, “How did you light your cigar without them?”

I replied, “I got this lizard looking lighter in my pocket, somehow,” as I pulled out my hand from it.

Trade Minister Michael with Bruni. Story art by Ozjim11

“Uncle! That’s not a lighter, THAT’S BRUNI!”

I gave a surprised look at Bruni, who grinned, then with a flame, burned up my stogie, and I yelled “Woooooaaah!” as I stumbled and fell backwards to the floor and tossed Bruni into the air! Bruni landed on me as I laid on the floor. He then came up to me, grinned, and then gave me several generous licks on my nose while wagging his tail!


Elsa just came in where Anna and I was and said, “Uncle, you found Bruni! And look! Awww, he likes you!”

I looked at Elsa and Anna and I said, “Thank goodness he does. I would hate to see what he’d do if he didn’t!”

And there goes Bruni: SLURP, SLURP SLURP on my nose once again!

From the desk of your Trade Minister, Bruni kisses and all!

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