Editorial: The Scandal of the Northuldra Children Protection Act

By The Arendelle Guardian’s editorial board

The entire kingdom owes its gratitude to Honeymaren and many others after the other night’s assault on Arendelle Castle by the Grey Ghost, Amira the hunter. The fact that no one was severely hurt (or worse) is encouragement enough for the government to look further ahead, to not just stop Amira but also investigate her motivations.

After Amira retreated from the palace, the queen and Maren set about engaging with the clue left behind by the hunter. When interrogated, the hunter alluded to the Northuldra Children Protection Act, which even Anna was caught off-guard by. No one present was aware of this initiative, which Amira accuses King Runeard of starting. Despite it never having been sent to the parliament during Runeard’s reign, the initiative apparently gained currency among influential circles in Arendelle.

Our palace source tells us that Anna and Maren visited the fabled Secret Room of Arendelle Castle, which lies underneath the palace’s complex. Like the network of passageways that could be used by the royal family, the Secret Room is a long-whispered rumour among the palace attendants and courtiers. Speculation about its true location was deliberately encouraged to misdirect the inquisitive, although the most credible leaks say that the Secret Room is underneath the royal library. It’s accessed through a hidden door that can only be activated by a statue of a horse.

Some of the kingdom’s most sensitive information is stored in the Secret Room, from tomes foretelling Elsa’s coming as the Fifth Spirit to maps of the castle’s secret labyrinth. Since the plans for King Runeard’s dam are also sealed up in this small chamber, Anna was confident that she’d find details on the Northuldra Children Protection Act.

The Secret Room

In the Secret Room, Her Majesty finally found the reason for Amira’s animus towards Northuldra and Arendelle’s re-integration. Despite its lofty-sounding name, this Act seems to have been conceived to inculturate Northuldra children and youth in “Arendellian values,” and remove them from their parents’ heritage and influence. This would be achieved under the guise of providing cohorts of Northuldra youngsters with a first class education at institutions of Arendellian education. But these children would be forbidden to return to Northuldra, even for the school holidays, and would be kept as “soft prisoners” or effective hostages that came to “feel more Arendellian than Northuldran.”

Just like with his dam, Runeard had devised a terrible, bad faith plan to colonize and weaken Northuldra – this time not territorially, but through our civil and educational systems.

It seems that Runeard never went through with this Act. But if Amira and Honeymaren both claim that Yelena had prepared a cohort of young Northuldra (of which Amira was part) to be sent to the University of Arendelle, then this means that influential officials and affiliates within the University have somehow restarted the initiative – without Queen Anna’s knowledge or consent.

Little wonder that Amira targeted Stein, the education minister, in the early stages of her attacks on Arendelle. The government must open an enquiry into this sinister legacy of her grandfather, whose malice towards Northuldra apparently reaches from beyond the grave!

The Big Three papers, including this one, sought to interview the Countess about any possible knowledge or involvement in this scheme, which she fervently denied. In a statement to her own Snow Herald and the rest of the press, she said: “Look, it’s true that I wanted to invade Northuldra, but I don’t know anything about this. King Runeard and my grandfather Mundilfari may have discussed such an initiative, but it sounds so repulsive that I’d never sign off on it. I would never – ever – lure Northuldra adolescents and young adults to study at our institutions of learning, with a mind to strip them of their sense of self-worth and heritage. I had no hand in this horrific plan and I expect you all to make that clear.”

Our position at The Arendelle Guardian is that the queen must take control and find out who is continuing this atrocious policy and tricking Yelena. Amira, despite her violent tactics, is right about this initiative, which smacks of colonial arrogance and deceit. It’s the fastest route to destroying Northuldra’s trust in Arendelle.

We have faith that Anna can identify those that tried to revive this policy and use it against Amira and her former cohort of students. Her Majesty has always been the optimist, the natural leader thanks to her thoughtfulness, loyalty, and kindness. She truly cares about everyone and sincerely wishes to know everything about them. It will take a leader of her calibre to achieve a twofold victory: to stop Amira, but also bring her proof that Arendelle has no ulterior motives in engaging Northuldra. She must interrogate Stein, the education minister, and the vice-chancellor and senior administrators of the University of Arendelle.

The remnants of this Act must die.

5 thoughts on “Editorial: The Scandal of the Northuldra Children Protection Act

  1. “I cannot fucking believe that this was even a thing in the first place. We’re just lucky that Reunard never went through with it but besides that, we NEED to get rid of this heinous piece of legislation and FURTHERMORE, find out who is trying to bring it back.

    I will be more than happy to be a part of these interrogations, because I NEVER, EVER, want to see this Act again, EVER. And ANYONE who wants it to stay in place WILL BE OUTED AND DISGRACED.”


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    1. In my long political contests with Grandfather’s old guard and especially Vi, I was always fighting individuals with their own agendas. But colonialism and attitudes of oppression go beyond individuals and can spread into our very culture. That’s why I think not a few supported this Act, and it will take patience and strength to make the case that this Act will go in the dustbin of history along with my Grandfather’s attitude.


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  2. “In a way, I am relieved to hear that King Runeard did not let the NCPA become a legal policy, yet the University of Arendelle and the Education Ministry and it’s minister unlawfully put this act into motion, and committed the most heinous human rights/educational crime the history of Arendelle and Northuldra. Those responsible must be questioned and if possible, criminal charges laid.

    The true gain of educating Northuldran children this way is to have them learn Arendelle culture, and Arendellian children learn Northuldrans’ culture, so mutual respect and understanding can be forged amongst these future citizens, so both lands can grow with the love and respect Queen Anna, Lady Maren and all of us envision for that future.

    As everyone knows from the two-part story of my visit there to Northuldra, it was to open trade and shipping route between the two lands, as well as the personal reasons told. This illegal action that was perpetrated, puts all our hard work in jeopardy. To move forward, we must;
    1. Investigate and bring those responsible to justice.

    2. Try to rebuild what has been lost in trust between our two peoples. If we are to have this alliance, trust between Arendellians and Northuldrans must be key. No trust, only misunderstandings, or worse.

    3. If a program like this is reinstated, it must be done as mentioned above and both Arendelle and Northuldra have oversight so no “brainwashing” or “indoctrination” tactics are used, with penalties to fit the crime.

    4. Most importantly, apprehend Amira and put her actions to an end before they hurt other people and/or herself.

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