Welcoming Our New Trade Minister, Master Michael

Featured image art by Alanna (@alhuart)

By Torsten, Senior Staff Writer for The AG

The palace has released its letters patent appointing Master Michael of A&N Freightlines as Trade Minister to the press.

By ancient tradition, letters patent are deployed by the Arendellian monarch to override the houses of the Great Assembly on any matters regarding ministerial appointments, ennoblements, or knighthoods.

Her Majesty had already appealed to the House of Ministers and House of Jarls to approve her nomination for Michael to be chosen for the position. She accelerated her plans when the diplomatic situation with the Great Qing Empire and her own rivalry with Countess Viola shifted under her feet.

“It’s my delight and honour to learn from the experience and wisdom of Master Michael, who has always been an uncle figure to my sister and I,” Her Majesty told our paper. “He’s the go-to for logistic and freight activities, and economic connectivity has always been a big concern of mine. I chose him for his trade connections to Northuldra, which are essential in my eyes as well as those of Honeymaren, my closest advisor on all things about the north.”

The Arendelle Guardian has chosen to release the statement in full:

This letters patent bestows on Michael of A&N Freightlines the ministerial post of Trade Minister.

The Trade Minister shapes the economic policy of the kingdom, regulating taxes, tariffs, and other core aspects of fiscal policy in dialogue with the Queen and Prime Minister.

The Trade Minister is accountable to the Prime Minister but ultimately reports to the Queen, whom he serves at her pleasure.

The Trade Minister will occupy a seat in the House of Ministers, supervising the Trade Bureau that regulates economic matters and foreign trade.

The Trade Minister works closely with others bureaus of the kingdom, including the Foreign Ministry, to determine the ideal economic policies for all nations that Arendelle shares relations with.

The Trade Minister will occupy a seat on the board of the Commerce Chamber, enjoying an overriding vote that can only be challenged by the Chamber’s chairman, Kristoff, in extraordinary circumstances.

May this letters patent herald an age of plenty and prosperity for Her Majesty’s citizens.

Signed and sealed on this day of our Lord, 1843,
Queen Anna

6 thoughts on “Welcoming Our New Trade Minister, Master Michael

    1. Thanks, Alan. I just sent a presser to Chief laying out changes to A&N for day to day ops and policy for the Ministry.

      Now, we have another rescue mission to Keep Mundilfari, I’m afraid. This time, I called out the big guns for this spiritual warfare.

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      1. Yeah, I had a feeling. You know I will be there, sword and all.

        Speaking of which, this writer needs to write that story.


        Liked by 1 person

  1. Yes. Write on!

    Queen Anna, thank you for the honor to serve as Trade Minister. I won’t let you down. In that same spirit, we can’t let Viola and Hilde down.


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