My Duty to my Tribe and Kingdom

By Maren, Head Liaison of Northuldra-Arendelle Relations

When Anna and I read Sergeant Severin’s report about this ruthless hunter, a chill ran down my spine. It wasn’t just because this “Grey Ghost” managed to sink Autumn Cloud, or that she’s got many of Arendelle’s authority figures in the vice of fear. She’s surgical in ambushing and hurting her targets, but no one knows who’s next, so everyone is scared.

But given the recent rumblings in the Great Assembly about damaged prospects for Northuldra-Arendelle reunification, I have a personal responsibility to stop her. I’m sharing with The Arendelle Guardian what I told Anna the other night, so that I can give the public and the relevant organs of government the tools to meet this hunter’s challenge head-on.

I think I know this young Northuldra lady.

I left Northuldra when Elsa first suggested to Anna that I see the world and help the queen as Northuldra’s voice within the parliament. Afterwards, Yelena quickly assembled a small group of young tribespeople, each gifted in their own unique ways, to send to the University of Arendelle. They’d be the first generation of our people who were ever educated under a Northern European curriculum. Through learning science, the arts, and so much more, they’d form a new vanguard of Northuldra-Arendelle understanding.

This initiative was a crucial step for Yelena and Anna, perhaps even more than any political treaties, because it’s through education that Northuldra’s people can really start being their own sovereign community, with Arendelle guiding but not interfering.

Amira was one of these chosen students, and she was the best of those who would assist me in my task to bring Northuldra and Arendelle together.

Art by Jin Kim, Disney

She disappeared some time ago – I think it was during the time when Countess Vi attacked Arendelle with her warship Muspelheim – and Yelena’s search parties combed the enchanted forest, but never found her. I remember even asking the Big Three newspapers, including this one, to have their reporters keep a lookout for Amira if she ever suddenly turned up in Arendelle, but no such luck. She was always sharp, intelligent, and almost preternaturally skilled as a tracker and archer. It seems she’s expanded her repertoire to sabotage and terrorizing innocent people, too.

I don’t know what she wants, but it’s clear to me, and to Anna now, that something went terribly wrong in the interregnum between my leaving Northuldra and her… decision to undermine Anna and my reunification policy.

We’ve got to make contact with her when she attacks again. Even if there’s a small chance that we can talk to her, I might be able to help her as well as stopping her. Maybe I can’t do one without the other.

Since the sinking of Autumn Cloud, I’ve been forced to ask myself some hard questions.

Do I work for two different communities that are waiting to be united, or a single people that have been separated for centuries?

Can two lands united by love still disagree, and even have conflicts?

Am I Northuldra’s voice in Arendelle, or Arendelle’s voice in Northuldra?

Am I a colonised subject for wearing Arendellian clothes, or am I doing exactly what Anna and I tell the public we want – to make Northuldra modern and reintegrate it with Arendelle?

How do I balance the interests of Northuldra, my home, with those of the land from where my queen and the woman I love come?

Of course, Anna will always encourage me, saying that love is really enough to unite our two realms. But sitting at my desk at the Northuldran embassy, where I also live, I know that Amira couldn’t think more differently. In fact, whatever happened to her, it was enough to make her not only abandon Yelena, but also turn her against Anna and my ideal of uniting our peoples.

Elsa and Anna say otherwise, but I’ve never seen myself as anyone special. With Amira, though – I can help. I have to try. For Northuldra as much as Arendelle.

7 thoughts on “My Duty to my Tribe and Kingdom

  1. Honeymaren, if that’s who it really is in terms of what has happened, then that’s who we need to find. This needs to be stopped. We need to find out why this person, allegedly, is doing this.

    As for you, you are doing the best you can do and I applaud you for that. I know this is tough for you, things are happening so fast. But Northuldra and Arendelle should be aligned with each other, and this rogue warrior will not stop that. We can’t allow it.

    I am at your disposal Honeymaren. I work for Anna and I work for you. I have busted my ass in training and I will not allow this Amira, or whoever it may be if its not her, to fuck things up, here in Arendelle or in Northuldra. I don’t stand for that.

    I have said time and time again I want to go to Northuldra to visit Elsa, at some point I want to take her on a date, cause I love her, and I respect her, a lot. She’s beautiful, majestic, powerful. But that will come another time. Right now, we need to take down this underminer, and I plan on being a part of that. I wanna show what I have been working on.


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    1. Thank you, Alan. I welcome you to Northuldra. There’s enough of Elsa for us both to devote ourselves to her (although we should seek her opinion on this too!).

      You don’t work for me, dear. Both of us are duty-bound to Anna. It’s this relationship with our former colonizer that I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into, but such is Anna’s likeability – and Elsa’s wish that I help bridge our worlds – that I never gave it much thought until now, with Amira’s shadow hanging over us.


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      1. You’re very welcome, Honeymaren. (Very true. I don’t wanna start any fights, you know?)

        Well, when you put it that way, I guess you’re right. But at the same time, with Amira, I know this is your duty to handle her. And I want to help, so by that notion, I work for you in that aspect.

        Listen, you’re doing the right thing. Think about it like this: if Northuldra doesn’t unify with Arendelle, then by all means, you guys could become very, very vulnerable, especially with advances in technology and what not. That, and I personally feel that it is destiny to see Northuldra and Arendelle unified together, the way its supposed to be, not the way Reunard wanted it to be. And I think a lot of us want to see this happen, you and Anna have made a ton of progress.

        The thing is, people seem to underestimate us, especially and specifically Anna. To see all that she has done in such a short time with a small kingdom like Arendelle, she is really showing that she can do this, and yet people still underestimate her. Hell, we could have been plunged into civil war with Viola and Hilde, but Anna didn’t want that. She wouldn’t allow that. And while I know Yixin from China was a little less than pleased to see Anna go against him and make Viola the Prime Minister, rather than eradicate her, I think he understands like we do that Anna wants the best possible outcomes for each situation that she’s in. And so far, its working!

        As far as I and everyone else is concerned, what Amira is doing is just a setback to the ultimate goal of unifying Arendelle and Northuldra. Why Amira is doing this, who knows, we hope to find that out soon. But I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’re not gonna back down without a fight. We’re gonna figure this out and stop Amira.

        Don’t worry Honeymaren. You’re doing the right thing, you’re very important to all of us.



  2. Honeymaren, you’ve done an excellent job for both peoples. I enjoyed working with you and finally meeting Yelena when I came to Northuldra, plus meeting your wonderful people.

    I know that there are those on both sides who are not in favor of this coming together of Arendelle and Northuldra. Yet you believe in Anna’s vision and it was Elsa who recommended you. Recommendation from The Snow Queen is a big plus, because like Anna and myself, Elsa and Yelena believe in you and what you can do.

    As for Amira, if you or we can get to her and she why she went renegade on you, the Northuldrans, and everyone, then maybe, like we had with Viola, we can save Amira from herself too.

    I’ll br praying for you all.


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    1. Please come back to Northuldra soon. I will happily accompany you. For now, there’s so many questions I wish to ask Amira when we manage to pin her down. Questions like how we can persuade her to stop her campaign of terror, but also what a fair settlement between Northuldra and Arendelle would look like. I want to learn. Amira is Northuldra, was once part of our tribe. Anna knows that this is someone I must confront. But I can’t give up on her so quickly. Thank you for understanding that.



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