Queen Anna’s Birthday Message

By HM Queen Anna

To all of Arendelle: thank you so much for your many birthday wishes, which have filled the palace’s letterbox to the brim of bursting!

Thank you for sending so many kind letters about me to the Big Three newspapers, especially this one. In my column for today, 21 June, the Chief has let me just kick back today and bludge – uh, I mean, write some personal reflections about my reign so far.

I’ve been your servant-for-all for just over six months now, and they have marked the most eventful, exciting, and nerve-wracking months of my life. Governance is no joke, and I’ve been tested like never before. Let’s revisit a bit of what’s happened so far, shall we?

In the first few months of assuming the throne, I took on the old guard of ministers in our parliament that supported Grandfather’s policies, fighting their legislation to re-assert colonial ambitions over Northuldra and against Elsa. Upon Elsa’s advice, I brought Honeymaren into my government as our bridge between Northuldra and Arendelle. I took on the East India Company after they attacked Kristoff’s clippers in the South China Sea, and negotiated a good treaty with Lord Palmerston. I earned the respect of Queen Victoria and hosted her at a state ball. Maren and I proposed an ambitious bill that will reunify Arendelle and Northuldra, a legacy that will hopefully last long after my reign is over. I set up the Northuldra Trust, and built Kingdom Hall as a cultural centre and headquarters for our national orchestra, the Arendelle Philharmonic.

Then I discovered that there was a powerful clan that has haunted and puppeteered my royal family for centuries. I fought the head of that clan, Countess Viola (who I call Vampire Vi), on board her mighty warship, alongside Mattias and Maren. Our supporters tussled against each other in parliament, in the press, and in corporate board rooms.

And then the turning point came, when Vi’s right hand, Hilde, brought the Southern Isles to its knees, which drew the attention of my most powerful ally, prince regent Yixin of the Qing Empire. Through him, the Chinese emperor demanded that I eliminate Vi. I couldn’t start a civil war with my own citizen, especially not against a political opponent who I cared deeply about. But I couldn’t anger China by doing nothing. So I made Vi Arendelle’s very first prime minister, uniting our dynasties in a pact of constitutional political power, and bringing Vi’s vast and ancient influence under my Crown’s authority.

I think you’re all caught up now. Are you out of breath as I am?

As I used to say to Mother, “Woooh, that was epic!”

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve made mistakes. I’d be nowhere without those around me, like Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, Maren, and Matias. I’ve been able to be a halfway-decent monarch because I love my friends, I listen to them, and I learn from them.

I also couldn’t have succeeded without the solid foundation left by my predecessor, the one who is my guiding star, the one I rise for. The sister who I’ll always thank the spirits for, the Fifth Spirit herself. My Elsa. My true queen.

I’m so touched so many of you are celebrating my birthday with food fairs and parades in the palace square, by the plaza near the docks, and on the streets. But personally, I’m celebrating you.

Yes, you, my citizen to whom I’m sworn to devote my life to. It’s my honour to serve each and every one of you, to be the rock upon which you’ve built a life and home here in Arendelle.

I’m by your side as you participate in our civic life and build communities around our robust institutions.

I want to help you enjoy and contribute to our people’s prosperity through our diverse industries and economy.

I swear to lead you with all my heart and strength as your commander, if you’re so brave and selfless as to assist in our kingdom’s security and defence with General Mattias.

I’ll be your constructive advocate if you enter public life in the House of Ministers or House of Jarls, even if our political views diverge.

And I celebrate with you, as your humble friend, if you decide to have a family in Arendelle.

In short, I’m here because this is your kingdom, and therefore I’m yours.

Come with Elsa and me as we continue this journey together. I’m just getting warmed up.

Anna (your birthday girl)

PS. I’m getting emotional as I write this… I think I might have a case of the sniffles!

7 thoughts on “Queen Anna’s Birthday Message

  1. Happy Birthday Anna! An excellent article for all of Arendelle and Northuldra to read!

    You are the definition of the term “Servant Leader.” One who leads in strength and humility because of the love one has for those whom he or she is leading.

    Dry Banana Hippy Hat, my Queen niece!

    Love! Uncle Mike


  2. “I’m days late to this – been in some tense negotiations this past week – but I hope your birthday was both as fun as you deserve and a due moment of peace with the ones you love.

    We deeply appreciate your leadership and more importantly, your friendship.”

    — Nahir.


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