Welcome to Michael’s Musings!

Hello to all citizens and readers, from Arendelle to Northuldra. You know me as Michael, the owner of A&N Frieghtines, the new Minister of Trade and Uncle to the Diarchy, Anna and Elsa.

Sometime ago, I spoke to The AG’s Chief about writing this column in the Guardian. It’ll be stories, anecdotes, thoughts over what I’ve seen, noticed and happened here and when I was abroad in the young and big country of America. I’ll try to make it thoughtful and funny, an all-round good time read for an evening after work or a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’ll be when I have time to write it and can put it in the Sunday edition.

Let me give you a sample.

A couple of weeks after Elsa’s abdication and Anna’s coronation as Queen of Arendelle

It was a Friday, which Anna reserved that as “family game night,” and Elsa had come early that day. I met her. We hugged (of course!), and went to the study and talked over coffee, tea and light snacks. Anna came in, greeted and hugged her sister, and Anna had asked me to stay. I respectfully declined, saying: “You two need this time alone to catch up. I’ll be back after work.”

I didn’t get too far down the castle hallway until I smelled a familiar scent. I stopped and waited until I heard…

Queen Anna: “Wait, what is…

Snow Queen Elsa: “What is that amazing smell?”

I heard two noses deeply inhale the fragrance.

Anna and Elsa: “Chocolate!” (both giggling!)

Somethings never change…

From your Trade Minister’s desk to you,

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