Press Release: Changes Coming to A&N Freightlines

By Michael, Minister of Trade

I would like to thank Queen Anna for her full support in naming me as the new Minister of Trade for the Kingdom of Arendelle. I gladly and wholeheartedly accept the position. With that, there is a change with A&N Freightlines that I would like to announce for the benefit of shareholders and trading houses like Bjorgman.

I will still have ownership in the business I started and have grown these few years. However, day-to-day operations will be handled by an employee of the company to be named later.

I understand and will learn my new duties as Minister of Trade as great strides were made by myself, Lady Maren, and the Northuldran leader Yelena just recently.

It will be the policy of the Ministry of Trade to, first of all, to do efficiently all of the things a public servant should do. We must meet the reasonable requirements of our trading partners. We will treat them with fairness and full consideration. When we make an agreement, we will do our best to live up to it. We want to deal with our trade partners as two honorable people deal with each other, especially with Northuldra at this time.

I do look forward to a good working relationship with Prime Minister Viola Mundilfari. I fully support her as she assumes her new role in Arendelle.

I truly ask for your prayers for all of us in this new era under my beloved nieces, Queen Anna and the Fifth Spirit, Queen Emerita Elsa.

May The Lord bless us all,
Michael, Minister of Trade, Arendelle

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