Michael’s Musings Special: Letter to Prince Regent Yixin of China

Dear reader, I did promise no politics on my column, however, due to recent events, I thought you would like to read my thoughts on Anna’s letter to Prince Yixin while supporting our Queen in her decisions. From here on forward is my letter.

Dear Prince Regent Yixin,

Please allow me to first introduce myself. I am Michael, Trade Minister to Her Majesty, my niece, Queen Anna of Arendelle. Her Majesty has spoken much about you, how she has learned a lot from you on leading a kingdom and the friendship you and her, as well as China and Arendelle have enjoyed since 1731.

I can very much understand your disappointment with Her Majesty for making the decision she made by making Countess Viola Mundilfari the Prime Minister of Arendelle. I know that Viola’s right hand, Hilde Von Altheim, did attack The Southern Isles and sent shock waves throughout that caused grave concern on the part of Arendelle in the world. Let me reassure you, Your Highness, Viola is solidly with us and whilst under Queen Anna, no military action will come from Commander Von Altheim unless it is cleared by the Queen. That is my understanding. If we had gone through with any punishment, both political sides would have gone into a bloody, useless, civil war.

Believe me, Your Highness, I have seen with my own eyes how Viola has changed for the better with the help of the love and kindness Queen Anna has in her heart. I could even go into detail how Elsa and the Countess had a wonderful discussion and even a respect and friendship budding between them.

I believe that when the dust settles and the emotions are cooled off, Queen Anna’s decision will be rewarded in the long run. Please find it in your heart to forgive Her Majesty for this, and I hope our two nations can still be allies and friends now and for the many years to come.


Master Michael,
Trade Minister of Arendelle

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